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Movies in Thailand

I was in Thailand recently and saw 2 movies (Hobbit twice and Jack Reacher). You pick your own seat like at a concert and pay based on the seat location. The cost is about $6 and $7 for 3d. The 3D 48FPS Hobbit was awesome. All the theaters are new and stadium seating. The popcorn is sold 4 different ways (salt, caramel, strawberry, sugar and salt). A large popcorn and soda cost me about $5 bucks. The theaters are almost always in a mall. They sell Fisherman's Friend cough drops and other weird shit too, but typical asian stuff. Before the movie starts, you have to stand and watch this very respectful 2 min film about their king, which they love. They also censor some of the bad language, nudity and violence. Movies usually play in every theater for about 2 or 3 weeks, so you have to see a movie when it comes out. The oddest thing is if you ticket says the movie starts at 9 pm, you are not allowed into the theater until 9 pm. Then the movie starts 5 min later. Most of the movies are in english with Thai captions. After the movie, I had to make my way to the bottom of the mall, go to the street and find a cab. There is almost no one around at midnight or 1 am. Good thing I am who I am. lol
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Originally Posted by Erroneous View Post
There is almost no one around at midnight or 1 am.
not even some friendly Ladyboys?
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I can not believe movie tickets are so cheap in Thailand it is around 13 dollars in aus plus we only have salted pop corn or buttered ones and you were able to have a choice of flavours plus you say the the movie had sub titles l feel this is okay if they do not go to fast and sometimes it is hard to look at the film while studying subtitles but evently you get used to it
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You were also out at midnight after the movie and you said the place was deserted l would have been scared if l was out alone
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Originally Posted by g05 View Post
not even some friendly Ladyboys?
I am sure they are somewhere, but not anywhere near me. Sorry. I did see a few elsewhere at different places and I had to be corrected when I mistaken them for women.
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