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Bloody-Disgusting.com Forum

I'll say this now, I love Joblo.com. Very informative news, mostly nice members, and just an overall great community. I really wish I could say this about Bloody-Disgusting.com. Now, I go there for horror news but the forums are ridiculous, particularly the members.

I was going through some stuff on my computer and deleting some things where I found a note that was a couple old e-mail addresses of mine, so out of curiosity, I just checked the e-mails and one of which was emailed from Bloody Disgusting with its newsletters and stuff.

A lot of bad memories came from the forums. I left Bloody Disgusting last February but I have a lot of bad memories. When I was newbie, my posts were mocked, my threads were being deleted, and a lot of the members were just flat out assholes. One in particular, I think his name was menaycing or something like that, I just remember he was always the smart ass of the group.

The rant mainly consists of the members on Bloody Disgusting, I'm not saying all members but a lot of them just felt like they were superior to you. I made a thread about my hatred about The Lost Boys 2 and I had people saying "It's not Lost Boys 2, it's Lost Boys: The Tribe" and "Just post this in the Lost Boys forum" followed by an animation of a smiley face rolling its eyes. I know I'm not describing it very well but trust me when I say that I don't regret leaving Bloody-Disgusting.
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I'm sorry to hear that.

I can understand going to other horror forums, since the ones here have pretty much stopped.
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I have read the comments there and they all sound like they are posted by teen guys who think they are witty. Pretty much as annoying as the AICN users.
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That's why I love this board.
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The horror forums are what brought me here to begin with, so to see them peter out over the years has been disheartening.
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Originally Posted by A.J. Hakari View Post
The horror forums are what brought me here to begin with, so to see them peter out over the years has been disheartening.
Same with me. Probably because of the lack of any decent horror in the last couple years.
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I third this statement. I think it's about time to bring the Horror Forums back.
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BD is currently the best place to discuss anything horror related even if there are a couple of horror goons that frequent that site and the fact that they seem to ban people simply for stating opinions in that place, they must be a thin skinned lot over there.

I still can't deny it's just about what the horror forums used to be on Joblo for a brief moment in time. I would say from 2002 to 2004 the horror boards on Joblo were vibrant, dynamic, informative and comprehensive, from what i recall. That was the high point for me although it was still viable up until at least 2007.

Then for some reason it slowly died out as certain members just faded away.

They discuss every horror movie imaginable on BD and it's where i discover some hidden gems now, that's how i would find some gems in the past on Joblo.

Now i just browse that section occasionally because days can go by without a new post, at least in current horror, and if you make a new thread for a movie that hasn't been mentioned yet it will quickly collect dust.

If the horror boards on here were what they were in the past i wouldn't feel the need to peruse BD, or at least i wouldn't feel the need to visit that site as often ( i always checked out BD just not as much as i did when JB's horror boards were a cool place to visit ) because right now they can't be beat if horror is what interests you .

The enthusiasm seems to have dwindled on here
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It's a shame to read that the horror forums have become a ghost town . . . pun intended. I never went to them because I'm not a horror buff; never have been. But the joblo forums are a lot of fun filled with good discussions and reviews. I always assumed the AITH forums were just as popular.

I never go to Bloody Disgusting.
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Bloody Disgusting has gotten, for lack of a better word, disgusting. The moderators don't do their job anymore...the things that people start threads about are outright disturbing ("What's your favorite rape scene?", etc.). They attack/gang up on newbies and they aren't very welcoming.

Also, have you tried going onto BD when a mainstream horror is coming out? You can't click on anything without a full-page advertisement popping up, then redirecting you. It's terrible.

I still visit from time to time but I'm just about never happy with what I read or the people I talk to.
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The Bloody-Disgusting forums are some of the worst I've come across and I've been to MANY forums over the years.

Their members are all assholes (maybe not all of them but EVERY single one I came across was) and that forum is the main reason I came over to Joblo a couple years back.

I refuse to even go there for Horror News now just because of that forum and the way it is run. For all Horror News/Updates I either come here or go to Shocktillyoudrop.com (which is much more organized and Ryan does a great job of running it, really cool guy too).

One of the great things I love about the Joblo forums is the overall respect everyone has for eachother here. You don't have to like every member, but everyone seems to keep their opinions about other members to themselves (much like myself), at least from what I've seen. Now I mainly post on the Horror forums here and there's a great group of schmoes over there but I've been here long enough to know that that's pretty much how it is all around the boards...and that's really how it should be.

Also, with many sites, the 'vet members' seem to think they're some form of Gods by having a join date earlier then yours (eg. Bloody-Disgusting members), but with the Joblo members, that is not the case. All the vets here on the horror boards at least really made me stay by being very helpful and welcoming. Not gunna say names but hopefully these awesome people know who they are.

