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2013 dvd/blu-ray journal


Resident evil set-walmart
Essential Universal monster set-amazon
Harry Potter and deathly hollows ultimate edition-amazon

Tarantino XX-amazon
The Master-walmart

Schindler's List-walmart
Who Framed Roger Rabbit-walmart
Mulan/Mulan 2pack-walmart
zero dark 30-walmart
Hobbit unexpected journey-walmart
fantastic mr. fox-cobarns video store

J. Edger-friend
Django Unchained-walmart
WWE-Best of In your House-walmart

Batman the movie-walmart
Great Escape-walmart
Mad Max series-amazon

Die Hard legacy collection-walmart
On the waterfront-amazon
the blob-amazon
mallrats-amazon-import from UK
emperors new groove-walmart
wwe-best of war games-amazon
saw V and saw final chapter-cobarns video store

Mel Brooks collection-amazon
stripes/ground hog day two pack-walmart
wwe wresltemania 29-walmart*

Lawrence of Arabia-amazon
Madagascar -walmart
Madagascar 2-walmart

tmnt 1-3-walmart
star trek into darkness-walmart
friday the 13th series set-amazon
friday the 13th documentry-amazon
child's play series set-amazon-preorder
world war z-walmart
iron man 3-walmart

halloween 2,4-5-amazon
little mermaid-walmart
this is the end-walmart
hangover 3-walmart

hard to kill-walmart
final destination 2-walmart
final destination 5-coborns
adventures of robin hood-lewis
man of steel-walmart
the worlds end-walmart

black friday
best of wwe ppv matches-2009-10,2011,and 2012-amazon
cloud atles-walmart
the campaign-walmart
pacific rim-walmart
gremlins/gremlins 2/goonies pack-walmart
life of pi-walmart

x-men series set
french connection 1 and 2-target
despicable me 2-Christmas gift
winters bone-target
the girl who played with fire-alko

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Blind Buy
Region 2,3,4



1/2-La Femme Nikita
1/3-Deep Rising/The Puppet Masters - Double Feature,The Lost Boys,The Muppets Take Manhattan,Muppets From Space
1/4-The Doors
1/8-Dredd,Supernatural - The Complete 4th Season
1/9-Godzilla vs. Biollante
1/10-Trainspotting,Sherlock - Season 1,Supernatural - The Complete 1st Season
1/11-Christmas Survival Double Feature Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 1+2,Supernatural - The Complete 2nd Season
1/14-Doctor Who - The Legacy Collection
1/15-La Femme Nikita - The Complete 4th Season
1/17-Silent Night, Deadly Night - Three-Disc Set,Supernatural - The Complete 5th Season,Conan the Barbarian,Moulin Rouge!,Taken 2
1/19-Dawson's Creek - The Complete Series
1/21-Our Man Flint
1/22-Adventures in Babysitting - 25th Anniversary Edition,La Femme Nikita - The Complete 5th Season,Titanic
1/23-The Machinist,The Mist/1408 Double Feature,Silent Hill,The Alfred Hitchcock Collection
1/30-Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Season 10,Gladiator,Paranormal Activity 4


2/1-Doctor Who - The Reign of Terror,Sherlock - Season 2,Spies of Warsaw
2/6-To Catch A Thief
2/7-District 13 Collection,Saving Private Ryan
2/8-The Karate Kid 1 & 2 - Collector's Edition,Purple Rain
2/11-2010,3 Movie Boxset - Shaun of the Dead,Hot Fuzz,Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,Casino,Empire of the Sun
2/14-The Crow: City of Angels/The Crow: Wicked Prayer - Miramax Double Feature
2/15-Sleepy Hollow
2/18-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)
2/21-Domino,The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
2/26-Frank Herbert's Dune
2/27-The Tim Burton Collection
2/28-Aeon Flux,Basic Instinct - Unrated Director's Cut (128 Minute Version),Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow


