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Movies I tell people to watch?

I am always telling people to watch obscure movies or hidden gems (In my mind). But as soon as I do I'm sure they just forget and move on but it's a shame, because I know they are better then the generic b.s. they watch on a constant basis. If any of you have any movies that are "hidden gem" movies to add please do, I am always interested in seeing something new and good. The movies I can think of right now are:

Altered (2006) I know this was made by one of the directors of the Blair Witch Project disaster, so just ignore that, and give it a shot.

Automatic (1995) I saw this on HBO around 1995 because it was a HBO movie and caught it on the first viewing and remembered it forever and have loved it ever since.

Ink (2009) One of my favorite movies, unique visual's, and happens to be on netflix a must watch, the first 15 minutes has some cheesy acting, but stick with it, its awesome!!

Lo (2009) The Demon Lo, set in a theater play style. I enjoyed this a lot, this also happens to be on Netflix check it out.

A Perfect Getaway (2009) This suprised the hell out of me how much I liked it so much, Olyphan-tastic was great, The way this movie did it's twist was something special and I urge you to watch it, it's not like those common tropical getaway movies that turn bloody. Also has a sweet cast, also be sure to watch the Unrated Director's Cut Version of the film.

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Originally Posted by predator_silver View Post
Lo (2009) The Demon Lo, set in a theater play style. I enjoyed this a lot, this also happens to be on Netflix check it out

Watched this a couple years back and was completely blown away by it. Simple (as you say it could have easily been a stage production) and very engrossing, loved every second of it. It's something I'd recommend to friends but it's impossible to get in the UK unless you import or download it.
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Apart from Perfect Getaway I hadn't even heard of these films before, thanks for the heads up.
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The only Oliver Grunner movie i consider good is NEMESIS ... and not for his acting ( he is always out acted by a wood plank and/or Kristen Steward ... possibly with both acting as a duo).
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To: Dirtyfrog - Yeah as for Oliver Gruner movies, you would be hard pressed to find a good one in his whole film body of work, As for Nemesis I didn't really care for that one, it just seemed very slap rushed and edited together. It was something about the Automatic movie that struck a cord with me, maybe because I was 12 years old at the time when watching it and liked the style and story. As for his acting he plays a robot and doesn't say to much. I know the only way to get a copy of it is out of region on DVD.

To: Tony_Montana as for A perfect Getaway Yeah it is the most common out of those I was a little hesitant to throw it on here, but its fresh in my mind, and I went threw my DVD collection in my mind and thought of movies I would never part with no matter what.

To: Cronos I'm glad you also liked the movie LO I would highly recommend you watching INK then because the Art and Visuals in that movie are amazing, I actually purchased both of those at the same time, and always have them linked maybe because I first saw them one after another for the first time. As for DVD copies you can always get a all region DVD player and purchase some region 1 version, its like me buying the UK version of Return of the Living Dead SE.
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Movies I tell people to watch? Pt 2

I did some looking threw my collection and found more.

Rampage (2009) Yes that isn't your eyes playing tricks on you it's a movie directed by Uwe Boll. Let's just say he finally sneezed out a good movie.

LOOK (2007) A film done from security camera's P.O.V. very interesting and so true how we are as a society. This movie actually spawned a Series.

Re-cycle (2006) This is a sub-titled movie and is worth your attention, Very well thought out and a heck of a good story.

End of the Line (2007) This is a very religious in tone movie, but all that is overshadowed by one hell of a cool ending, I keep this around for the ending alone.

Ravenous (1999) I'm sure most of you have probably seen this, but 90% of the people I have told this to haven't so here it is if you haven't. For some reason I find myself throwing this in my player a lot, love the music and the actors in it.

Dear Zachary: A letter to a son about his father (2008) This is one hell of a Documentary, its something that needs to be seen to believed. Probably one of my favorite Documentaries.
Well that's it for now, Not sure if any of these are on Netflix I'm hoping 1 or 2 are, but if not I urge you to give them a look, and hope I have inspired you to come back for future lists.

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Predator_Silver : well Nemesis is terrible on so many level but i think the core story ( at which point does one stop being human and becomes a robot ) is incredible and should be remade with a bigger budget and better actors.

