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Killer Joe (no spoiler review). Thumbs up.

I agree with the description of this film as "Texas fried noir" and it definitely earns its NC-17 rating. There's nothing too squeamish about the film--I didn't look away from any scene. Could this film be categorized as a dark comedy? I would say it could be, especially if you consider the infamous fried chicken scene. This scene will go down as one of the greatest in cinema history! Probably not, but it should. A bold product placement by KFC! lol.

It's very nice to see Matthew McConaughey getting away from romcoms...he's scary good in this film. Once actors go to the land of romcoms it's hard to return to guy films...as Gerald Butler can attest to. Killer Joe is about as far away from a romcom as one can get.

If you can look past the overly explicit material, I think this is a legitimate contender for a top 10 of 2012 list. If not, then you'd probably think this film leaves a bad taste in your mouth...the taste of fried chicken!!!


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I wonder if I'm crazy for being hungry for fried chicken after the credits rolled for this.
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It's currently resting at #10 in my best films of 2012 list. I saw it yesterday morning actually. It's definitely all different kinds of fucked up, and earns the hell out of its NC-17 rating, but it's not depraved like Salo or anything. Very gripping and intense movie for sure.

Originally Posted by Mr. Guiltless View Post
I wonder if I'm crazy for being hungry for fried chicken after the credits rolled for this.
I'd eat it if McConaughey offered it.
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