3/1-The Quiet Man - 60th Anniversary Special Edition
3/3-The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2
3/8-The Big Bang Theory - The Complete 5th Season
3/11-Castle - The Complete 4th Season,Essential Eastwood - Director's Collection,Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
3/12-Grave Encounters 2
3/17-Silent Hill: Revelation,Wreck-It Ralph
3/18-Castle - The Complete 2nd Season,Castle - The Complete 3rd Season,The Day the Earth Stood Still,Dead Silence,Stand By Me
3/19-Castle - The Complete 1st Season,Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - The Complete 2nd Season,The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
3/21-Parade's End
3/25-Third Star
3/29-The Man With The Iron Fists
3/30-Hard Boiled,House at the End of the Street,WarGames


4/2-To the Ends of the Earth
4/4-The Last Enemy
4/10-Batman Forever,Game of Thrones - The Complete 2nd Season,Schindler's List,Spaceballs,Varsity Blues
4/12-The Hunt For Red October,I Robot,Independence Day,Jumper,King Kong,Man On Fire,Outbreak
4/15-Hulk (Steelbook)
4/16-Django Unchained,Les MisÚrables,The Mask,Scooby-Doo
4/17-Lethal Weapon Collection
4/19-Deadly Blessing,Spies Of Warsaw
4/22-Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 3
4/25-Terror Train
4/26-American Pie: 1, 2, 3 & Reunion,Black Christmas,I Still Know What You Did Last Summer,The Jackal,Mercury Rising,Prison,Total Recall,Urban Legend
4/28-Casablanca/The African Queen - Double Feature
4/29-Blade II,Cherry Falls/Terror Tract,The Descent 2,Roswell - The Complete 1st Season,Roswell - The Complete 2nd Season,Roswell - The Complete 3rd Season,When a Stranger Calls/Happy Birthday to Me- Double Feature


5/1-Hellboy Animated: 2 Full Length Features,REC/REC 2 - Double Feature
5/5-Red Dawn (2012)
5/6-The Pirates! Band of Misfits,Dragonheart,Ghost Rider,The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
5/7-Ghost Adventures - Season 4,Hannibal Rising,Masters of the Universe,ParaNorman,Romeo Must Die
5/8-Doom - Unrated Extended Edition,The Scorpion King,The Rundown - Triple Feature,Dumbo,Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,The Silence of the Lambs
5/9-Back to the Future Trilogy,Hollow Man - Director's Cut /Hollow Man 2 - Double Feature
5/11-Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 2
5/13-The Last Exorcism,Layer Cake,Safe Haven
5/14-Army of Darkness - Screwhead Edition,Mortal Kombat,Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (155 Minute Extended Version),The Rocketeer,Zodiac - 2-Disc Director's Cut
5/16-Kill Bill, Volume 1/Kill Bill, Volume 2 - Double Feature
5/17-Monty Python and the Holy Grail
5/19-Bloodsport/Timecop - Action Double Feature,Grumpy Old Men/Grumpier Old Men - Comedy Double Feature,Texas Chainsaw 3D,Under Siege/Under Siege 2: Dark Territory - Double Feature
5/21-Short Circuit 2
5/23-Friday the 13th Part 3: 3-D,Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1,True Blood - The Complete 5th Season
5/27-Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 3
5/28-300 (Steelbook),Doctor Who - Series 7, Part 2,From Dusk Till Dawn (Steelbook)
5/30-Nights in Rodanthe


6/3-Cloverfield,Stallone Collection
6/6-A Good Day To Die Hard
6/7-CSI: Miami - The Complete Final Season,A Beautiful Mind/Cinderella Man - Double Feature,Jumpin Jack Flash
6/10-Death Race,Pan's Labyrinth
6/11-Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters,Oz: The Great and Powerful
6/13-The Burning,Doctor Who: The Mind Of Evil
6/14-The Warriors
6/17-I Know What You Did Last Summer,Van Helsing
6/19-Supernatural - The Complete 6th Season,War Horse
6/21-Harsh Times,House, M.D. - Season 8,Lifeforce
6/24-Blade,The Town Dreaded Sundown
6/27-Hellraiser Deader
6/28-American Psycho


