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The best of Peter Stormare

*Insert people here going "Who the fuck is Peter Stormare?" only to look him up online and go: "Oooooh - that guy!"*

I fucking dig Peter Stormare... and, to be honest - I also had to look up his name and his filmography to start this topic. He's a chameleon - and I like that in an actor. He's not a chameleon in the true Gary Oldman sense of the word - he's more of an everywhere man. But everywhere he is seems to be a good place -even if the film he's in is shitty.

For my stoner self, nothing will ever top Mr. Stormare as one Karl Hungus from The Big Lebowski. Even though it's such a small role in a small little cult film, he completely nails the sleazy nihilist Uli. "We want ze money Lebowski!"

He's got a knack for really sleazy roles... He was great as the underground eye surgeon in Minority Report, and as Satan in Constantine... and of course he was fantastic in another Coen Bros. offering as Gaear Grimsrud in Fargo.

Any thoughts on this cool, underrated actor?
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Definitly with you, always enjoy his work and yeah, he gets around. I particularly liked him on Prison Break. I was sad to see Abruzzi go in Season 2.

Wasn't he randomly on a space station in something? Armagedden?
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Big fan of Stormare, especially his work with the Coen brothers. My top five performances of his:

1. The Big Lebowski
2. Fargo
3. Minority Report
4. The Batman vs. Dracula (voice work)
5. Get the Gringo

Going through his filmography to find my favorite performances of his, there were plenty of movies that I totally forgot he was in. The guy really blends in well. Always gets the job done perfectly and his work ethic is impressive.
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