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The Flowers of War(2011)-7/10
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The Odd Life of Timothy Green - *** 1/2

Wonderful film. Definitely one of the more underrated gems from this year. Absolutely loved it.
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Quadrophenia - 9/10
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first time viewing just finished


Batman Begins is still my favorite of the trilogy
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I've been enjoying some childhood holiday favorites, Home Alone, Home Alone 2, and Christmas Vacation.
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This “Found Footage Party Movie” could have something going for the audience, evoking a funny comedy with hilarious characters and scenarios abound. But, the makers of this film are quite content with providing an aesthetic of an uninspired MTV hip-hop video, characters with a personality of an out-of-date peanut, and moments that are about as clichéd as a fart to create an uncomfortable moment (Though, farts are pretty hilarious if used in the best context, but that’s just this immature reviewer’s opinion).

If there’s something to be said about the positives of Project X, it’s that it never feels boring. Director Nima Nourizadeh and screenwriters Matt Drake and Michael Bacall keep the ball rolling with the film, going through each scene of character development or hilarious shenanigan quickly to get to the next scenario. At a run time of 88 minutes, nothing feels elongated or annoying. It’s a tight film, but the character’s journey that we, the audience, are following have nothing even remotely interesting to bring to the film.

The film follows the lanky kid Tom (Thomas Mann) who, with the help of his two friends Costa (Oliver Cooper) and JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown), are throwing a huge birthday of Tom in the hopes of getting them higher on their High School social circle. Unfortunately, these characters are interesting in the slightest. Tom is a loser because the movie has to repeatedly remind us in the opening act (by his dad, no less) that he’s just a boring human being that has no cool qualities whatsoever. That can also be the case for the actor, who shows no vitality in his character whatsoever, especially when it comes to a budding romance with the typical love interest. He’s the very definition of a non-character., never evolving as run time goes by, and pretty much is the exact same person at the end of the movie.

Cooper’s Costa, on the other hand, is every overbearing quality that viewers didn’t like about Jonah hill’s character in Superbad, times 11. This guy just does not stop with his douche personality, always feeling the need to spout misogyny every chance that he gets, or calling JB fat any chance he gets. Oh, and that’s what Jonathan Daniel Brown’s character pretty much encompasses, fat jokes. You see, it’s because JB is overweight so Cooper’s Costa and the screenwriters need to throw every fat joke from humor sites or joke books to reinforce that point. He’s not a character, he’s a dying running joke the second that the gag starts.

As for the jokes in this film, they are pretty sub-standard to say the least. They are some minor jokes that elicited a bit of a chuckle here and there, but the majority of the film is montage of people doing drugs, countless camera shots ogling women, and people having a good time. That’s understandable in applying the increasingly crazy shenanigans that the guys’ party is coming towards to, but by the third montage it becomes kind of repetitive and filler.

But interestingly, Project X isn’t the worst movie that came out this year. It has no qualms of what the film is trying to do and who these types of characters are, and pretty much lets the audience know what this film is going to be about. It’s just a shame that the whole thing feels like it could be a much better film, with cool characters to hang with, jokes that didn’t feel so blatantly obvious, and less montages constantly showing the audience that “Hey, look how wild and crazy this party got!”

“And that kid’s fat!”

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Young Adult - 9/10

-Loved it and surprised as hell that I did. Charlize Theron was amazing (as usual) , and Patton Oswalt was a bit of casting brilliance. Good damn movie and a hell of a character study.

Withnail & I - 8.5/10

-Meaning to see this one forever and I am certainly glad that I finally got around to watching it. Masterful and uniquely British. Laughed alot!!
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A very funny zombie flick. 8/10
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If You Could Only Cook with Jean Arthur - A screwball comedy in which two people pretend to be a couple in order to get jobs. Arthur was funny but the story made little sense. 6/10

A View to a Kill - Christopher Walken was a good villain but otherwise I really didn't care for this one. Moore should not have been playing Bond anymore. 5/10
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The Collection - ** 1/2

Better than expected. It has a great setting and does a pretty good job utilizing it's setting.