7/4-Deep Blue Sea,The Howling,Insomnia
7/8-The Chronicles of Riddick - Limited Edition (Steelbook),Pete's Dragon,Unstoppable
7/15-Midnight Express
7/18-Evil Dead (2013)
7/19-Airport,The Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black (Steelbook),The Frighteners (Steelbook),The Towering Inferno,From Hell,The Man In The Iron Mask,The Walking Dead - The Complete 1st Season - 3-Disc Special Edition
7/23-The King's Speech
7/29-Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End


8/2-Ernest Goes to Camp/Ernest Goes to Jail - Double Feature,The Fog - Collector's Edition,G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra,G.I. Joe: Retaliation,Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest,Young Sherlock Holmes
8/7-Robin Hood
8/12-Olympus Has Fallen
8/14-Orca: The Killer Whale
8/15-Ghostbusters - Steelbook
8/16-Godzilla VS Megalon,Grave Encounters 2
8/19-Good Will Hunting,Spider-Man 2 (Steelbook)
8/25-Hatchet III
8/27-101 Dalmatians,Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space,Doctor Who: The Green Death - Special Edition,Godzilla vs. Destoroyah,Godzilla Final Wars,It's Alive Collection - Triple Feature
8/29-The Hustler
8/30-The Muppet Movie


9/3-King Kong VS Godzilla
9/6-Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors
9/9-Let The Right One In
9/10-Parade's End,Looper,Star Trek Into Darkness
9/23-Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th
9/27-Halloween - 35th Anniversary Edition (Digibook)


10/3-Fast & Furious 6
10/4-Iron Man 3,World War Z
10/7-Elementary - The 1st Season
10/9-Friday The 13th - The Complete Collection
10/10-Doctor Who - Terror of the Zygons,Idle Hands,Leprechaun Triple Feature,The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
11/11-Air America,Blade Trinity,The Crazies,The Protector
10/12-The Purge
10/15-Wrong Turn
10/16-Pacific Rim (Steelbook),Psycho II
10/17-Fortysomthing,Ginger Snaps
10/18-Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet,Gone With The Wind (Steelbook)
10/21-The Awakening,Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed,The Last Samurai
10/23-Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning,The Muppet Show Season 2
10/24-The Conjuring,The Wizard Of Oz,Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Complete 4th Season,The Walking Dead- The Complete 3rd Season
10/29-Monsters University
10/31-Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines - Unrated


11/1-CastAway,Edward Scissorhands,Hobo with a Shotgun - Collector's Edition
11/4-The Muppet Show Season 3,The Little Mermaid
11/6-Universal Monsters: The Essential Collection
11/7-Doctor Who - Complete Series 1-7 All Blu-ray Giftset,The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Extended Edition
11/8-Wrong Turn 2: Dead End,Cars 2 (Collectible Metal Packaging),Men in Black (Steelbook),Spider-Man (Steelbook)
11/12-A.I. Artificial Intelligence,Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy,Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within,Man Of Steel
11/14-Candyman,Prince Of Darkness
11/19-The Big Bang Theory - The Complete 6th Season
11/20-Laid To Rest
11/21-The World's End
11/29-Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas!,The Great Gatsby (2013),Men In Black 2 (Steelbook),Spider-Man 3 (Steelbook),Star Trek Into Darkness 3D,Castle - Season 5


12/3-Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Season 3,Wrong Turn 3
12/5-Law Abiding Citizen,The Lucky One,Planes, Trains and Automobiles,The Wolverine
12/6-A Christmas Carol (1951),Mickey's Christmas Carol,The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
12/9-Black X-Mas,Halloween Blu-ray Double Feature - Halloween (Rated Theatrical Version),Halloween 2 (Rated Theatrical Version)
12/10-Doctor Who - The Day Of The Doctor 50th Anniversary Special,Mary Poppins,Muppet Treasure Island/The Great Muppet Caper (1981) - 2 Muppety Adventures - Of Pirates & Pigs Collection
12/12-Home Alone Collection
12/19-Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
12/21-A Christmas Story,Wreckers
12/25-Watchmen - Collector's Edition (215 Minute Ultimate Cut)
12/26-Black Swan,Doctor Who - An Adventure in Space and Time,Ernest Saves Christmas,Planet of the Apes: 5 Film Collection,Psycho III - Collector's Edition,Supernatural - The Complete 7th Season,Supernatural - The Complete 8th Season
12/30-Bates Motel - Season 1

