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Man these movies just keep getting progressively worse since the first one. Although, the first one is difficult to live up to. Maybe if I didn't compare them to Identity I would like them better.

Anyway, ever since the first one the sequels have failed to deliver enough of the payoff. The payoff being treadstone operative versus treadstone operative. In Identity there were 3 such clashes, which was perfect. Then from there, it was only one other agent and finally in Legacy only one agent who is only in the movie for the last 10 mins? Felt like he was just tacked on at the end because the writers knew the audience would be sick of watching a treadstone beat up rent a cops.

Seriously, there was absolutely zero tension here. There was not a time when Renner was even pushed or challenged. All he fought was cops, security guards, and some government suits. There was the scene at the house towards the beginning. But again, it was just a couple suits with machine guns. They were no where near the class of killer a treadstone is.

In the end, I'd have to say this was the 3rd best of the four. Only because there wasn't too much shaky or blurry cam. The action scenes there were did completely lack any real suspense, but they were clear and easy to see what was going on. Still, because of the lack of any real challenge for Renner, I'd say it is a 6/10.

None have been as good as Identity and if they decide to tap this well again (you know they will) they should bring more operatives to catch him. Otherwise it will just be another snoozefest.

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