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One of my main problem with the show is I don't really like any of the supporting characters, particularly after seaon 4, to me Dexter is the only interesting character in the show.

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Maybe that's just smart writing, because that way the audience, like Dexter, wants to kill everyone else on the show.

Helps viewers better get into the character's mindset.
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It's a bit of a .. mess.

Or maybe the writers are intentionally making us go along with Dexter as he is losing control over the whole situation. I mean seriously, have there ever been so many B-stories on "Dexter"? Deb and Dex, Deb and LaGuerta, Dex and the EasternEuropean Mob Boss, Quinn and his past catching up with him, Quinn and Nadia, Battista thinking about retiring, late Creepy Assistant and his activities.. Did I cover them all?

To me there are a few surprises: Ray Stevenson as Isaak Sirko is one of them.
First of all the guy is hot, he makes me think of Franco Nero, does anyone remember him? Serious hotness going on there with both of them. And I am NOT the kind of girl to even notice, but damn he is my type! But seriously; as soon as Mr Stevenson is in the shot, he commands the scene. His slight over the top acting, the calmness of him, the determination of him, his voice (!!)..

The scene of the shootout last week was simply very well executed: the parallel editing over Dexter's explanation, the decision to use merely sound effects and no music, even the expected slomo was beyond effective. All of this topped of with a fantastic Deb quote:
So we are looking for the fucking Terminator!?
Hilarious, exciting and fantastic television right there.

Originally Posted by syxxpac View Post
A little late for the adaptation maybe, but I can see the whole Dexter/Deb/LaGuerta collision course being built up to an ending that hews close to the original Lindsay novel. To leave it there without major spoilers, of course.

Just a hunch.
Never forgot this post from a few weeks ago, and I'm with Sixx on this hunch now.
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With less disdain than my last post, it's easy to say I'm done with this one. My roommate still watches it so I still glance at it while it's on the TV, but I've just lost all interest. Especially with last night's episode. The storylines are far too reminiscent of when Dexter was dating the pyro chick and Deb dated Brian. Also, the dialogue has become downright atrocious. Deb, legitimately using "he won't be able to dig the crust of his eyes without us knowing about it" was my breaking point. Truly. The show is almost excruciating.
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This season is certainly better than the last two, but it's still not that great. I think they kind of used up the greatest elements of the character's dynamics. Dexter seems to just kind of be spinning its wheels now. I sure hope they end it next season. It would be three seasons too late.
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Yeah, I had some moderately high hopes that this season would hit the ground running and they mostly delivered until Dexter
started banging the femme fatale chick.
Now I just don't care what happens. It's conflict for the sake of fucking conflict. It's as if the writers thought of this, then tried to figure out in the next episode how it all can be connected to the future episodes. I know that's usually the case for certain TV shows, but it feels so stagnant and not at all smart on Dexter.Thank goodness for Ray Stevenson though, he's knocking it out of the park when he's on.

Anyways, I had a feeling the episodes after "Run" were gonna lose some of the luster that this season was going for, and I hate that i was right.
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Plus one to pretty much everything you guys have said. The whole Hannah storyline is boring and uninteresting as fuck. It might be interesting to see a woman embrace what Dexter is and function as a love interest complicit to his dark passenger if we hadn't already seen that exact fucking thing with Lumen. The results there were disastrous, so why the show feels it necessary to retread that shit is completely beyond me.

MrHyde is exactly right. The show felt like it had some momentum for a second there, until the ep after Run where the Hannah angle took front and center. The sole compelling ingredient of this season is the new Dexter / Deb dynamic, and when they shoved Hannah in our faces that ingredient immediately lost its luster. It's mind-boggling how this show can fuck up so bad, really.

However comma, Deb sicking Dexter on Hannah is still interesting to me. How Dexter will react, I mean. His monologue about love and shit while lying in bed with her made me want to vomit in the same way that the ridiculously similar scene with Lumen did, and really at this point our protagonist seems like a fickle little pussy-whipped loser. I hope he kills her next episode. That might assuage my misgivings a little bit, if they drop this bullshit and get back to what matters by having him choose Deb in a way. Otherwise yeah, it's a goddamn mess right now. And I felt so optimistic a couple weeks ago. Weird.