Total for 2013: 328

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2501. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
2502. Dragnet(1987)
2503. Fletch-The "Jane Doe" Edition
2504. The Great Outdoors
2505. The Man with One Red Shoe
2506. The Money Pit
2507. Splash-20th Anniversary Edition
2508. Twins
2509. European Vacation
2510. Weekend at Bernie's
2511. The Avengers-3D Blu-Ray
2512. The Dark Knight Rises-Blu-Ray
2513. Dredd-3D Blu-Ray
2514. The Expendables 2-Blu-Ray
2515. Iron Sky-Blu-Ray
2516. Looper-Blu-Ray
2517. Men in Black 3-3D Blu-Ray
2518. Prometheus-4-Disc Collector's Edition-3D Blu-Ray
2519. Savages-Unrated Edition-Blu-Ray
2520. Total Recall(2012)-Extended Director's Cut-Blu-Ray
2521. Airborne
2522. Elephant
2523. Kalifornia
2524. The Outsiders: The Complete Novel-Two-Disc Special Edition
2525. Rising Sun
2526. The Station Agent
2527. The Stoned Age
2528. Strange Brew
2529. Striking Distance
2530. Bataan
2531. Bulletproof Monk-Special Edition
2532. Destination Tokyo
2533. Hondo-The John Wayne Collection
2534. How the West Was Won-Three-Disc Special Edition
2535. Mrs. Doubtfire-Behind-the-Seams Edition
2536. Monster-Special Edition
2537. She Done Him Wrong-Universal Cinema Classics
2538. So Proudly We Hail!-Universal Cinema Classics

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January: 7
1. Searching for Sugar Man (Blu-Ray)
2. Bad Santa (DVD)
3. The Searchers (Blu-Ray)
4. The Wild Bunch (Blu-Ray)
5. How the West Was Won (Blu-Ray)
6. Looper (Blu-Ray)
7. Reservoir Dogs (Blu-Ray)

March: 5
8. Argo (Blu-Ray)
9. Game of Thrones: The Complete Second Season (Blu-Ray)
10. The Master (Blu-Ray)
11. Skyfall (Blu-Ray)
12. On the Road (Blu-Ray)

April: 2
13. Breaking Bad: The Complete Fourth Season (Blu-Ray)
14. Beasts of the Southern Wild (Blu-Ray)

May: 7
15. Seven Psychopaths (Blu-Ray)
16. Videodrome (Blu-Ray)
17. Scanners (Blu-Ray)
18. Killing Them Softly (Blu-Ray)
19. Lawless (Blu-Ray)
20. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Blu-Ray)
21. The Intouchables (Blu-Ray)

June: 3
22. Django Unchained (Blu-Ray)
23. West of Memphis (DVD)
24. The Hunt (Blu-Ray)

July: 3
25. The Last Temptation of Christ (Blu-Ray)
26. Zero Dark Thirty (Blu-Ray)
27. Breaking Bad: The Fifth Season (Blu-Ray)

August: 7
28. Despicable Me (Blu-Ray)
29. Barton Fink (Blu-Ray)
30. Place Beyond the Pines (Blu-Ray)
31. Submarine (Blu-Ray)
32. Martha Marcy May Marlene (Blu-Ray)
33. Another Earth (Blu-Ray)
34. Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Third Season (Blu-Ray)

September: 4
35. Spring Breakers (Blu-Ray)
36. Life of Pi (Blu-Ray)
37. Psycho (Blu-Ray)
38. 28 Days Later (Blu-Ray)