Rampage is easily the best Uwe Boll movie.

I liked Ravenous but the "Benny Hill" music chase was retarded. CO-CO-RICO !
Really good casting to boot.

I need to check Re-Cycle. Love the Pang Brothers ... and is this an anime ?
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To Dirtyfrog, Yeah Automatic and Nemesis are what I consider Oliver Gruner best movies for whatever that is worth, I find it strange that his best movies are him playing a Robot/Cyborg , that's funny! I just prefer Automatic because I can slap that in and watch it over and over, where as Nemesis it's a hard watch for me. Granted both movies are of a robot coming to terms of Human like feelings and actions.

As for Re-Cycle it isn't an Anime it is live action with good computer visual's and CGI, which are done very well.
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Movies I tell people to watch? Pt 3

I have ran across more movies to talk about. I have also made it a point to only start putting movies that have less then 10,000 votes on there IMDB ratings.

The Other Side (2006) This movie is something special and with a budget of $15,000 is something I still can't believe how well it was made for how little. This is also from the Director of "Dance Of the Dead" which I also Enjoyed very much. If you run across this give it a shot.

The Hidden (1987) I really enjoy watching this every time, If you haven't seen it your missing out. A great movie which I prefer over any of the body snatcher movies by a long shot. The Hidden is a Hidden classic gem.

Night of the Creeps (1986) Shocked this is under the 10,000 votes, A great movie, A mix of a lot of classic horror styles all in one. I'm pretty sure inspired the movie "Slither" another movie I liked a lot. If you enjoyed Slither at all you will enjoy this a lot. Thrill Me!

That's it for now!

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Movies I tell people to watch? Pt 4

More Movies!!

Street Thief (2006) This is a sweet Mock-documentary film, It seems so real, and very well done, the name Casper Carr I will always remember. You would almost swear that this was a real documentary it's so well done. This also happens to be on Netflix I urge to to watch, very engrossing film.

Hunter Prey (2010) A Sci/Fi movie done in the older sci/fi style I enjoyed this, the hunters look a lot like Boba Fett's with the suits they wear from star wars. It's a good film on a small budget I enjoyed!!

Deathstalker 2 (1987) Yes, your seeing that right a Deathstalker, ignore all the other Deathstalkers (there are 4 of them total), But this is the best and a parody & Comedy of all those barbarian movies like Conan's, Deathstalker 1, and others like it. As for the film I couldn't stop laughing at this and enjoyed the hell out of it. I like the actor they got to play main, as well as the hot female lead. I think its funny the Director read the original script for this, and basically threw it out, and said that will never work and did his own thing which thank the lord, because the route he went, makes this the only Deathstalker you actually want to watch more then once. Its funny and Great in a good way. Please know you don't need to see Deathstalker 1 to enjoy this (trust me I'm doing you a favor for skipping it, and just watch 2 and end there)!
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I tell practically everyone I talk to about movies to check out ABSENTIA. It's one of the best movies I've seen in many years and completely and utterly original.

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Movies I tell people to watch? Pt 5

Hello, I'm back I have been M.I.A. for a bit, don't think I have ran out of movies, just been busy! Hello 1000 thanks for the Absentia that movie happens to be on netflix I started watching it and had to leave about 50 minutes into it, but so far I like were it is going, I will let you know when I finish it.
Now on to more movies

Dead Heat (1988) now that zombies are the norm now day's here is a funny Zombie Cop movie. For me I actually enjoyed this more then I ever thought I would. Has some good effects for the time, and a lot of funny moments, and cheesy lines what more could you ask for.

Class of 1984 (1982) Its a shame more people haven't seen this, a very well done school movie way ahead of its time. Enjoyed the dark tons, great music, great cast. This movie spawned a sequel Class of 1999 with is a futuristic cyborg movie which I also enjoyed, and watch a lot when I was younger, and when I purchased it, I noticed a class of 1984 this movie which I never knew about it both are done by the same director both are good in there own right and offer something new. But Class of 1984 is a more complete film and highly recommend!

My Science Project (1985) Something about this appeals to me, and the moment I saw it on TV I had to own it. A kid needs a science project and decides to sneak into a military type junkyard, and falls into a hidden bunker, which contains a UFO type generator, Engine, or Unit, or Devise. But when active it... Well just watch the movie...

