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Favorite Alan Smithee Films

Of course I don't expect anyone here to have ever really seen all the films credited to Smithee (or like any, for that matter) - but this seemed like a fun topic.
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I thought they officially retired the name Alan Smithee, but according to IMDB, it still gets used quite regularly - as recently as 2011.

And I can honestly say that I have never seen an Alan Smithee movie all the way through (I did catch some of Morgan Stewart's Coming Home a long time ago on HBO).

The only Alan Smithee movie I have seen wasn't an actual Smithee movie. Walter Hill wanted to take his name off of Supernova and give it a Smithee, but he and the studio eventually agreed on the name "Thomas Lee" instead. That's when I thought they had ended the tradition. Apparently I was wrong.

So I nominate Supernova.
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Yeah, I actually enjoyed Supernova. It's a guilty pleasure.
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The only "Alan Smithee" movie I've seen is Burn Hollywood Burn.

Terrible movie, such a juvenile script (by Joe Eszterhas) and attempt at humor that falls flat.
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