The Ray Stevenson character is awesome, though, it looks like we all agree on that. They should've kept the focus on him. The whole jail bit seems to have been there just to set up the Quinn thing, and there are much better ways they could have done that. It feels like the writers are making this up on a weekly basis with no clear idea of where they're going.
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I think I'm with everyone else in saying it would be a lot better if the main focus was on Ray Stevenson's character. As much as I love the actress playing Hannah, it might have been better to end that storyline when they had the chance 2 episodes ago. Dexter going up against an entire mafia-like organization is something we haven't seen before and it only makes it better that Stevenson kicks ass. Dexter having girl problems is something we've seen... every season except last year I think...
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You guys are .. correct. I just don't want it to be. But you guys are right, dammit.

I don't care for Quinn, I hope he gets busted. Nadia blah blah blah.
I don't care for Dexter's kids, although I don't want anything to happen to them.
I don't care for Hanna, she can go on killing and/or grow flowers as far as I care, or get busted by Deb if possible, thank you.
I actually don't even care if LaGuerta is on to Dexter..
I did care a bit for Battista

But when Dexter and Mr Mob Guy Stevenson were talking in that gay bar, I swear I was on the edge of my seat. It made me think of what a professor said when I attended a course on Psychology And Film. It was a rather long monologue on this simple given about how a fictional character is being 'cared for/loved' by the spectator. Mostly it is the intention of writers to have the spectator connect to the 'main character', especially in tv series. It is a combination of writing, acting, and the accessibility of the actor, if I remember correctly. I'm sure there is a more eloquent way of saying all this but I'm also quite sure everyone here knows what I am talking about.

Let me put it this way: I completely believed Ray Stevenson last night, I felt for him and had empathy for him. What a man.
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On one hand, sucky way for Ray Stevenson to go. On the other hand, awesome way for Ray Stevenson to go. Great character, and I'd have loved to see him stick around, but I don't know if he would have worked as well if he had.

I was glad Hannah was dead, and then she wasn't. Goddamnit. The closing scene, he should've said "you make me feel..." and trailed off exactly like he did, and then credits, and scene. But nooo. "Safe." Sorta like "human." Two words that ruin Dexter. Against my will this episode made me warm up to Hannah, but if I were a less stubborn man I would've stopped watching by now. Unfortunately I'm not.
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Old 11-26-2012, 01:01 PM
Great episode , Isaak Sirko was an awesome character. I loved the way ho he got to Dexter even though through out the season he was trying to kill him...nice touch.
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Old 12-01-2012, 10:29 AM
Ladies and gentlemen, the nominations for best villain of the year are:

Ray Stevenson
Ray Stevenson
Ray Stevenson


Ray Stevenson !!

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Old 12-09-2012, 10:21 PM
I'm hoping the season finale has something BIG for us. I would hate to be disappointed with the season...none have really been terrible, but this ones pretty close.
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Old 12-10-2012, 08:26 AM
"Hooooly fuck, you're Dickie Moser!"

That was one of the funniest lines on the show. For years, Estrada thought Dexter's name was Dickie. But maybe, just maybe, that will be next season's opening twist.... Dexter's not his real name. And Moser isn't his full last name. It's Dickie Moser-Estrada! Dexter just tried killing his real father who killed his mother and created the monster that is Dexter-Dickie Morgan-Moser Estrada del Matador.

Anybody else think the best subplot nobody's talking about is Quinn's secret coke addiction? It's pretty genius how Quinn has progressively looked more like an emaciated corpse who's constantly waking up in every scene. Look at Quinn's eyes in every scene he's in. They're doing things man. Desmond Harrington deserves an award for pushing himself to the limit ala Robert Deniro and Christian Bale. It's a true multi-layered performance that everyone has missed. That whole thing about Nadya and Gyorgy was just window dressing.
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Harrington's just good at looking that way. He looks like he just woke up in almost everything that he's in...I definitely don't think he deserves and award. He hasn't really done anything note-worthy.
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Anyways, Geoff Pierson was on fire in this last one!

