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New Found Footage Film

Found Footage films - there's so many of them now! Ever since Paranormal Activity made it huge, they just keep on coming! There's quite a lot of crap out there now. I recently watched Lost Coast Tapes (the new bigfoot film) and that was pretty awful.

Anyway, there's a new one that's coming out on DVD in October that really actually looks awesome! It's called Apartment 143 and is supposed to be even more intense that PA! The trailer sure looks terrifying -

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Meh. It looks like the same ol' same ol'.
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I'm nearly always up for some haunted house action, but why in frack white people don't get out of dodge when the freakness starts is beyond me!
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AMBER ALERT was a beaut !!! Great found footage film.. highly recommended. Don't watch the trailer though, it gives away too many plot points.

Two friends travelling on a motorway pass an amber alert sign warning to be on the lookout for a car that may have been involved in a child abduction... then realise that they are travelling right beside it and decide to follow the car.
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