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New monster movie with practical creature effects

Hi fellow horror fans, first time posting here, hope I'll get to stay and have fun with you guys. I figure, since I'm putting together a new horror movie to be shot in may, I'd spread the word about my Indiegogo page.

Me and my crew have been hard at work on this new movie. A movie that mixes the Alzheimer's disease and the aesthetic of monster movies. It's a project very important to me that will be shot in may of this year. It's an independent English Canadian production and it will be around 10 min.

I figured, since like me you are all horror movie fans, that you'd also be monsters fans (the two kind of merges together).

What I'm developing is pretty ambitious, but we have an awesome crew and some of the top actors from up here in Quebec helping us. But no matter how awesome your team is, like every movie, it takes time and money to make a great film. And when you have a bunch of practical special effects in your movie, you definitely need money. We've already done several fund raisings, but we still need a certain amount more to be able to shoot the movie for may, and that's where my campaign comes in.

I'll let my Indiegogo page speak for itself (it's got some sketches, some shooting location pictures and plenty of infos to sell itself).
If you can help, mighty thanks to you, or if you can just spread the word that would also be really awesome.


If you're a horror fan, and want to see the return of classic genre film making with practical creature effects, then please consider making a donation.

Hope to see you guys around on this forum!
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