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Originally Posted by Gordon View Post
Man, Haneke and Amour have been moving up the charts and they seem to be gaining momentum now when it really counts. Obviously they're on the bubble now but it would definitely give me a little love for the academy if they actually nominated Amour/Haneke.
I hope they do nominate it for other categories and not just the Foreign Film (where's it's pretty much locked for nomination at this point). It's one of the best films of the year, and I'd have to disagree with Bourne because it's the warmest and most heartfelt Haneke film I've ever seen (it's as heartfelt as he's going to get anyway). I found it a bit more than just watching someone die for 2 hours because it had dreams, the pigeon, the paintings, the daughter and the ex-student-turned-master all in the mix to reveal things about marriage, life ambition, passion and family values. The directing itself is probably its weakest aspect, but it's still a better directed film than most of what came out this year.
Riva, the Screenplay and Best Picture would be lovely. Trintigant was just as good as Riva but his chances are pretty much zero.
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