"Personally, I think she's had one too many of those mosqiutos, or whatever the hell they call that goddamn drink"

"I've heard of people fucking their brains out Maria, but God Almighty"

Was pulling for Hannah. Season's been only slightly better than the awful Season 6. They gotta end the pain soon.
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I hope Hannah kills them all.


that'd be hot.
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Old 12-11-2012, 03:32 AM
Originally Posted by Hucksta G View Post
I hope Hannah kills them all.


that'd be hot.
...and the end of Dexter.
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Old 12-11-2012, 03:55 AM
Originally Posted by Darth Shape View Post
...and the end of Dexter.
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Originally Posted by Hucksta G View Post
Would be pretty sweet

Seriously though, where did this actress who plays Hannah come from?! She's way too hot for Dexter.
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Old 12-12-2012, 02:54 AM
There aren't too many shows on TV that blow me away like Dexter, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead, so no...the end of the show would be bad.
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Old 12-12-2012, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by DaMovieMan View Post
Would be pretty sweet

Seriously though, where did this actress who plays Hannah come from?! She's way too hot for Dexter.
go watch the 5 seasons of Chuck !
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Old 12-12-2012, 11:06 AM
I'm rooting for this season of Dexter like i did for season 2 of The Walking Dead .... both have been plagued by a lull.

The Walking Dead wasted too many boring episodes around the missing Sophia. Dexter does the opposite , spreading storylines around like turkey at a homeless shelter. Overall , this season had great potential but then we are bombarded with useless and boring arcs ( Hannah's father , The Phantom pyromaniac , that bull-headed guy at the beginning of the season )

Season 7 was all about Dexter vs Debby , Laguerta trying to clear Dobbes and Ray Stevenson. The Hannah love angle was a nice addition.

Next episode preview have me interested tho ... Laguerta putting the cuffs on Dexter should be fun.

BTW .. in season 6 , when Dexter imagine how he would tell his sister about his dark passenger ... one very short possibility of his imagination is that Deb jumps him and they get groovy ( the one after she shot him in the face .. that was pretty hilarious) .... then Deb tells her psy that she think she's in love with Dexter. It's like they wanna write some sick shit but they do it half-ass.

Then again .. pretty sure Deb's crash was her own doing

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Old 12-18-2012, 02:43 PM
Wow, the show really isn't loved like it used to be huh?

Some positives: one of my most despised characters of the show gets what's coming to her and I wasn't as surprised because some douche on twitter spoiled it. Either way, it was a great scene, great moment for Deb who has really grown on me.

Best thing about the finale was Hannah though. HELL YEA you go girl!

Overall, meh. I'm hoping next season is its last. Anyone know how many more seasons there'll be?
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Old 12-18-2012, 03:40 PM
The thing I've always loved about the seasons of Dexter is that there is always one main antagonist to Dexter. This season lacked that in a big way. There was just too many of them to have good closure at the end. I felt like it was scattered storytelling. There was Ray Stevenson's character, Hannah, Deb (in the beginning), LaGuerta, The Phantom, and then Hector toward the end.

It was definitely one of the weakest season so far and I'm afraid they are going to drag too much from this season into the next season. The Hannah situation probably isn't over, the LaGuerta situation has to be resolved and then they'll likely try to throw in another antagonist to spice things up. Not looking forward to it.
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Old 12-18-2012, 07:32 PM
I feel like this season would have been a hundred times better if they'd left out Hannah entirely. Too much time was spent focusing on her, so much so that when the finale had almost nothing to do with her it felt incongruous as fuck and that was a good thing. I'd been sorta sleep-watching every episode because it's been revolving around her thoroughly uninteresting storyline, and then all a sudden holy crap all this important shit happens in the last ep. I know that technically it had been building toward this with Maria investigating Dex and all, but it still felt really rushed because what framework they laid for it was surrounded by boring Hannah shit so I hadn't really been paying attention. Also, during the season it was a thing they were sorta dancing around, like oh Maria suspects and all that bullshit but nothing's really gonna happen with it beyond that. It seems like the show just woke up from a nap and realized it had a finale to attend, so it crammed a whole lot of shit into one hour. If they had built it up better, if they had added some tension and some weight to the whole LaGuerta sideplot, then this season could have been incredible. Instead they squandered it on Hannah. The whole Deb "in love" thing got shoved under too, unceremoniously, with the show basically saying oh wait we changed our minds about that. And Doakes. Holy fuck, it was awesome seeing him. Had the LaGuerta bullshit been done better we could have had multiple flashbacks with him this season, hell they could've built an entire subplot of flashbacks showing how he became suspicious of Dexter instead of throwing that away in five minutes or so.