The Dark Knight Rises - ****

I'm torn between this or Life of Pi as my favorite film of the year so far. Both movies are still most definitely making my top 10. I love it even more now than when I originally saw back in July. It's just about perfect. In fact, I think I might even love it more than The Dark Knight.
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Anna Karenina(2012)-6/10
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The Tree Of Life - 8.5/10

-Polarizing as all hell but it is indeed a visual masterwork and Malick's aptitude at being a visual philosopher is on full display here. It'll talke a couple of more viewings like all of Malick's's films for this to fully settle in, if there is even such a thing with the mans movies.

Melancholia - 8/10

-Talk about polarizing...it was an odd film day...

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (rewatch) - 9/10

Videodrome (rewatch) - 9.5/10

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale - 8/10
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This is My Affair with Robert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck - A crime film in which a military man is asked to infiltrate a group of robbers in order to determine who is behind the crime spree. The plot isn't anything too original but the performances from the leads are very good. 7/10

The Living Daylights - I don't like Dalton as Bond anymore than Moore but the story was very good this time. More of an espionage story than some of the more unrealistic Bond films of the Moore era and the action was pretty good as well. 7/10
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The Patriot

ID4 will forever remain my Devlin/Emmerich soft spot, but this is probably the team’s best film, even if it falls short as the Braveheart of the American Revolution. I will give it major points off the bat for Jason Isaacs as the Redcoat archvillain Col. Tavington, easily a Top 5 candidate for the movie villain in the most need of a painful death. Edged out by a comfortable margin by Amon Goethe, but still – good efforts should be recognized. I mean, I really, really wanted this guy to be slit from balls to brains, and I’m usually not a sadist… usually. The movie runs a little long in the tooth (just shy of three full hours) and relies a little too much on melodramatic cliché, such as in Gibson and Joely Richardson’s contrived “romance”, or the racist Patriot who sees the error of his ways with a freed slave turned soldier (who of course saved his pasty fat ass in battle). I also felt weird about the finale with the Continentals’ final push on Cornwallis. It was wonderfully staged and appropriately chaotic, but there was something inherently wrong about upbeat, sweeping music glorifying the slaughter of the British. Since it’s a film that I assumed wanted to be a sobering reminder of the sacrifice for independence, it seemed to glorify war itself (wrong) rather than the cause (right). Eh. Maybe I was watching it wrong? Anyway, aside from all those flaws, it was a pretty brisk three hours, and Mel Gibson was terrific. I just finished Assassin's Creed III, so it was doubly amusing to see Gibson hack through a British convoy with a tomahawk after doing that very thing only a few days ago.

-> 7/10
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Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning (2012)

What the hell goes on here? I'm still rather confused with this plot, on top of that it sucked ass!. This is now overall the sixth UniSol film but the third that is suppose to be cannon...somehow, and frankly it needs to be the last.

The plot is just everywhere, I still don't think I get it. Adkins family is brutally killed by the now evil 'Luc Deveraux', he goes into a coma but comes out some 9 months later ready to get revenge. Sounds good right? no, for half the film we follow Adkins around as he talks to people and generally doesn't do anything remotely interesting accept for going into a strip joint (obligatory in UniSol films now it seems).

At the same time Arlovski is back again as another character I think, I'm actually not so sure if he's a clone of his last character from the last film or not. Anyway he is back and running around fighting other guys for apparently no reason what so ever. It turns out he is a 'sleeper' UniSol and has been 'switched on' by 'Luc Deveraux' and is now fighting other sleeper UniSols to find the strongest and recruit them...I think.

The whole idea is 'Luc Deveraux' is finding sleeper UniSols to recruit into his 'UniSol church' or new order so they can errr all take over the world I guess, beats me. Since when were there lots of sleeper UniSols running around?? I thought all UniSols were kept under lock and key as top secret fighting machines. Now there are tonnes of them in this film, all living regular lives without knowing, only needing to be 'switched on'.

The whole thing is completely naff frankly and makes no sense, why is 'Deveraux' now a bad guy wanting to kill innocents?. I know he ran off at the end of the last film but he was still aware of being good. Why on earth is Lundgren back in this? who keeps recloning him?? he's obviously a crap UniSol cos he keeps getting killed horribly lol!. While I'm on the subject how the hell are the characters 'Miles' and 'Dr Colin' back in this? they were killed in the last film and they aren't UniSols just regular mortals.

