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Batman: Death Of The Family

Okay, after my initial DCnU reboot reading kick last year, I cut about 95% of the titles loose. They all mostly just got terrible or boring or terribly boring to me.

Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo I will continue to read, however. They mix great visuals, great ideas and lots of story into each issue.

Which brings me to the latest Bat-title crossover, Death Of The Family, the much-hyped return of the Joker to the Bat-comics (since Tony Daniel's abysmal opening arc for Detective Comics where Joker had his face removed by a baddie called Dollmaker).

Yeah, and it's that fucked up and creepy so far too! The first issue, Batman #13, had Joker recreating his earliest crimes and staying one step ahead of Batman, while seriously fucking with Gordon and the GCPD. The next installment, #14 didn't feel as strong to me. I'm also not reading any of the other titles that this story is winding its way through.

If nothing else, it's re-elevated Joker into a strong showing in the comics again, after years of rather meh Joker stories.

Anyone else checking this out so far?
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I have, just finished #'s 13 & 14 yesterday actually. Really enjoying it, and the whole "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" face wearing thing makes Joker that much more fucked up and crazy. The new 52's Batman Title has been fucking fantastic since issue #1. Admittedly I am only currently reading it & Superman.... But yeah, this is a pretty cool storyline so far!
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Yeah, I'm loving the direction Snyder's taken the book. Just about top notch stuff.

Some great icky preview pages from this weeks Batman & Robin:

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The whole "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" face/mask thing is fucking awesome stuff! Makes the Joker that much more insanely dangerous & intimidating.
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The last issue was rather great, and the buildup was fucking unbelievable--Batman fighting through a gauntlet of his villains in Arkham, only to have to confront Joker and be bested by him at the last minute.

Snyder's voicing of Joker is awesome. Capullo's art is fantastic--like something McFarlane would do mixed with Batman: The Animated Series. This storyline is killing it. Definitely delivers the bang for my buck, moreso than a lot of other comics right now.

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Agreed Aye, very entertaining stuff the whole Joker/Death of the Family storyline has been so far. Batman's been the best of the New 52 as far as I'm concerned and also what I've read as well.
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what's wrong with the link?

I get a 404 - Not Found...

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