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Originally Posted by jolanar View Post
There is a huge stretch between "worthless" and "doesn't deserve to make as much money as most new college graduates."
I have a college degree. My co-worker has a Masters in English Lit, and was the star's (wont say which) body double in the last five Harry Potter films. Educated, experienced people with long-term career goals work there, those getting their Bachelor's, one her Masters; we have plenty of grown ups too, people who owned their own businesses and now just need the medical insurance, or a parent seeking extra income in a hard economy.

You say its just about being educated. Please. At my PoE, every person that works there has at least some college under their belt. Several have degrees.

Look at the state of the Law industry right now. Law Schools are trying desperately to convince their students that a law degree is worth it. A law degree. Not too long ago, being a legit lawyer meant the high life. Like, the high high life. The same goes for a number of formerly valuable positions, architects, doctors. School is more expensive than ever, SO expensive in fact, that its often no longer worth it, even over the course of an entire life's career.

The world aint what it used to be.

"Being educated" isnt either. Otherwise, why would a group of hard working, educated, experienced people like those where I work, be making the same as high school dropouts? Really, if you wanna think about it, dropping out and not having the burden of a massive, unpayable, life-long debt makes a lot more sense.

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