Alien Raiders (2008) This is a very well done movie in my opinion, a Alien type horror movie that is very tense and a great story. A group of Aliens Hunters locate a Alien Mastermind in a grocery store or so they believe? Give this a chance I'm glad I did.

That's it for the moment!

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Originally Posted by predator_silver View Post

A Perfect Getaway (2009) This suprised the hell out of me how much I liked it so much, Olyphan-tastic was great, The way this movie did it's twist was something special and I urge you to watch it, it's not like those common tropical getaway movies that turn bloody. Also has a sweet cast, also be sure to watch the Unrated Director's Cut Version of the film.
Good recommendation.

I didn't notice that much of a difference other than the naked people dancing on the beach in the director's cut.

I guess my situational awareness kinda sucks.
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The best "hidden gem" I have ever seen. Can't recommend it highly enough...

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Hello, 1000

Hello, I finally got time to watch the rest of your "Absentia" Movie. I liked were it was going, but then it ended leaving you wanting to know a bit more, that's all. But it reminded me of the movie "The New Daughter" (2009) with Kevin Costner. I think you might like it!
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Horror specifically has a great deal of flicks that just never get big publicity. Every year my top 10 horror movies is 90% stuff that never got to a theater near me. I don't fully have the energy or drive to go back and and think of the 100's of amazing flicks nobody talks about but rock. I will post my a couple from this year though.

All of these are out of 10

Sound of My Voice 10
Stitches 9
Maniac 8 1/2
Juan of the Dead 8
John Dies At the End 8
Citadel 8
Antiviral 7 1/2
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Movies I tell people to watch? Pt 6

I'm Back! Currently been watching the new "Dredd" movie almost every night can't get enough of it, Love the tone, and the style of that movie. If you haven't seen it I would urge any you to do so, it's nothing like the sly Comedy version. Anyways on to the new inputs.


HOUSE (1977)
This was released by the good people at Criterion Collection, I knew I had to see this movie just by the cover, mind you I had never seen it before at that time. But It is one hell of a art style for it's time some of the visual's are insanely awesome, truly a lost gem. This movie is subtitles but a must watch for anyone who wants to see something different and trust me this is different. Well worth the price of the movie.

BODY BAGS (1993)
This John Carpenter movie is a compilation of 3 stories, with the story teller which happens to be "John Carpenter" which happens to be my favorite character in the movie. But The stories are decent and should be given a watch for sure. To find this movie in a region 1 is a little pricey and somewhat hard to find.

This is a great movie and has a great payoff at the end considering his job occupation which is a sound editor / recorder. Give this a watch I know you should enjoy this.

I just talked about this movie on another thread, about it being on my want list. I enjoyed this movie, its basically "Rear Window" on a Highway, with a splash of the "Duel" movie also. Something about this appealed to me a lot. To find this movie in a region 1 is a little pricey and somewhat hard to find. But if you get the chance you should watch it.

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Movies I tell people to watch? Pt 7

Back for more movies, Here's what i got in this installment

The Entity (1982) - Staring the great Barbara Hershey in this movie were she is tormented by a paranormal entity. If you like Poltergeist (1982), or Paranormal Activity Movies. For sure give this movie a watch.

Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters (2011) - Ever wanted to know who the greatest Tetris players were, this is a mesmerizing movie about the best players in the Tetris world. If you ever watched the "King of Kong" Documentary, give this a watch for sure. Tetris is probably the most played video game in the world. Great Stuff, I know this isn't a horror movie, but I have kind of thrown a bunch of random movies that I tell people to watch.

ROGUE (2007) - A serious Giant Croc movie. This is a really intense ride of a movie. This is miles better then Lake Placid, and a lot darker. This sinks it's teeth in you and doesn't let up. Done by the cats that did Wolf Creek. One of the best giant creature movies I have seen in a long time.

Chopping Mall (1986) It would be a crime if I didn't put this on here. I enjoyed the hell out of this movie. It's about a Mall installing 3 Robot tank units to be the new security guards. You can see where this is going. Then on a stormy night, a lighting strike hits the power supply and screws the robots objectives up and there mission is basically search and destroy anyone in the mall. Good stuff classic 80's.

