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What's it called when...

I am so much better at developing a concept that fully fleshing out the details and executing a solid script. Does anyone else have this problem? Anybody have any tips that may help me dig deeper into my own ideas?
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When you have an idea, make sure you write it down. No matter if it's for a character, story, set piece etc, just write it down so you don't forget later.

When it comes to writing the script, start with a basic outline. Beginning, Middle, End. Expand, looking at how you get from A to B to C. And if you don't like what you've got, don't be afraid to go back and start a new, or rejig what you've already got.
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Yeah, what Suvlaco said. If you have a smartphone you can always find a notepad app and be able to record your ideas, or even use the voice recorder apps. That's what I do, especially at night since that's when my best ideas seem to emerge. It would also be wise to develop some sort of standard worksheet that you can organize your thoughts as quickly and efficiently as possible so you don't look back a couple of hours later and not have a clue what you were thinking.
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