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Old 11-30-2012, 10:29 PM
You WILL get banned if you're an ass or insult others (even old-timers)

Our discussion forums were created about 10 years ago for MOVIE discussions. Over the years, we've added other forums, but the prime reason we continue to maintain these forums is for MOVIE discussions. The MFC has taken over the "community aspect" of the forums, but we realize that some people prefer to discuss films in here, which is just fine by us.

THAT SAID, there are a number of members in here who seem to have been here for a number of years, but seemingly spend most of their time in the NON-MOVIE forums (and POLITICS) and basically act like asses without crossing the line at all times -- but getting awfully close.

This notice is a reminder/warning for ALL SCHMOES but especially those over 1,000 posts, who may think they are immune to our rules. Remember that this is a PRIVATE FORUM and we reserve the right to BAN ANYBODY at anytime (no warnings required). You should all know the basic rules by now and that's basically NOT TO ACT LIKE AN ASSHOLE or INSULT OTHERS....ever!

It should be noted that if you're insulting someone in the first place, you're already proven yourself to be an immature person who apparently can't engage in a debate without disrespecting the other person, and we do NOT want that type of person in our forums.

We've already banned a couple of "old timers" of late and are watching a couple of others VERY CLOSELY so if you think you're one of the people to which I'm referring, you better clean up your act or the next time you post a disrespectful comment toward a fellow schmoe, you WILL BE BANNED asap.

For the 98% of the rest of ya'll, keep it up the awesome community and comments, and please always REPORT the troublemakers so that we can clean our forums from all the trolls and make it even stronger in 2013.

Thanks for reading.
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