I'm still not even sure if Adkins family were suppose to be real or just a memory implant, such a mess.

Yes there are two good fight sequences, one between Adkins and Arlovski and the other between Adkins and Lundgren. JCVD doesn't really feature much and his final fight isn't that much really, maybe age is finally creeping up on him, it certainly is with Lundgren methinks. He's very slow and his movements are clearly fake these days.

Very disappointed with this and really just another poor excuse for JCVD to team up with Lundgren and Adkins. I think the time has come for this franchise to hang up its military boots before it heads back into bargain basement made for TV territory again. You know at some point it will without the big stars of course.

And why is Van Damme's head painted half black and half white in the finale?? what the hell is that about!?.
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Fish Tank - 8/10

-Well, I'm not sure I liked it as much as I think I did. That's weird...
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Spielberg's best film in quite sometime. If Lewis, Field, and Jones do not get nominated I will be pissed. 9/10
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Tactical Force (2011)

An Austin vehicle which I only saw down to the fact Jai White was also in the cast. Its a simple premise really, a group of SWAT officers use an abandoned warehouse type place for some training. Little do they know two rival criminal groups are having a heated meeting there too. As you can guess this leads to all manner of gunfire related issues and much fisticuffs.

A bit of a shameless 'Die Hard' type action film really, well I say 'Die Hard' but it has been done so many times by almost any action film imaginable. You have all the obligatory stand offs, gun battles, posturing, quick fire dialog, chases, wannabe Rickman status bad guys, the sultry femme fatale and the now regular inclusion of a few (so called) MMA fighters.

Do I need to say the whole thing is cheesy as hell, completely predictable and unoriginal? exactly. I quite liked Michael Eklund's (Ethan Hawke lookalike) slimy character but Shanks is trying way too hard to be a memorable villain. Also love how everybody in this film is a terrible shot lol! and many bullet hits against metal are CGI so that looks poor.

Yep this is a completely trashy throw away action flick but it does what it says on the tin, you get what you expect. If you want mindless fighting and shooting with snappy one liners then this is your ticket. For me Austin doesn't really cut it as a leading man in his own action flick, he just doesn't have...it.
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5/5 - It gets better every time I watch it. Yeah, it's got it's flaws, but so does every movie. I think Nolan ended his trilogy with great honor, it's sad to know this is his last Batman film, but at least he went out with a bang!

Hathaway was superb as Selina Kyle (Catwoman), she played with the big boys and scored a touchdown. And Tom Hardy, who I think did the best job, was so intense as Bane. His voice makes my hair stand up on my arms every time I hear it...as soon as we think Nolan couldn't design a better villain, he smacks us upside our heads with the Chris-Stick. So I'm super excited to see how General Zod plays out in his up-coming Man of Steel production.

Overall, this goes down as my favorite movie of ALL TIME.
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Brigadoon - Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse make for a pretty good dance team and I liked a lot of the songs too. The story was obviously a fairy tale but it fell a little flat as well. The performers were good and helped make up for it. 7/10

Licence to Kill - This one didn't really feel like a Bond film at all. It was much more violent and there was pretty much no humor at all. The story was pretty good but could have been better by adding more typical Bond elements. 5/10
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Taken 2

How can the same shit happen to the same guy twice? get a new line of work maybe. Neeson is back and he's badder than before, well not really but he still kicks ass at his ripe old age and he hasn't forgotten his black leather coat either.

Follow up to the very good original and your first thoughts are is this really needed?. The first film was a kind of slick 'Ronin' kick ass machine but can you really do the same again without it being a rehash? well yes and no.

Its a nice idea that we see the aftermath of what the hero did in the last film. He kills all the bad guys and saves the day, but what about those baddie henchmen he bagged? what about their families and friends? no one really wonders how they would feel and its not been explored too much. So this plot about one particular bad guys family (father) wanting revenge on Neeson's character is kinda neat but also kinda stretched. If you think about it the concept could just go on and on, every bad guy killed having one of their family members coming after the hero for revenge.

There are quite a few silly moments in this film I must admit. For a start Neeson's character works out where he is pretty quickly after he's been kidnapped. So before you know it he's contacted his daughter with his trusty batphone thingy hidden in his sock (of course) and well on the way to be rescued, job done, film over then.