Surveillance (2008) - Been watching a bunch of Arrow in the Head's 3.5 to 4 rated movies, and purchased this bad boy. The movie is about 2 FBI agents trying to figure out heads or tails of the crime that transpired, with 3 witnesses to interrogate and 3 different stories how can they solve it? Like I told another member on here, when I started watching this about 5 to 10 minute in, I had an idea for a great movie idea given the starting circumstances of how this began, but I decided to wait till after this movie was over to write it down. Then out of nowhere the movie went the route I was going to write about, and ended almost exactly as I had envisioned it. Great Stuff give this a watch.

Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road (2002) Another non-horror movie (Unless you count a town full of Lawyers) but very inspirational and a good story to tell. Directed by Bob Gale the guy who did the "Back to the Futures" which I prefer this movie over those. Interstate 60 is about a Kid who takes a trip on Interstate 60 to find Answers to his life, this movie is full of very good ideas, characters, and concepts, and the list of great actors make this a stand out film, and seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle. Its good stuff.

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Movies I tell people to watch? Pt 8

I'm Back as promised, Here we have:

The Loved Ones (2009) - This was a brutal film in a great way, it was a great shock from all the shit this character is put threw. The story is basically about a girl who doesn't take rejection very well. This had a great build up, and a great conclusion. Don't miss this film! One of my favorite Australian movies. KUDOS!

Murder Party (2007) This is a great little gem of a movie, and was recently lost in the shuffle of all my movies until me remembering it. This plays like a comedy at parts and then has its serious side when it matters. I am surprised I haven't heard more about this from anyone. This is about a Misfit guy who stumbles across a invitation to a Murder Party, and then decides to go, and what in sues is a crazy good time. Pick this up and enjoy the ride. Very Good Stuff!!

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (2007) - It's hard to get people to take this serious from the cover, but this is a good ride of a movie. With a small part from the great "Robert Englund" in this film to add some character, this is a origin story of Jack Brooks who grew up with a trouble past, and has a short temper and uses that to.... inevitably fight Monsters. This movie plays more of a serious side so don't think its built for comedy from the cover, granted there are some funny bits. This has really good practical effects and should please any horror fan. Give this a shot you will be surprised.

People Under the Stairs (1991) - This movie has had such a impact on me when I was a kid, and I would watch this so many times. So its only fitting I should throw a nod to it. This is a great little tale, and given some of the crazy stories that are being told about now day's of what some people are doing in homes and suburbs makes this seem very real. I'm sure most of you have seen this but if not you are missing one crazy ride, this has to be my favorite "Wes Craven" movie because I grew up watching this every step of the way.

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great list guys. plenty of old movies out there to discover. I'd like to recommend as well...

Race with the Devil (1975) starring Peter Fonda and Warren Oates. This film was directed by Jack Starrett who played 'Art Galt' in First Blood.


Fortress (1985) starring Rachel Ward


The Car (1977) starring James Brolin



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Movies I tell people to watch? Pt 9

Hello, Aceofspades70 didn't even notice your response until now, was always busy chatting on the other thread "Online Ordering". Yeah "The Car (1977)" is a good add on, one I was going to add for sure on here when the time came, so thanks for mentioning that as well as some more movies.

I have been taking my sweet time with this 9th installment. I don't want to overwhelm people with a overload of movies every week. Heck not even sure anyone is watching any of these, but I will keep throwing them out there just in case I am getting threw to any of you.

Witchboard (1986)
This movie focuses on the powers and risks of using an Ouija Board if you don't know what you are doing. This is a good watch and fell under my radar for a long time. But I recently watched it and is good stuff, and have been lending out my copy for people to watch it.

Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981)
This is the movie that started the whole Scarecrow horror theme. This was a made for TV movie done right. A very touching story of friendship and revenge.

Night of the Scarecrow (1995)
Not to be confused with "Dark Night of the Scarecrow", but this was a shocker, I had already seen the Dark Night of the Scarecrow, and thought that will end all my "Horror Scarecrow" watching days, but I ended up giving this a chance, and much to my surprise it had great practical effects and a CGI shot that actually worked. Also has a decent story to boot. This movie worked for me. If any of you are interested in good Scarecrow horror movies theses are 2 you should for sure check out.

