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I must respectfully disagree on your diagnosis of Resident Evil 5...

I must respectfully disagree with your rushed, and to me luke warm diagnosis of Resident Evil 5. This was an excellent movie, in a delectably film noir sort of way and earned its stripes.

Sure. It didn't reveal anything new and that was the whole point, and the beauty of it.

You knew from the very beginning that Alice was going to be kidnapped, as if the previous film's ending did not give that suggestion away at first glance. It was well played on the part of the director in my opinion, because it sets the stage for a larger conflict to be revealed later on. Unlike the rather droll and to me exceedingly slow start of the first Resident Evil movie....that seems to ramble on like an endless monologue, not telling you whether this is real or just a dream nor really revealing how Alice wound up inside Umbrella Corporation in the first place.

Jill Valentine under control of the hive A.I., or in reality Wesker, utterly hates Alice and the Redfields. Jill despises Alice with every ounce of strength she has. That WAS the main plot development of the film, the point you were supposed to get. Jill has a vendetta, and is out to kill Alice. Because she sees herself as the strongest "one" and the movie does not hide that fact - that is why he titles the film Resident Evil: Retribution.

Besides, there was nothing left to the imagination here. Jill has always hated anything resembling Alice and Claire in the video games, and wants to destroy her. Ever since Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil 5, where it is revealed in what many of you consider to be a cliche plot device......that "many" of the alleged Umbrella experiments are clones designed by one Rebecca Chambers and her mysterious partner Albert Wesker.

I admit, I really liked Resident Evil 5's story.
I'm a sucker for finding out the meaning of life, so sue me.

Which, in the course of those events reveals that Albert Wesker has several clones of himself as well and proceeds to commandeer Jill Valentine for his own personal purposes. The ultimate truth behind the Redfields is touched upon in RE 5, and while they aren't clones, a lot of other parts of the story come unglued including the Plagas virus as well as the Uroborros when it comes to how Wesker survived and all the other experiments died.

Now, you can claim that Resident Evil Retribution or Afterlife has absolutely nothing to do with Resident Evil 5 the game, and are nothing but paper-thin forgettable films....but you'd be wrong. It turns out CAPCOM approved of the use of some RE5/4 plot elements in these movies, and they are loosely based on the same plot and storyline following in these games.

So if your favorite video game was say, Resident Evil 1 then you are sore out of luck with Resident Evil: Retribution. They are not even similar to each other. But if you follow the Los Plagas storyline, and the Uroborros virus as well as what Wesker planned to do with it....then you will feel right at home in Retribution.

For it is revealed in an alternate Haunted House sequence within Resident Evil 5 that Barry Burton probably didn't die and likely is alive. I love how CAPCOM plays homage to things and gets one to think of a wider context. And while the movies do not resemble the game here in any way, the story is loosely based on the same sort of context.

Barry Burton, if he survived as Jill seems to think before she winds up Wesker's personal guinea pig....would be a mercenary for hire and gun-toting nutcase. Not a smooth talking alley cat. Exactly like the Barry Burton who shows up in the film, down to his classical one line quip.

I love Retribution for two major little reasons: 1) It makes you think of the larger context in the previous 3 films, and 2) It doesn't apologize for the fact it is a Resident Evil movie with a story revolving around clones, a giant Umbrella testing facility, and Jill vs Alice.

Overall I give it a 9/10 and the original Resident Evil, a 6/10. While I wouldn't watch it in a crowded hall, the pace of this film moves swiftly and nicely showing the different schemes Umbrella has been inching towards all this time and revealing its plot for bio-weapons.

Admittedly, I like one of the shallowest Resident Evil stories as well. Resident Evil 5. Because it makes you think of things in a wider context, bio-weapon testing done by Umbrella corporation in order to perfect the ultimate soldier: URROBOROS. Wesker all but admits this was partly the goal in Afterlife, if you listen to him say it. That is URROBOROS, what he turns into. He clearly did not die in Afterlife as who is that parachuting away, as the plane blows up?

Exactly right. His appearance in Retribution is not surprising in any way, shape or form. Wesker survived the plane's explosion and turned Alice loose for what I believe is a more devious purpose. Remember, Sony pictures has confirmed Rebecca Chambers will be in RE6 the movie....and thus far, the story is slowly crossing over/resembling the later Resident Evil games where the Las Plagas strain got loose all over the whole world.