October: 9
39. The Virgin Suicides (DVD)
40. Valhalla Rising (Blu-Ray)
41. Perks of Being a Wallflower (Blu-Ray)
42. Martyrs (Blu-Ray)
43. Mud (Blu-Ray)
44. Blade (Blu-Ray)
45. The Constant Gardener (Blu-Ray)
46. Vertigo (Blu-Ray)
47. Man of Steel (Blu-Ray)

November: 11
48. Falling Down (Blu-Ray)
49. Midnight Express (Blu-Ray)
50. This is the End (Blu-Ray)
51. Justified: Season 1 (Blu-Ray)
52. Justified: Season 2 (Blu-Ray)
53. JFK (Blu-Ray)
54. Steven Wilson - Drive Home (Blu-Ray)
55. A Separation (Blu-Ray)
56. Before Midnight (Blu-Ray)
57. Chinatown (Blu-Ray)
58. Breaking Bad: The Final Season (Blu-Ray)
59. The Wolverine (Blu-Ray)

December: 7
60. The American (Blu-Ray)
61. Brokeback Mountain (DVD)
62. The Descendants (Blu-Ray)
63. Old School (DVD)
64. The Rum Diary (Blu-Ray)
65. Three Burials (DVD)
66. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (Blu-Ray)

Total: 66

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Blu-Rays in Blue
DVDs in Red

The Expendables 2
The Shawshank Redemption Steelbook
Apollo 13
Children of Men
Taken 2
Men in Black 3 Steelbook

Miami Vice

Sin City Steelbook (Canadian Import)
Date Night
Zero Dark Thirty Steelbook

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01 Looper (blu-ray)
02 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 7 (blu-ray)
03 Lovely Molly (blu-ray)
04 Silent House (blu-ray)
05 Archer: Season 3 (blu-ray)
06 Dredd (blu-ray)
07 Justified: Season 3 (blu-ray)
08 The Ides of March (blu-ray)
09 Seven Psychopaths (blu-ray)
10 A History of Violence (blu-ray)
11 There Will Be Blood (blu-ray)
12 Cobra (blu-ray)
13 Skyfall (blu-ray)
14 Frailty (blu-ray)
15 Beetlejuice (blu-ray)
16 Game of Thrones: Season 2 (blu-ray)
17 The Rundown (blu-ray)
18 Trust (blu-ray)
19 Wet Hot American Summer (DVD)
20 Rocko's Modern Life: Complete Series (DVD)
21 Hot Rod (blu-ray)
22 The Orphanage (blu-ray)
23 Ghost Hunters: Season 8 Part 1 (DVD)
24 ParaNorman (blu-ray)
25 The Perks of Being a Wallflower (blu-ray)
26 Alien vs. Predator/Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (blu-ray)
27 Mystery Science Theater 3000 vol. 26 (DVD)
28 The Terminator (blu-ray)
29 The Amazing Spider-Man (blu-ray)
30 Hang 'Em High (blu-ray)
31 Coriolanus (blu-ray)
32 Django Unchained (blu-ray)
33 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (blu-ray)
34 Zero Dark Thirty (blu-ray)
35 Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (blu-ray)
36 Premium Rush (blu-ray)
37 Stoker (blu-ray)

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I will try and participate this year!