The sequence where he instructs his daughter to throw grenades left right n centre so he can listen for the explosion and calculate where he is, is also rather daft. Surely live grenades going off in downtown Istanbul might raise some alerts? wouldn't anyone hear this? if 'Mills' can hear it in his dank prison surely other folk at street level can hear it no?.

That also leads to the fact that when 'Mills' is kidnapped it appears that he and his wife are driven quite a long distance away, possibly out of the city. We then learn through the grenade throwing sequence that he is in fact not very far away a tall, almost around the corner actually haha. His daughter can virtually see where he's been taken from the rooftop for gods sake lol!.

Then there is the car chase which again is very 'Ronin' like in style and visuals. Now this chase is actually very good and very well done, I enjoyed it a lot, kudos. Thing is, 'Mills' daughter can't drive, we know this from earlier in the film. Americans tend to drive automatic cars, the Merc they both escape in is a manual, but somehow this doesn't stop 'Mills' daughter managing to drive this Euro manual like a rally driver through the narrow bustling streets of Istanbul hehe.

Oh and 'Mills' manages to find his wife pretty quickly and easily towards the end too, just a stroll in the park, blip! your dead. Unfortunately we also discover that the main bad guy 'Murad' has two sons who will come after 'Mills' if he is killed, so I guess that's 'Taken 3' then.

Despite all the silly bits and the fact the whole plot is weak and not really important, I did actually enjoy this film quite a bit. The visuals are glossy with good editing, sound and camera work, score does the trick nicely and of course the acting isn't too shabby either. I have read a lot of negative reviews for this film but I can't see why really. Sure its not as good or original as the first film but you get what you pay for.

Neeson bitch slapping balding unshaven Eastern European bad guys, a slamming car chase and all created with smooth eye popping French (yes French!) va va voom.
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Vampires (1998)

Or known as 'John Carpenter's Vampires' if you wish. This film starts off really well with Woods and his vampire slaying team cooking up some vamps in their own unique way. They find em, harpoon em and drag them out into the sunlight via a winch on a truck. What I really liked about the film was this cool vamp slaying team, there were a few well known faces in there, character actors that really made a unique cool looking unit. Its such a shame that they all get wiped out early on.

This leaves Woods and Baldwin galloping up diarrhea drive without a saddle. It also seems to diminish the film before its even started, but wait! all is not lost. Woods character is a solid hard ass, he looks unashamedly cool with his black leather coat, blue jeans and shades, he's got a mouth on him, a wicked name and knows his way around most weaponry, in short he's an older 'Snake Plissken' with a short back n sides.

The plot is simple enough, its Woods v vampires, good enough for ya?. When I say vampires I mean just one badass head vampire (who looks suspiciously like the head nutter from 'Ghosts of Mars') and a lot of faceless stake fodder. Its all about Woods really, yeah he has the typical wet sidekick pushed on him, a newbie priest to look after, and there's Baldwin but to be honest they don't figure. You wanna see Woods swearing and kicking vampire ass.

When I first heard of this I didn't think too much of it, after 'Escape From LA' most were in shock and this really didn't sound very inspiring. But this does turn out to be a pretty decent western vampire flick along the lines of 'From Dusk Till Dawn'. There is plenty of blood and gore with some nice body part effects, obviously violence is high, nice visuals and your obligatory cowboy-like musical score.

Not your obvious Carpenter flick as it does seem more glossy than most, still looks a bit 'made for TV' here and there but generally its a tad more Hollywood. Doesn't add much new to the vampire lore either, only the way they harpoon vamps and certain weapons have a face lift of sorts. All your usual types of deaths, leaping around, decapitations, vampire pov, bone snapping sound effects etc...are present and correct.

Better than you would expect but mainly down to Woods, without him who knows. Its cheesy and not quite up to the standards of other more original quirky Carpenter films but it certainly holds its own amongst other vampire films. It does always amuse me though how all the characters know regular bullets don't have any effect on vampires, yet they continually empty clips into them as if it will do any good hehe.

'Can I ask ya somethin, Padre? When I was kickin your ass back there...you get a little wood?'

