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Podcasts you listen to...

So yeah, what podcasts do you regularly listen to?

My list:

Funemployment Radio
Seattle Geekly
Legion of News/The Rick Emerson Show
Cort and Fatboy
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My favourite movie podcasts right now are the one by Mark Kermode, Filmsack and Fthismovie!. I particularly recommend the last one one because it's still relatively unknown and deserves better. It has the same good-mates-chatting-about-films vibe that Filmsack has but without the sarcasm.
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JoBlo movie podcast - I laugh at this shit every time.
IGN movies
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The Super Podcast, which our very own Marcey co-hosts! I don't really listen to Podcasts (I just don't have the time to sit down and listen to one for that long) but I will always listen to at least a portion of that one.
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I never listened to any podcasts before a year ago. Then I got a job where we are allowed to listen to music and it got me searching. This is what I listen to in order to pass the time:

Rooster Teeth - The guys behind Red vs Blue, absolutely hilarious. the only show where I listened to the entire archive.
Sklarbro Country - Sports and comedy from the Sklar Brothers
Savage Lovecast - Dan Savage sex advice show, always entertaining
The Projection Booth - Cool show about lesser known or under appreciated movies. I don't listen to every episode, but it's pretty cool.
Radiodrome - Cool movie related show co-hosted by The Cinema Snob
Sex is Fun - Another sex advice show, but with a more information/education/exploration angle
KOXM - Official Xbox Magazine show
The Non Prophets - Atheist themed show mostly about world news

Shows I've tried to listen to, but couldn't stay interested:

Lost in the Static/What the Fuck - Two shows from the main host of Radiodrome. Usually interesting, but often times ends up sounding whiny and overly negative. I just got tired of them.
Transmission Awesome - Podcast from the That Guy With the Glasses crew. Sometimes entertaining, but too juvenile to keep me interested.
Astronomy Cast - A show about astronomy. A few interesting episodes, but very dry and boring overall.
Joblo Podcast - Uh, sorry guys, but I just couldn't keep listening to this. Too abrasive for me, plus the song parodies that introduce each segment go on way too long and are not funny.
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I listened to a couple of The Projection Booth podcasts and enjoyed them quite a bit. Probably gonna check out some more. Thanks for the recommendation, Badbird
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Everyone should check out the Lasertime Podcast (Laser time is better than bullet time...). They host a few shows (I'm guessing they're trying to get a network of shows going, a-la The Nerdist): VGEmpire, which is all about video game music; Cape Crisis, a comic book themed show; Cheap Popcast, a wrestling show; and Laser Time, a general nostalgia heavy, pop culture show about all kinds of stuff.

If you can only hear one show, you should definitely check out their jaw-dropping episode about erotic fan fiction - specifically the dramatic readings in the last thirty minutes or so. Once you hear it, you can't unhear it.
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The JoBlo Movie Podcast
Blood, Bullets, and Broads
Jay & Silent Bob Get Old
Having Sex With Katie Morgan
Bagged And Boarded
Team Jack
Smodco Smorning/Smidnight Show
Savage Lovecast
Yeah, It's That Bad
Operation Kino
Now Playing
Movie BS With Bayer and Snider
Midnight Movie Club
It Came From The Basement
How Did This Get Made?
Film Junk
Battleship Pretension
Armchair Directors
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Doug Loves Movies
Tell Em Steve Dave

those are the two I listen to weekly without fail, they are my favorites.

SMODcast is what I listen to a lot, I listen to them all but right now I am playing catch up!
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Hollywood Babble On
Fat man on Batman
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