Remember, Wesker also survived several planes exploding in RE 5 the game...and his "family" (clones?) likewise returned in RE 6 the game. Ada Wong all but says most of this has been simulation training for Umbrella corporation, because they want to perfect the most loyal soldier. I have had this theory since RE Extinction ended and this confirms my theory.

My theory is that ever since Resident Evil Extinction, Chris Redfield has known they were living in a simulation. A giant "Game" controlled by the Hive A.I.....the Red Queen or the White Queen. It doesn't matter which. All in an attempt to reprogram Alice to kill off all the other lesser clones.....the "weaker" Alices so the Queen can have the perfect soldier. Wesker, and Umbrella as a whole wants in on the ordeal and desires to have Alice to themselves as the perfect soldier. They are not in this for humanity. They don't care one whit about them. They are in this to compete with the Red Queen, for control over Alice and if my suspicions prove true then the entire Resident Evil T Virus outbreak was a simulation......crafted by Dr. Isaacs who is very much alive deep inside Umbrella's largest underground testing facility!

Alice has hinted this may be the goal all along, when she reacts with dismay at the people she meets outside. Sure, she left the Umbrella facility in Afterlife because she had to see the Arcadia up close. She believed it to be a research station. In truth, Arcadia was a trap and the Alice in Retribution knows why. It was designed to lure her into a trap, to face off against Jill Valentine, who for some time has been in competition against Alice to be turned into Umbrella's perfect soldier. Alice' life ultimately holds no meaning. She is a clone, created from countless other clones of Claire Redfield DNA, Wesker DNA, T-Virus DNA and other DNA all rolled into one. She might as well be a lifeless husk, because the whole entire time Umbrella has been using her in order to engineer bio-weapons.

The ultimate bio-weapon in the form of URROBOROS, whom I believe Paul Anderson will officially reveal in the sixth film. He has hinted at it in Afterlife, but won't name it. He has hinted at a wider conspiracy going on with Umbrella Corporation, but won't name one. There is the fact Sony is releasing a RE Retribution DVD with a lot of dialog as well, on Bluray only...which covers Project Alice. I believe Sony cut the run time short on purpose to milk this movie for all its worth on Bluray. That would explain Anderson's responses. So why then, was Alice allowed to leave the training grounds and meet Claire Redfield in Alaska? I believe that will be explained in RE6. I assume it was all a test, and Umbrella has a tracer on Alice - hoping that Alice would discover the tankers like Arcadia and lead them to the golden nest egg for their URROBOROS project. I believe they wanted her to find Arcadia and set her free to deliberately find these new virus strands....and I believe my theory is proven correct by how Wesker calls Alice the ultimate weapon. I think he, the Red Queen and everyone else...have been scheming behind her back for a long time. Everyone is afraid to tell Alice the truth, of how she is just an empty clone....except for Claire. And that is for me why Claire skips the fifth film. She (Ali Larter) will be back in the sixth movie along with Chris to reveal the horrible truth to Alice.

In fact, I'm 90% sure this is where the movie's going. Jill Valentine nearly killed Alice the same way she nearly kills Chris. Now that Jill is back to normal again, nothing is holding the twins back from telling Alice the ugly truth. And when Alice finds out, that is where all hell will break loose.....and this will be the end of the Resident Evil movies once and for all.

I also predict all of them will die, most of Umbrella, the Red Queen, and the only ones who remain alive will be Jill, Chris and Claire, along with Leon Kennedy. Leaving it obvious that there will be no more films - as Alice will meet a fitting end.

I like stories like Alan Wake.
And that, is my Resident Evil thoughts of the hour....

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Two Bonus Features found

found these two videos on Youtube..

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zStrt7-_y88 = BONUS FEATURE Drop (Un)Dead
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcJhYnjDjR4 = bloopers

my final verdict for the film is 9.5/10

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Holy fuck this movie was bad , has to be one of the worst I have ever seen.

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Re: Resident Evil Retribution

Originally Posted by Ruly2 View Post
IMDB User 'RuJRuify' said this:
Paul will begin filming number six in late 2013 and the film will be in two parts! I saw the news on te Facebook thing. It sounds offical cause the film is number and is making a *beep* load of money right now so im sure screen gems has already greenlit it.http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1855325/...read/204591486

'RujRuify' then replied a few posts later:
It's a rumor its on the Spanish resident evil fb page.

