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The Car (1977)

when you're a kid movies like this are horrifying haha

I'm seeing that horror movies in the 70's weren't afraid of a PG rating haha
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I LOVE THIS FUCKING FILM! It's cheesy and dumb but this film came out when I was 6 and the POSTER scared me. I would have nightmares about the car's horn just from the TV commercials. About a year after it came out, I went to Universal Studios and during the backlot tour, our tram went past a small parking lot and sitting there was The Car. I about shit myself! Fast forward years later, I happily own one of the 1:32 replicas. It's sitting right in the middle of my dresser. I would love to see one of the real cars in person but my understanding is that only 4 were made and were all destroyed during production. If that ain't bad enough, I have actually considered a tattoo of The Car someday.
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when I was a kid my neighbors had a car that looked like that car. what made it creepier was that it would just sit in the garage haha

that's neat. they should of kept one car for the universal studios tour
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American Dad actually spoofed this movie either last season ar the season before and it was awesome...That show is usually hit or miss for me but that time I was laughing my ass off.
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Old 12-28-2012, 12:26 PM
Although that idea sounds funny I tend to boycott shows like american dad and the family guy. I don't know when adults started to think that cartoons are for them
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one of my favorite road horror films. James Brolin did a great job in it.

The car was designed by George Barris who designed vehicles for years. Among his other works are Knight Rider, The Dukes of Hazzard and the Batman tv series.
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