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Alex Cross - ***

A pleasant surprise. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Tyler Perry, while he's no Morgan Freeman, is actually pretty solid in this. My only complaint is that this is obviously R rated material that has, unfortunately, been sanitized for a PG-13 rating. But otherwise, enjoyable flick.
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Ruby Sparks(2012)-7/10
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GoldenEye - I already like Brosnan much more than Moore and Dalton. The reveal as to who was head of Janus was obvious but i did like Famke Janssen and Alan Cumming as the henchmen. I'm also glad they brought a little bit of humor back to the Bond character. Overall it was a very good effort that surpasses any film of the series since the Connery years. 8/10
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Dog Soldiers


this is a fun horror movie that actually makes you afraid of the creatures they're fighting.
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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

The final chapter in this epic story and its an all out conquest that most probably gave all Games Workshoppers a joygasm. The last film was for 'battle whores' where as this film is most surely for the complete 'war sluts' haha.

There isn't really all that much story left in this final segment, the way Jackson has arranged it. Its merely about the last struggle up to Mount Doom for 'Frodo' and 'Sam' and lots of battles for everyone else. I have watched the extended cut so this way you get to see what happens to 'Saruman' and 'Wormtongue' which is rather stupidly left out of the theatrical version. Without this sequence you basically have no idea where these two guys go.

The only main thing that happens to 'Frodo' and 'Sam' until their important final act is the scuffle against 'Shelob' the spider. Now the CGI has improved somewhat over the course of these three films and finally its looking pretty nice here...at times. The whole battle against this massive spider is really well done and creepy enough to get the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end. I liked the corpses entwined in cobweb and dangling from the cave ceiling and 'Shelob' moves perfectly which is pretty terrifying for any arachnophobics.

Lets not beat around the bush here, this film is about war, full on axe swinging, sword wielding, arrow in the gut wrenching waaaaar!. This is enforced by the fact that half the film centres around the battle at 'Minas Tirith'. Pretty much the same deal as the battle at 'Helm's Deep' but this time its in daylight and with a few more baddies to content with. Personally I actually preferred the 'Helm's Deep' battle with its dark rain swept visuals and the fact the good guys are really pushed right back to the limit.

That's not to say the 'Minas Tirith' battle is no good, far from it, its very good. The design of 'Tirith' is also really nice and unique, dare I say slightly 'Star Wars-like' with that landing platform type section. Its the siege to top all sieges as orcs, trolls, deformed cross breeds and Nazgûl atop their flying steeds led by the 'Witch King' hit the walls of 'Tirith'. Its balls to wall as thousands of orcs slam every side of the mighty 'Tirith' walls with battering rams, catapults and mobile turrets. Can't fail to be impressed by the shear scale of this battle and the wonderful imagination involved, the sight of masses of orcs scaling ramparts whilst huge trolls use the 'wolf's head' to batter down the main gates is pretty darn epic, without trying to sound too cliched.

At the same time you have the smaller battle at 'Osgiliath' where 'Faramir' is getting whipped pretty good but looking heroic in the process (shame he's played by Wenham who always comes across a bit wet if you ask me). Cut back to 'Tirith' and like the previous big battles Jackson likes to swing the odds as the good guys appear to be winning only to be knocked back time and time again. Lucas must have been kicking himself.

Just as you're pausing for breath the next stage of the battle kicks into gear with the 'Haradrim' (who look suspiciously like ancient Persians) on their massive elephant-like war machines. This sequence did feel very much like a rip from 'Empire Strikes Back' and the 'battle of Hoth'. 'Éowyn' and 'Merry' charge around on their horse through the legs of these massive beasts of burden just like 'Luke' in his snowspeeder hehe.

The whole sequence is highly imaginative yet possibly one of the worst looking sequences in the film. This is where the dreaded bluescreen issue raises its head again folks. It doesn't really look much better than the quality of the speederbike sequence on 'Endor' in 'ROTJ', its very obvious. All the CGI horses look a bit jerky, especially when they are tossed in the air and the fact that 'Éowyn' is able to simple take down one these ginormous creatures merely by slashing its tree trunk like legs with a puny sword is stretching it.

