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Black Ops 2

Game needs a thread. I'm sure there are those out there who despise the franchise.

I was extremely disappointed with MW3. Awful map design and unbalanced gameplay. It just felt like a step back from the original Black Ops.

Black Ops 2 delivers and is a better sequel than I could have asked for.

The gameplay is smooth, graphics are improved, sound is amazing(especially the grenades), and the maps are great with variety for everyone.

Who else took the dive last night?
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Heh, i was reading today that a bunch of the PC versions some how shipped with Disk 2 of Mass Effect 2 instead of its own second disk.

I thought that was hilarious.
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Old 11-15-2012, 02:27 AM
I read that too and as a result they get the mass effect trilogy for free.

Not a bad deal....except the waiting to play a game you were really looking forward to.
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Ugh, this game is unplayable on PS3. My PS3 constantly freezes every half hour or so (for both online & offline), and I can't connect to online lobbies (the lobby is full yet it says "searching for more players" and never starts). This is without a doubt the worst launch of a game I've ever seen. I've had to restart my PS3 more times than I get to play an actual match.
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My brother bought it yesterday (he's all for competitive multiplayer), so I take on the single player mode. So far, it's pretty enjoyable. I can't wait to dive into Zombie mode when I'm finished with it.
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I have never bought a CoD game anywhere close to release. I've really enjoyed the campaigns though. The last one I bought was MW2 unfortunately. I am hoping for MW3 and Black Ops to go on sale this Christmas season so I can catch up.
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Old 11-23-2012, 09:21 AM
Just picked up Modern Warfare 2 last night @ Walmart for $10...I'm a few years behind...anybody else enjoy the WW2 entries wayyyy more than the new ones?
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Well, I stopped caring after Modern Warfare 2 but Black Ops was a nice change of venue and pace.

Black Ops 2 is nice. Loving the campaign and multi-player.
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Old 12-19-2012, 09:29 PM
Honestly, this is their best multiplayer yet. Love, love, LOVE pick 10 customization! Fantastic way to really drill down to individual play styles without forcing a class /perk set up on you. Playercards, I spend hours designing playercards (like BO1) honestly making playercards could be packaged as a game and I'd buy it, haha. Al

The maps are spotty, it seems the great ones are almost too small, and the small ones are too open. The best are Overflow, Yemen, Meltdown, Raid, and Standoff, the rest are average smaller hide and seek maps. The worst map in my opinion is Plaza, a nighttime club scene, poorly designed and lit. Not sure why Nuketown wasn't included in the full layout? Advertised as a preorder exclusive, it was really included in all copies of the game.
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Awesome multiplayer I really like that you can't throw grenades right at the beginning of the match.
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