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Are You Right Or Left Handed

Well l decided to write about this to see who writes or does thing with eiether hand

I am left handed and do everything with this hand
My family is full of left handers
2 brothers and mum are left handed and my father is the only one in the family who is right handed

One time l got sacked from a job because l was left handed which by law it is not right they had to find jobs which were not right handed
My boss who is a molly duker he uses both so it helps me out a great deal so when l am watching him and he is useing his right l say show me the left handed way grins

All sports l am a leftie

When l was in school l couldnt use a right pair of scissors because everything would come out jagged but after my teacher bought a left handed pair o scissors l did well
Oh l also knit with my left hand which if you look at how a left hander does it it looks back to front
One time l was told to teach a class mat how to knit and was sudderly told l couldnt teach her
She said l forgot you were left handed maybe the girl could of had a good experiece getting confused with my left handed knitting

So who is right handed and who is right handed

I was also told on this forum that there are mainly jobs for right handeed people but not much for a left hander do you think this is true

I feel that we struggle sometimes if we find something right haned but you can teach your self the right way of doing things even though it can be difficult

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