The sequence where 'Legolas' jumps onto one elephant (I'll call it that for now) via its tusk then proceeds to leap around its body like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cutting all the straps and harnesses whilst killing every 'Haradrim' warrior on board, then killing the elephant, then calmly sliding down the tusk to safety was completely not needed and horrible to watch. Both in terms of the awful CGI and the over the top, glossy action movie conception of it. Things like that can spoil a perfectly good sequence.

The only other sequence I must moan about is the 'army of Dead'. Now this has had some complaints and rightly so to be frank. You have this massive scale war where the good guys are on the brink of defeat, its top notch entertainment and keeping you poised on the edge of your seat. Then up pops 'Aragorn' and his new army of ghostly mates who promptly wipe out every bad guy within minutes, that's it, done, game over, finito and the good guys win.

This kinda ruins the climax of this grand war to beat all wars. It also leads you to think, why the hell didn't they just do this in the first place?. 'Elrond' could have given 'Aragorn' the sword 'Andúril' right from day one and they could have gotten the help of the ghost army to wipe out all the bad guys. This would have spared all this heartache and death surely haha ah what do I know.

To be fair apart from that most of the effects are much better in this film, well gotta over look the dodgy CGI horses. The 'Witch King' looked nicely evil and his flying steed always did look good, Shame he had such a weak ass death. The final part of the film on Mount Doom is a excellent visual feast and is a much better looking volcano/lava sequence than Lucas offered in 'Episode III'. Boy does it look really hot in Mount Doom! really impressed with the visuals for this part of the film. The design work on such simple things such as the jagged knife like rocks that project from the ground around the base of Mount Doom look awesome, almost 'Giger-esq'.

'Gollum' looks much tighter and sharper in the whole film, the fire in his eyes throughout this emotionally draining finale is near pixel perfect. Finally the scrawny creature actually looks right against his live action companions. I must admit despite the fact I was sick to death of seeing Wood's huge teary puppy dog eyes in this film he and Astin do deliver the pain and anguish of this scene to the viewer in a first class parcel performance.

Of course having lots of war also means some magical moments of dialog delivery from the cast, there are some good emotional hooks here. The sequence where 'Pippin' sings to 'Denethor' as his last son 'Faramir' surges towards certain death in a last ditch cavalry charge of 'Osgiliath' is haunting and reminds me of some proper historical epics. 'Théoden's' rousing final speech as his 'Rohirrim' army sits perched on the brow of a hill ready to tear down towards the massive waiting orc horde (William Wallace eat your heart out. I actually believe riding down the front line and tapping every mans spear before a cavalry charge is accurate, I think).

Of course this could only be topped by the speech from 'Aragorn' to his last remaining men at the 'Black Gate'. Then with the knowledge that 'Frodo' appears to be dead and facing the end he turns and sprints towards his unknown fate only to be followed by his friends, one last glorious push. Once more unto the breach, dear friends once more! is what came to mind at this point.

The film is a bum number can't deny that, it feels like an age for the film to finally wrap up!. I don't think I've ever seen so much fighting in one film either, its none stop virtually. Admittedly it lacks the in-depth character building and dark intensity of the first film or the story development of the second, its more of an all out free fall 'Dungeons & Dragons' style.

Would Tolkien be happy with this trilogy? I'm sure he would have been despite much alterations and bits cut out. The story is so deep it may be impossible to film it completely. The first film is probably the best for story, atmosphere and lore, whilst the second is rather dull apart from 'Helm's Deep' at the end. Overall I liked this third film even if it did feel a bit like a toy merchandise dream and almost too big at times if that makes any sense. I think I was battle weary at the end of it all.

The end?
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The Madness Of King George - 6/10
Holy Motors - 3/10
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DIE HARD - 10/10

Merry fuckin' Christmas! Yee-haw!
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Cinema Paradiso

Old 12-10-2012, 09:29 PM

Believe it or not, I hadn’t seen a goiter punch before this movie. Thanks John Hillcoat! The director’s latest after ‘09’s The Road turned out to be a good companion piece to the Boardwalk Empire finale that aired last week, both being violent, bloody, hard-boiled forays into the bootlegging Wild West of the Prohibition-era 1920’s. Strong ensemble performances from a diverse A-list cast aside though, there was something fundamentally missing here, some “It Factor”, that both Hillcoat’s previous features had. Maybe it was the lackluster development of one of the core relationships in the film (Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain), or the privation of Gary Oldman scenes, but it was something. Despite everyone hating his guts, I actually like Shia and thought he carried the film ably as the ostensible lead, playing the runt of the Brothers Bondurant who has to evolve over the course of the film into a fighting dog to defend family territory. His scenes with Guy Pearce were a treat, with Pearce stealing the show as the crooked deputy who goes to war with the Bondurants for a cut of their backwater moonshine profits. What a greasy little perfumed shit he was.