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other people actually like perfect getaway? cool
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I agree The Hidden and Night of the Creeps are underrated

I remember watching The Entity

thanks for the recommendations. I'll probably check out Rogue or The Loved Ones next
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Hello, silentasylum
Its been awhile since I updated on this thread, I will add some more possibly tonight, I try to add movies now that have a voted total under 10,000 on IMDB.com. So if some are now over that they weren't when they were added, except for 3 or so.

As for "The Loved Ones" I have been mentioning that a lot to almost everyone to see. I personally enjoyed the hell out of it, and it's my favorite Australian horror film. Also "Rogue" is another Australian film, and it to is a serious Croc movie, it had a raw feel to it.

When it comes to "The Entity" yeah it was made way before the Paranormal Activity movies. Its kind of a forgotten film, so I threw it on here. I personally enjoyed it, and was worth the nod.

As for "The Hidden" and "Night of the Creeps" those are personal favorites so they had to be mentioned!

vladyv - Sorry I didn't even know another person responded, As for "A Perfect Getaway" - The best of the Tropical vacation horror films I have seen. Great cast, great idea, great twists. I'm always a little sad when I see used copies of it for sale. It's a Shame!
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Movies I tell people to watch? Pt 10

My Reference Pictures on some of my movies disapeared, So I am loading scans of my DVD copies in there stead so they will be permanent. So I should have most of those fixed. But Anyhoo onto more movies as promised!

Hogfather (2006) - This Movie part of the parallel universe created by "Terry Pratchett's" Disc World stories. This is a 2 part episode/movie with a run time of 189 minutes. This is a well.... a very unexpected surprise when I first saw it. I didn't know what to expect. But this has the character "Death" in it. Probably my favorite portrayal of the Death character, which is saying something. This is a joy to watch and a very complex adventure sure to please. It has made me seek out Terry Pratchett's other films "Going Postal (2010)" which wasn't bad, but I enjoyed this Hogfather more. Then there is also "The Color of Magic (2008)" which I have yet to see, but will.

Dead End Drive-In (1986) - This bad beast is from Australia and when it began I wasn't sure what to think. Its basically a Drive In theater that holds its visitors for a permanent stay, and its almost impossible to leave once you enter. This film had a message and I really enjoyed it. I find it very true and can relate to it, even in our society now day's. So if you get the chance to watch this, regardless of the crazy beginning stick with it its pretty good!
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Movies I tell people to watch? pt 11

I'm back with more, with this time some documentaries have captured my attention. I will keep them super short as to not spoil them. The first one is:

TWA Flight 800 (2013)
Caught this on Netflix's instant watch program this one is about the Flight TWA Flight 800 and how it mysteriously came down. This film raises many questions and concerns also about how the investigation was extremely questionable at best.

911 in Plane Site - Director's Cut (2004)
This is on Netflix until March 15 of this month to watch. I watched this right after TWA Flight 800 because it was recommended, I at first was extremely hesitant to watch anything about 911 because I didn't want to see anything about that ever again. But I am so glad I did watch this, it has opened my eyes to what was hidden from us all. I can't urge you people enough to watch this. Also to watch the other film on my list which is.

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup (2009)
This can also be seen on Netflix and should be on there instant watch for some time I hope. This explores the Same as the 911 in plane Site film which I watched this exactly right after that one. These touch on important question, and I would hope everyone to go into these with a open mind. Like I did, the truth is staring you right in the face. If I have any advice for these films just use your common sense.

If you don't have a netflix account you can purchase those 911 films from sellers on Ebay for a great deal, because the creators of them wanted as many people to watch their movie, and didn't care about the bottom line. They just wanted to share this with everyone.
The best deals I have found for them is for "911 In Plane Site" you can buy it HERE!! it comes with 4 other films which the " 911 Mysteries: part 1 Demolitions is another great film you get.

As for Loose Change you can find it HERE!!! this includes the loose change and the other 2 extended version of it.

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The Sender (1982)

Underrated psychological horror movie with Zeljo Ivanek in his feature debut in the lead role.
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