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Never Say Never Again(1983)-7/10
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8/10 my favorite from the Connery era
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The Man with the Iron Fists - This is a very entertaining film, but not one without flaws. The first half of the film felt a bit rushed and even a bit confusing at times. In an attempt to explain the three main story arcs, it seemed like there was a lot of information being compacted into a short amount of time. Also RZA's character seemed almost out of place and a bit withdrawn, especially for the lead role. However, Russel Crowe's character Jack Knife definitely stole the show. He was phenomenal, and I'd even like to see a spinoff movie about Jack Knife because he was just that awesome.

The choreography was great, and the action was easily discernible. There weren't a lot of tight camera shots and quick cuts, so you got a real sense of what was going on. The brutality and gore was over the top, but fun.

I also can't go without saying anything about the set design. It was beautiful and authentic. Everything from the locations, to the wardrobes.

Overall it was entertaining enough that I'd definitely see it again.

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Normal Adolescent Behavior - The film is about a group of six friends and lovers and the difficulties of one of them trying to leave when she meets a guy she likes. The plot itself was a little silly but the performances were pretty good. There is a lot of frank and honest discussion of teenage sexual behavior which was something of a revelation in this day and age when everyone tries to bury their heads in the sand about the topic. 7/10

Young People Fucking - Of the five stories I thought I thought the married couple was the funniest although they all had their moments (except maybe for the ex-lovers). Diora Baird was really good when she brutally emasculated and embarrassed her date at the end of her story. I liked how they intercut between the stories dealing with one stage of each relationship at a time rather than doing one whole story first then another. 7/10

Transsiberian - Ben Kingsley was fantastic as the middle man in a drug deal that emerges to find his boss' product and money. The thriller had a few turns that I wasn't quite expecting as well. 8/10
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Cell 211

An intense descent into institutional chaos, a prison thriller with a gnarly premise and an even better execution by director Daniel Monzon. I can’t say enough about what a surprise and delight it was to discover this, one of those rare moments of movie magic where everything clicked for me in terms of a film’s entertainment value and social awareness. The story doesn’t take long before shit hits the fan, when master criminal and riot specialist Malamadre – played by scarismatic (TM that bitch) Luis Tosar – seizes an opportunity to lead an uprising in a Spanish prison, which just happens to coincide with the first day of training for newly minted prison guard Juan Oliver (Alberto Ammann). Cut off from command and stranded on the wrong side, Juan has to pose as an inmate to survive the rabid crowd of convicts, and from that simple but suspenseful setup, many twists and turns (some contrived for genre’s sake, some genuinely gutpunching) and fascinating character arcs ensue, namely Juan’s. I particularly loved the bond that grows between Juan and Malamadre, their final dialogue scene before the big climax being beautifully acted work by both Ammann and Tosar. So I guess it begs the obvious question, with a movie this great as is… when’s the American remake coming? Aaaaany day now…

-> 9/10
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watched earlier today

6/10 my least favorite

now watching

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Dr. No
From Russia With Love

Safety Not Guaranteed

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last one before work

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Damn Sarah catching up...already on the Roger Moores!

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The Five Year Engagement

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Mine is:
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The Avengers - To me The Avenger is the definition of a blockbuster film. Intense non-stop action and great comedic relief. If you weren't laughing you were entranced by the action. Just pure fun entertainment.

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The Thing (2011) - I'm a huge fan of Carpenter's original 1982 film, so I'm surprised it took me this long to finally see the prequel. Surprisingly it was better than I expected it to be, but I really wasn't expecting a whole lot. The movie felt just like the original film, which is a good and a bad thing. At times it felt more like a remake than an actual prequel. The only way you'd truly know that it's a prequel is the fact that the characters are different, and if you've seen the 1982 film, you'd know the movie focuses on the Norwegian camp that is visited in the original film. Plus a couple of minor details here and there, like the axe in the wall.

I feel the paranoia was done right, which is probably my favorite aspect of Carpenter's The Thing. The fact that you don't know who is truly human and who isn't--You can't trust anyone.

The special effects were decent, but at times the concept was a lot better than the execution during a lot of the CGI scenes.

Overall it's an enjoyable film that's worth watching at least once.
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Originally Posted by Puck Bond View Post
Damn Sarah catching up...already on the Roger Moores!


haha beware

watching now

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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - What a manipulative piece of shit. How was this nominated for Best Picture? At least it didn't win any Oscars. I thought Tom Hanks and Max von Sydow were better than appearing in shit like this. 2/10

Veronika Decides to Die - This was a solid story until the end and Sarah Michelle Gellar gives one of her finest performances. There is no way that doctor isn't getting sued after the final revelation. What a terrible end to a nice story. 6/10

Along Came a Spider - Morgan Freeman was good as Alex Cross but there were so many plot holes it made all of the characters look incompetent. This could have been a lot better and the twist at the end could have had a lot more impact if the screenwriters who adapted this weren't so bad. 5/10
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last one before work

9/10 my favorite Moore Bond film
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A View to a Kill(1985)-8/10
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Originally Posted by smacaskill View Post
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - What a manipulative piece of shit. How was this nominated for Best Picture?
You answered your own question.