-> 7/10
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A Message to Garcia with Barbara Stanwyck - An American officer tries to reach a Cuban leader to seek his help in the Spanish-American War. Stanwyck ends up being one of his guides. The ending was pretty exciting but the journey before that wasn't so great. 6/10

Tomorrow Never Dies - This was sort of dull compared to many other Bond films. There didn't seem to be as much at stake since the villain wasn't really trying to take over the world this time. Michelle Yeoh was pretty good but otherwise the previous Bond film was better in just about every way. 5/10
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End of Watch

Remember the old US TV cop show 'Chips'? well never mind cos this ain't nothing like that lol!. From the films poster you can tell this is a badass cops, drugs and guns drama which will no doubt have lots of profanity and gangbangin involved.

Profanity you say? check!, holy assburgers there is tonnes of it, a possible record breaker here folks. Aside from that the film is actually pretty good and did keep me interested throughout. The plot is basically about the lives of two LA cops going about their daily lives and err that's it. Not only do we get the bad side of being a cop, naturally, we also see the odd perks and how these guys get along together both on the beat and personally.

The whole film is made in a hands on/handheld cam style which we all know about mainly from a few alien and horror flicks. At first it does feel as if its a documentary style and there is a cameraman with the two officers but we find out Gyllenhaal's character is doing some of the filming himself for his own personal project. So the look moves from a police pov to a handheld cam style as if someone else was there with the cops filming.

Visuals are of course rugged, real and at times hectic when the officers burst into action or come under fire. It does add a thrill to the film and gives the whole thing a sharper edge, it basically feels like you're watching one of those real cop TV shows with real footage. Naturally the family side of the story isn't really very interesting and I did find myself yearning for them to get back on the beat. Pregnant wives and relationships zzzzzzz...more door bashing drug/weapon raids please.

On the whole the plot does feel somewhat jumbled and as if its going nowhere but towards the end it does meld together. Unfortunately the ending disappointed me, the cops come under heavy fire from a gang so they go on the run. As they escape they take down two vehicles driven by gangsters, now at this point I instantly thought the pair should jump in one of these criminals cars and drive off to safety. Whilst there they could also have grabbed one of the dead criminals weapons for extra protection seeing as all they have is handguns low on ammo.

But no! they don't do either and just remain on foot trying to outrun or dodge their way clear through alleys. Now surely common sense would dictate what I suggested no? maybe that's just me, the bad guys expire in a pretty weak cliched way too. Bit of an anti climax that lets the rest of the film down if you ask me.

On the whole the film is decent with great performances from the two leads. You really do think you're watching a cop TV show, all that's missing is that stupid intense voice narrating everything hehe. The only down side is, as an Englishman looking on, the film doesn't really put black Americans or Hispanic/Mexican Americans living in LA, in a very good light. Kinda puts you off going anywhere near the city limits, but I guess you could say kudos to the actors and director for making me feel that way, the film made its presence known.
Old 12-11-2012, 05:17 AM
Jay And Silent Bob Get Old - 6/10
Old 12-11-2012, 05:50 AM
Over the past week I did some major movie watching:
Thief 8/10
Dust Devil Final Cut 7.5/10
Bernie 7.5/10
Dog Day Afternoon 8/10
The Five Year Engagement 6/10
The Grey 8/10
Expendables 2 7.5/10
MIIIB 7/10 (really surprised with this one)
The Dark Knight Rises (4th viewing and keeps getting better) 9.5/10
Moonrise Kingdom 8.5/10
Young Adult 6/10
Take This Waltz 3/10
Old 12-11-2012, 07:02 AM
In order of having been seen

Skyfall- 98/100
Looper- 89/100
Cloud Atlas- 95/100
The Dark Knight Rises on my recently purchased blu ray- 95/100
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