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The Fall of Brad Pitt ?

There was an interesting article about Brad Pitt in the newspaper lately. Sadly , the article was in french and i can't find a link online. So here's my translated recap of that article.

Killing Them Softly bombed in theater , his Channel ad was parodied a thousand time on the net , the Oscar are overlooking him and he seems to miss on all the major roles.

For sure , Killing Them Softly only costed 15M$ but a 7M$ opening weekend box-office is pretty low for a megastar like Brad Pitt ( who is also a producer ). Worst , Cinemascore gave it a rating of E ... only the 8th time since 1978 a movie got such a rating.

The Channel ad was so ridiculed online that Channel redid the ad with less Brad and more mannequins wearing robes. Parody example

Brad Pitt should have won the Oscar in 1996 for 12 Monkeys but he lost to a certain Kevin Spacey for The Usual Suspect. Since then , Pitt was nominated 2 more times. In 2009 , for The Case of Benjamin Button , he lost to Sean Penn (Milk). In 2011 , for Moneyballs , he lost to Jean Dujardin (The Artist). With Killing Them Softly , there's more Razzies talk than Oscar talk.

In 2009 , Brad Pitt was happy to get a role in Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds. He is even the main draw on the movie poster. Yet , people were mostly talking about Christoph Waltz's performance who did win both at the Oscar and Cannes. Last year , everyone only had eyes for Jessica Chastain who played his wife in Tree of Life. Next year , Brad Pitt appears in 2 big movies ( The Counselor & Twelve Years A Slave ) in which he lost both main role to Michael Fassbender.

At least we got World War Z in theater soon ......

So ? Is Brad Pitt only a commodity to newer & brighter stars now ? I like Brad but that article wasn't all wrong ( the article was longer and more profound , i just wrote from memory with the help of IMDB for fact checking )

What's your thought , schmoes ?
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