Artists And Models (1955)

Enjoyable film about Dean Martin stealing Jerry Lewis's dreams and selling them to be made into comic books. I thought the subplot involving the russians trying to get secret information from Lewis was too silly, even for this film, but the stars have great chemistry, of course, and the musical numbers were good, especially Shirley MacLaine's on the stairs.

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Yeah, I love this movie. So be it.

It's only 40 minutes, and every minute is spectacular. What more could I ask for?

The D-Day sequence is some of the best cinematic viscerality to ever grace the screen. The rest; pretty much not-so-much.
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The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 (6/10)
How to Meet Girls From a Distance (8/10)
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Originally Posted by MidnightAngel View Post

I haven't seen the flick yet, but I have to LOL at this based on the poster alone. I've seen both versions of the first film and that was all about accidental incident happening to characters - based on the poster above they're now "creating" badasses here? Shiiiet. Ugh. False advertising or for real?
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The House Bunny - I suppose Anna Faris was pretty good but otherwise I thought the movie wasn't so much a comedy as it was a generic turd of a film. 4/10
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The Living Daylights(1987)-6/10
Old 11-05-2012, 02:20 AM

The Bay - 7/10

Found footage movies are usually made to add realism to a very unrealistic scenario (ghosts, demonic possession, demons, monsters just to name a few) but Barry Levinson decides to use the format as a way to heighten the fear over a nightmare scenario that's inspired by plenty of things based in reality. As you see these poor people get mutated isopod larvae in their system which grows and eventually eats its way out of their bodies you won't want to go near water for a bit afterward. This is a take on the disaster/eco-terror genre, and it shows that found footage still has a little bit of life in it.

A Royal Affair - 6.5/10

So you take the story of King Christian VII's marriage and his wife's affair which helped bring about the end of serfdom along with many ideas from the Enlightenment being made law, and what do you spend the majority of your time on? Why the tragic romance of course! Who hasn't seen that before? It's gorgeously shot, and everyone involved does a great job but other than the politics and focus on the Enlightenment influence this is a standard costume drama.
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Originally Posted by Puck Bond View Post

The Living Daylights(1987)-6/10
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Chasing Mavericks(2012)-7/10
Old 11-05-2012, 08:41 PM
The Seventh Cross with Spencer Tracy - A man escapes from a concentration camp and tries to leave the country with the help of some old friends and new acquaintances. The scenes in which his six fellow escapees are caught or killed are tough to watch at times. This was a really intense movie and Tracy is fantastic in the lead role as is Hume Cronyn as his friend that helps him. 9/10

Ted - The story may not have been very original but it made me laugh and That's pretty much the point of a comedy. I don't like MacFarlane's Family Guy show but this was much better. It actually has a coherent story and the jokes fit into the narrative unlike his god awful shows. 7/10
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Take This Waltz

Sarah Polley’s third time in the director’s chair is a charm, following up her excellent debut Away From Her with a smart, funny, well-acted dramedy about a restlessly melancholic romantic destined for bitter disappointment. Of course, that’s my takeaway as a cynical observer. I’m pretty sure Polley wouldn’t describe it like that. But anywho, Michelle Williams makes the most out of her complex role as the frustrated married woman torn between her loving but sexually inattentive husband (Seth Rogen) and the brooding hunky painter next door (Luke Kirby), who she develops a hands-off but erotically charged friendship with. For most of the film it’s an enjoyable if tense juggling act as Williams’s Margo negotiates both relationships and tries to keep one from broadsiding the other and vice versa, but there’s such nuance in the writing and performances that give the story an added layer of desperation, even if what you’re seeing is being presented as funny, playful or romantic. Polley’s camera captures every quiet moment Margo has, and the story it tells is often an ironic counterpoint to the vivid, cheerful colors employed by her cinematographer. Poetical, that girl.

-> 8/10
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Total Recall [2012]

Well , i had a lot of predjudices before watching this movie. Afterall , the original is a great movie and reboot/remake are usually shitty.

Is this movie shitty ? NO !
Is this movie better than the original ? Fuck NO !

The upgrade in technologies make for a better and slicker looking movie and there's a lot more action scenes this time around.

Then again , bigger budget and slicker CGI don't make a good movie and all the changes in the scenario ( there's no Mars for one , been replaced by Australia aka The Colony) don't bring anything new to the table.

On the acting side , only Kate Benkinsale was fun to watch .... she was much more a badass than Sharon Stone in the original ( since her character is basically Lori and Richter blended into one ). More badass than Selene too.

Yeah no Richter this time around since we get like infinite robocops ( another Verhoeven franchise ) and that they are central to the plot.

6/10 (original is a good 8.5/10 in my book )

PS. on a side note , the remake wouldn't inspire one of my favorite goa-trance song of all time. GMS - I'm On Mars
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Originally Posted by sarah1980 View Post

Licence to Kill(1989)-6/10
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