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Green Day's "Dos"

So I bought the 2nd in what is GD's trilogy of albums that've come out and will come out til the end of the year. My review of "Uno" is below and it was pretty damned good overall!

But "Dos"? This.... This piece of shit is the absolute WORST album Green Day has put out. I'm a HUGE GD fan and have all of their albums (including Shenanigans & International Superhits) dating back to their first, 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours.

Words can't even describe how bland, boring and fucking ridiculous this thing sounds. With the exception of 3 songs, this disc is the absolute steaming shits. The three songs I liked were "Fuck Time", "Lazy Bones" & "Stray Heart". Those three aside the rest of the songs on the album all sound extremely uninspired and cookie cutter-ish. Very similar in their blandness, and I'm not a huge fan of the "60's Garage Band" sound they've infused a bit more on this disc ala their side project Foxboro Hottubs. The song "Nightlife" is without a doubt one of the worst songs not only by Green Day but in music in general I have ever heard! Complete disappointment!

Anyway, I'm REALLY hoping the early release of their third album "Tre" makes up for the abysmal bullshit that's found on Dos. With a solid first and 3rd album in the trilogy, it should hopefully even out!
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