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Ace Ventura Question

Ok, just a simple question that someone can answer that is really bugging me.

An excerpt from the script:


Uh oh.

(steps on the bug)

Homicide, Ventura!

The cops are falling all over themselves laughing.


How you gonna solve this one?!

Ace walks up to them and looks at the squashed bug.


Good question, Aguado… first I'd establish a motive. In this case the killer saw the size of the bug's dick, and became insanely jealous.

The other cops all react with a big "ooooooo". Aguado has no comeback. Ace comes face to face with him.


Then I'd lose thirty pounds porking his wife.

I don't get that last line. What does it mean? Is it some americanism I'm not getting because I'm British.
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He is just saying that he will burn that many pounds banging the detectives wife, like a real workout. Being British, did you think he meant 30 pounds as a financial amount? Or just that it seems hard to lose that kind of weight banging some guys wife?

He was exaggerating of course just to insult the guy and he got the reaction from him that he wanted, the guy attacked and Ace counter attacked and had the guy on the floor, face to face with the dead bug.
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Dude Ace Ventura just brought two cultures together to share knowledge with one another.

What a beautiful moment in movie fan history.

What a classic. Great Jim and bat shit insane Sean "Laces Out" Young..with Courtney"Saddlebags!" Cox as the love of our hero's life. Great times indeed.


We'll all meet next week back here, where we will discuss "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" and what Ace really meant when he said "It's lovely- but I fancy myself an Autumn." Hint- It's gonna bring some more people together, maybe even teach a few of you how to love again along the way.

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This made my day.
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