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Woman Sacked Because She Was Attractive


very sad indeed

I feel it was the wife who was jealous and proberly hated seeing this woman everytime she came in

have you been attracted to a workmate and went further with it

What l cant beleive is this woman was employed for 10yrs why would you take action so much later and still ahve her working there for so many years

I mean from this photo she just looks like a average looking woman l wouldnt put her down as exstemely beautiful

The dentist

Well he is nice looking and has nice eyes and maybe he was flirting with her
But this man didnt want to terminate her employment so maybe the wife was jealous of this woman or maybe the dentist was making eye at her when the wife was about

Some men do that withot realizing it
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Days of our lives at the dentist
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Geez you make me smile with that comment Maybe they could make this into a movie
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Well thats Iowa for ya
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I feel bad for the women that didn't get sacked. Huge self-esteem blow.
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lol She's average/below average looking.
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Originally Posted by SS-Block View Post
She was fired due to being a "threat to a marriage". The boss' sexuality must be considered. He likes women. Therefore, she wouldn't be fired if she were a man. Hence, she was the victim of gender discrimination. How the fuck did she lose this case.

The pussy whipped boss and his cunt whore wife should be thoroughly ashamed, and may they have a shitty Christmas. I hope a sex addicted female smashes down their door, ties down the wife and fucks the husband infront of her. And then wipes her cum covered pussy on the wife's face. And then 9months later demands paternity payments avec un spending money for herself.
Hahahahahahahaa. My first Christmas present a day early. Thanks SS!
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Is that with the dentist or the dental nurse
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