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Old 01-24-2013, 08:30 PM
Ebay Bans The Sale Of Django Unchained Dolls

Geez l am glad they have done this it is terrible that this type of doll would be sold to children and the qestions they would ask

but then look in it a diffrent way l remember when l was little we had the Gollywog doll and it was black in colour but there was not aa uproar until years later
When a child plays with dolls they think of fantasy where other well adults think diffrently
But with the Django doll it promotes racism which this is what the film showeed about a freed negro man

Anyway l would like your opinion on this

As l think it was a good idea this type of thing was discontinued and why would a toy maker want to promote this type of thing

Alot of negro groups took a stand to this type of doll and l am proud they did and won but sometimes you might have a odd doll they have over looked but it is good Ebay has stopped this in its tracks
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