So yeah, you guys rock and even though my overall experience on the bloody-disgusting boards was terrible...it really made me appreciate these boards more.
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Old 09-24-2011, 08:53 AM
I still feel BD is the premiere site to discuss horror, and not just new releases, their enthusiasm over there for some obscure films that wouldn't even get a second look on JB's horror forums and the members seemed to be passionate about the horror genre overall.

I never experienced the gang mentality that some people are saying they witnessed, at least not personally but i have seen some people get into hissy fits if they don't agree with what someone posts, that's okay by me, it's a horror forum not a parenting forum.

I do have to say it again though, the horror forums on here were very active at one time, it even rivaled BD, somewhere along the way certain popular members stopped posting .

There was a healthy female contingent that would engage in contentious discussions about their favorite horror films and it added a nice flavor to the proceedings because you were getting all sorts of opinions, then they stopped posting, and JB was the lesser for it. Maybe the women had something to do with the healthy activity at one time, i don't know, but i'm sure it was the rise of other websites to distract people that had something to do with it also.

Sorry if i'm getting a bit redundant, you just had to be there at the time to understand just how exciting the place was.

I don't know but FB and those other venues where you can get your horror fix to varying degrees just pale in comparison to a healthy, dedicated, horror forum
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So i returned to BD. It has become even worse than before. Now it has this god awful sluggish scroll lag and it's impossible to navigate through without pulling a few hairs.
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Their new message board layout is absolutely horrible. I have no idea what they were thinking with that one. Also, I can't stand going there in general anymore, because of the insane amount of ads they have. I'm sorry, but I don't want my browser being completely taken over by a popup window with flash elements that automatically plays a trailer.
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I used to frequent the BD boards until they changed the format. All the old discussions about older horror movies got erased, and the new format was f'ing hideous. I tried to tough it out but the new interface was just too akward.

All in all at the time it was one of the most active horror message boards, and almost all movies no matter how obscure had a thread. Idk how it's fared since the format change.

I too found one or two of the long time members somewhat abrasive, but saw very little "ganging up" unless you were starting redundant/ridiculous threads. Let's face it, some people need to have their thread starting priviliges taken away.
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Originally Posted by TTGSteve View Post
Also, I can't stand going there in general anymore, because of the insane amount of ads they have. I'm sorry, but I don't want my browser being completely taken over by a popup window with flash elements that automatically plays a trailer.
do you use Firefox ? there's a great add-on on Firefox called Adblock Plus which removes almost every advertisement on the web.
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This is the only movie forum I go on and I love you gaiz. <3
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Well l have to agree that this forum is great at times
But you are always going to have some forums who do like new members or they just dont want change
I know a freind of mine went on a Delta forum and she was mocked by members who just abused her

You should be able to be accepted but this doesnt always happen does it

Some forums get into little groups and they want to be the high light of the forum and when some one new comes in they dont want to be over shadowed

anyway you have a horror threads and other things on this forum so why go somewhere where you will be abbused and come here a be accepted
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Originally Posted by Dirtyfrog View Post
do you use Firefox ? there's a great add-on on Firefox called Adblock Plus which removes almost every advertisement on the web.
I'm using Adblock Plus, but I'm referencing before I downloaded it. My God, their ads were freakin' terrible.
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Just to let you schmoes know, Bloody Disgusting.com brought back the 'Legacy' forum shortly after the drastic changes to the site. The legacy boards are much faster, don't have the pop-ups and aren't filled with spam like the new-look B-D. It's basically all the older posters on there - and yes - a lot of them are still very rude and argumentative types.

Here's the link:
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Originally Posted by Bondgirl View Post
I know a freind of mine went on a Delta forum
You must run with a rough crowd
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Old 01-24-2013, 02:49 AM

I used to go to Bloody-Disgusting for horror news but Joblo was the ONLY site I ever went to for it's message boards. I had a pretty great run here talking horror movies with a lot of great people. There were the occasional arguments/trolls but for the most part things ran pretty smoothly. Unfortunately as the horror section died down, as did my own interest in films, I became something more of an occasional visitor. Now it's been 11 years since I first joined the site and I look back on Joblo as something of a piece of nostalgia. Sigh.
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Old 01-24-2013, 07:41 AM
I will have to look at the site and maybe join it if there are still rude members there they would have a field day with me and my spelling mistakes grins
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Old 01-30-2013, 04:39 PM
I still frequent the horror boards here. I'd love them to get back to how they were back in the day...
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