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Originally Posted by Dirtyfrog View Post
Actually they do ... she came a long way from being the useless abused wife in season 1 to performing test c-section on a zombie corpse.

Granted i haven't seen episode 5 yet ( It's TIVO'd and i'll watch it just before tomorrow's episode 6 )

The bandana just tells me she fled .... T-Dagw's sacrifice was not in vain ! She'll be back in a couple of episodes.

And since we make blind wagers ... 10$ Andrea will end up as Rick's next lover
Yeah, Carol's more useful than she was, no doubt, but her character isn't that memorable or likeable. She really doesn't add that much to the show and if everyone on here made a list of what characters they liked from most likeable to least likeable, my guess is that she would end up near the bottom on most of them.
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