Whatevs. Next season is the last, it's been confirmed, so here's hoping they pull their shit together to defy the odds and make it great. The last few seasons, since four I guess, have just seemed like wasted potential. There's so much more they could have done, with this one in particular. Maybe they'll get it right for the final one.
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Old 12-18-2012, 08:54 PM
I agree with you on Hannah up until she killed the writer. Then things started to get interesting, Dexter pretty much fell in love, so did she and I'm loving her character right now (the eye candy doesn't hurt either). She's the female version of Dexter except she's way more selfish and that creates great dynamic for the two of them. Hope she returns next season.

I just read this interview that still leaves a possibility for Season 9.


As much as I liked the last two episodes of this season, nothing will come close to how good Season 4 was and they really need to put a stop to this show before it gets completely out of control. Season 6 was so bad it almost made me quit completely.
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Old 12-18-2012, 09:25 PM
I liked this season. I really hope they push for more. It's still one of my favorite shows on TV.
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Old 12-18-2012, 11:35 PM
Originally Posted by DaMovieMan View Post
I just read this interview that still leaves a possibility for Season 9.
Hnn. Here's the article that made me say it was the last:


But it's kinda old, and thanks to the link you provided I google'd some and found this season's had the show's highest ratings yet. That's really confusing to me, as it's clearly passed its apex, but it means Showtime will probably throw lots of money at them for a season nine. That kinda suxorz. I was hoping they'd stick to their guns and make next season the last, because unless they do something absolutely mindblowing it has lost all its steam imo.
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Old 12-19-2012, 10:00 AM
Originally Posted by Chillingworth View Post
I was hoping they'd stick to their guns and make next season the last
same ... Dexter deserves a proper conclusion instead of milking the product until no one watches. Scrubs season 9 says hi !
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Old 12-19-2012, 09:35 PM
This season was at least watchable, but overall not worthy of its prime. I also hope for only one more season. I don't want to be strung along for another season while they scramble for an excuse to keep the show going. It's time to let it go.
This finale was kinda silly to me, really. Things could have been done easier.
Hannah could have told Dexter how to poison LaGuerta and have her die of a heart attack - or behind the wheel. That would have saved so much trouble compared to fixing forensic evidence and making another chance to get caught falsifying evidence when it comes Dexter's turn to do the bloodwork again.

Whatever. Not that I hold particularly high esteem for the show anymore. So I don't have that much to complain about. It was certainly a step up from the last two terrible seasons.
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Old 12-28-2012, 03:46 AM
Season 7 review
While some painful scars that have been in since the begininng remain here (paper thin sterotype criminals and side characters) the show rises onto it's feet and has begun to fall back into the proper form many used to love, what kind of fans are they to just give up. That's another story though.

The biggest thing here was the Dexter and Debra relationship and the vice that was closing on Dex and then ultimately on Debra as well, I have no complaints as of now with that story, they let it all out by the end of the first episode and ended on a proper tragic note, indeed killing is a family affair now.

They did so well on that end that the rest that wasn't quite refined didn't bother me as much but here's what could have made this season that much better.

Quinn is dropped back down to being who he was before and his conflict with the mob was over too quietly. I would have put more conflict in, yeah he's messed up and I thought this latest mess up was going to be his sick way of trying to do the right thing, oh well. Then with Dex under the microscope there was that story from season 5, he knows about Dex.

Louis...but they took care of that quickly, also with that writer even though his death brought about important events he was still annoying as shit.

The phantom.... what was that about?
And Hannah..... the story had some great moments and provided some revelations about Dexter but with Lumen, Rita, Lila, well that part of Dex's life has been picked at, but as long as it brought some axes to the endgame of Dexter's life I was happy. Yes I do want to see Dex in misery.

With so little time now, just go all out writers, we've got nothing holding us back now.

9 out of 10
Usual annoyances with the series haven't gone away but they've picked up the pace and had a big story that didn't hold back. That's what I wanted the most.
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Old 02-07-2013, 08:02 AM
I finished the season a couple of weeks ago. Overall, a complete missed opportunity with viable threats getting sidelined (Ex: Stevenson) to deal with an even dumber "Dexter getting a connection with another person", all the while culminating season finale that tried to be shocking, only completely stagnant (though Carpenter nailed the scene she was in).

But, will I tune in for next season? Probably. I stuck around for so long, might as well see how it ends.

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