For the people that have seen 'Retribution'.. Do u think Wesker was Wesker or a clone? I think he was a clone. I've played the game and he was alway evil. my guess could be wrong if it turns out that Wesker was only playing nice in order to get Alice to destroy
the Red Queen
and then destroy Alice and ensave the world. Like in the games, Wesker made clones of himself because he thought he was a god.

Its kind of funny. In the Third Resident Evil film. We learn that there were clones of Alice. This was already known in the first movie because one of Alice's names in Resident Evil(2002) was the name: Janus Prospero. Remember 'Judge Dredd'? Well, In that film there is a thing called 'The janus Project' which makes clones of Dreed,who himself, was a clone. I could be wrong.....
I don't see how anyone cannot see this anymore. Hellooo? What did Wesker say to Alice in the first film Afterlife?

"I've been expecting you, we tracked you via satellite feeds. I knew you would come here so I could be complete!"
What does everybody think he's talking about? It sure has nothing to do with biting her!

Why do you think Wesker never attacked and killed Claire in the Afterlife movie, focusing all-in on Alice? Or what about when Alice was tricked into helping Claire in Extinction, who set all that up? It's Wesker!

Hint should have been obvious halfway through the movie. Remember how the carrier ships in the video games housed bio-weapon viruses? Well, these same mutation genes were on board the Arcadia.

Further evidence of this: All the canisters on his ship in Afterlife have the Umbrella testing insignia. Every person on board has been tested on, he even says he's doing it to engineer the ultimate weapon.

Why the heck would Wesker want to keep someone worthless like K-Mart alive, if it was not to genetically engineer a new bio-weapon? He even says they are all feeding him! He says in Afterlife that he keeps them alive because they feed him/them.

Knowing these aren't real zombies but are in fact genetic mutations, what kind of monster is Wesker now do you figure? The kind who never seems to die even after unloading fifty dual-shot shrapnel rounds from a sawed-off shotgun.

A Urroboros perhaps? Could it be because Wesker has transformed into a Urroboros? What then, does he need toys like Claire or Chris for? In my opinion after watching again, he keeps the others alive only in order to lure Alice into his spider-web.

Wesker is trying to trap Alice for the Red Queen, all the way back in Afterlife and Extinction. He's motivated only on how to either trick Alice into killing the Red Queen off, or maybe killing off Red Queen himself since she must keep him sedated OUT of attaining full power. And as we know from the video games, this man Wesker can survive being burned alive in a Volcano if he's prepared properly. Explosions are nothing to him.

Those are the 'God-like' abilities Urroboros gives him and probably why Umbrella had a falling out between Wesker, Isaacs, the Queen and the CEO's like Rebecca. If you watch Afterlife real closely, you can see that Claire and Chris got kidnapped by Wesker's thugs so they could be experimented upon. Red Queen is who 'manages' all the infra-red satellites, isn't that obvious in Afterlife? So then what is Wesker up to? He didn't kill off Claire and is now trying to take down Red Queen.

I believe he is luring Alice into an ultimate trap so he can gain total control over her power to merge with Urroboros. By appearing like a neutral outside observer, Wesker can manipulate Alice into doing his dirty work and killing off the Red Queen and hive computer. Then he can walk away smelling like a Saint, all the while those restraints upon Wesker are shattered. That means he can now become a God, and then Alice, if she refuses to obey will become his vessel as the director intended.

I feel this is what has been the case all along. Does anyone really believe Alice has any free will? Carlos has known since the beginning she may be a clone. Which would explain her wooden personality. Why can't we connect to Alice to ever really care about her? Because she does not exist. She is just like Hunk / Nemesis and has no family, is a Clone of Umbrella's failed project with no early expiration date. This is also why she is so isolated. I think that's why Luther West didn't die and neither did Bennett or K-Mart, all the way along these are just clones/animals for Wesker to use as bait so Alice comes to him.
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I think you read too much into this franchise ... Paul WS Anderson is not Lynch or Gilliam.

I like the Resident Evil movies but beyond the 1st one who was closer to the videogame , the rest is just plain dumb fun. It's also pretty obvious that the writers are just making shit as they go along. At least it's enjoyable shit!

The actual videogame is not was it was either. It's not about survival anymore but BANG-BANG action. At this point , it's unclear wheter they are basing the movies on the games or basing the games on the movies.

K-Mart might be a pedobear's dream but she wasn't all that helpful in Extinction anyway. Her feat of strength was basically just not dying. They just gave her a 15 seconds cameo in Afterlife for continuity's sake.

Is Alice a clone ? maybe. Was that a day 1 idea ? NOPE.
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