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The public hospitol is a disgrace

Why I say this is that l had to rush my daughter to the hospitol last night we waited,five hrs my daughter who was in severe pain and was only given pain killers which didn't help much by the time we got in to see the docter it was five hrs later and l was told her appendix was just about to burst and she was rushed into surgery l was so frantic and scared,which if you were a parent you would know how l feel
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Plus seeing a whole room of patients with terrible injurys and vomiting in all directions adults and children babies a woman who was not admired straight away had to stand the pain with kidney stones in Australia the are not funding public hospitol very much money so it is the people who are suffering l felt like we were in a third country at to see it first hand is shocking l wonder if hospitols around the world are suffering with not getting the assistancre we should be getting.
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I agree and would also like to say the same for public schools. Horrible places full of germs and stupid teachers wanting you to learn to spell and write. Idiots.
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All hospitAls are public in canada

It's a good service to the public but yeah , waiting room time can be depressing.

When i got my thumb crushed under a steel plate at my old job , i had to wait 12 hours before a doctor saw me and put my hand under the x-ray machine to see if i had any broken bones ( nothing broken , don't worry ).

My thumb felt a cartoon image ( 100x the size and glowing ) but the meds were good.

The "problem" with public hospitAl is that urgency is priority so the longer you wait , the longer the probability of someone's coming in worst that you is greater.

Also as a parent (well you , not me ) , seeing your kid in pain is the worst feeling in the world. But i think the doctors were right to a point. Its not like they never saw anything new there and appendix is not THAT serious... well not like a dog had chewed someone's finger. They know how to handle it to keep cost to a minimum ( I'm not saying because i don't care but just because that is how the public system works.... tbh i wish we had 5 hours waiting time on average around here )
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Having your finger crushed would have hurt k have say all so my daughter is fine now and should be home soon when you say that appeditis is not much well when l was 5and a half monthes pregnant l had my appendix go on me and it was very bad the purt me to sleep for 7days and l could hardly walk and lost a lot of weight and looked like a stick model so maybe it depends if you have other medical probema l didn't get home for two weeks
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