001) Larry Crowne (Blu Ray)
002) Jack & Jill (Blu Ray)
003) Friends With Benefits (Blu Ray)
004) Metallica: Quebec Magnetic (Blu Ray)
005) Happy Feet Two (3D) (3DBD)
006) The Ides of March (Blu Ray)
007) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Blu Ray)
008) Men In Black 3 (3D) (3DBD)
009) The Amazing Spider Man (3D) (3DBD)
010) Ted (Blu Ray)
011) Super (DVD)
012) 3rd Rock From The Sun: Season 1 (DVD)
013) Life With Mikey (DVD)
014) Fatherhood (DVD)
015) Swing Vote (DVD)
016) Community: Season 3 (DVD)
017) The Drew Carey Show: Season 1 (DVD)
018) Rescue Me: Seasons 6&7 (DVD)
019) Zero Dark Thirty (Blu Ray) (Best Buy Exclusive Steelbook)
020) Winter's Bone (Blu Ray)
021) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (3D) (3DBD)
022) Inside The Actor's Studio: Dave Chappelle (DVD)
023) Inside The Actor's Studio: Robin Williams (DVD)
024) Amy Schumer: Mostly Sex Stuff (DVD)
025) Django Unchained (Blu Ray) (Target Exclusive Steelbook/ Bonus Disc)
026) The Brady Bunch Movie (DVD)
027) A Very Brady Sequel (DVD)
028) South Park: Season 15 (Blu Ray)
020) The Big Bang Theory: Season 4 (Blu Ray)
030) Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Pt 1 (3DBD)
031) Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Pt 2 (3DBD)
033) The Expendables 2 (Blu Ray)
034) Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (Blu Ray)
035) Drive (Blu Ray)
036) My Two Dads: 10 Favorite Episodes (DVD) (Damn Right!!)
037) Seven Psychopaths (Blu Ray)
038) The Office: Season 8 (Blu Ray)
039) The Matrix (Blu Ray Steelbook)
040) The Dark Knight (Blu Ray Steelbook (new art))
041) Batman (Blu Ray Steelbook)
042) Batman Returns (Blu Ray Steelbook)
043) Flight (Blu Ray)
044) The Big Lebowski (Blu Ray Steelbook)
045) Face/Off (Blu Ray Steelbook)
046) The Bourne Legacy (Blu Ray Steelbook)
047) That 70's Show: Seasons 7 & 8
048) Cloud Atlas (Blu Ray)
049) A Good Day To DIE HARD (Blu Ray)
050) The Last Stand (Blu Ray)
051) Jack Reacher (Blu Ray)
052) Cowboys & Aliens (Blu Ray)
053) The Five Year Engagement (Blu Ray)
054) Top Gun (3DBD)
055) The Best of California Dreams (DVD)
056) TV Favorites: Step By Step (DVD)
050) Days of Thunder (Blu Ray)
058) Gangster Squad (Blu Ray)
059) R.E.D (Blu Ray)
060) Party Down: Season 2 (DVD)
061) Nitro Circus: Season 2 (DVD)
062) Upside Down (3DBD)
063) X-Men (Blu Ray)
064) Paul (Blu Ray Steelbook)
065) The Descendants (Blu Ray)
066) Dave (Blu Ray)
067) Love Actually (Blu Ray)
068) Chronicle (Blu Ray)
069) The Watch (Blu Ray)
070) Savages (Blu Ray)
071) The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Blu Ray)
072) Jurassic Park 3 (Blu Ray)
073) John Carter 3D (3DBD)
074) Paranormal Activity 4 (Blu Ray)
075) Larry King Live: The Greatest Interviews (DVD)
076) Scream 4 (Blu Ray)
077) Inside The Actors Studio: Icons (Eastwood/Streisand/ Redford/ Newman) (DVD)
078) SNL: Best of Jimmy Fallon (DVD)
079) The Company Men (Blu Ray)
080) Total Recall (2012) (Blu Ray)
081) Pitch Perfect (Blu Ray)
082) Eli Stone: Season 2 (DVD)
083) G.I Joe: Retaliation (Extended Action Cut) (Blu Ray)
084) G.I Joe: Retaliation 3D (Walmart Exclusive 3D Steelbook) (3DBD)
085) Oblivion (Target Exclusive Box Art) (Blu Ray)
086) South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (Blu Ray)
087) Friday (Blu Ray)
088) Workaholics: Season 3 (Blu Ray)
089) It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 8 (Blu Ray)
090) The Mask (Blu Ray)
091) Evil Dead (2013) (Target Exclusive Steelbook Blu Ray)
092) Star Trek Into Darkness (Target Exclusive Blu Ray 3D)
093) Star Trek Into Darkness (Walmart Exclusive Steelbook Blu Ray)
094) The Lords of Salem (Blu Ray)
095) Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure (Blu Ray)
096) Romeo & Juliette (Leonardo DiCaprio Version) (Blu Ray)
097) 007: Skyfall (Blu Ray)
098) The Great Gatsby (2013) (3DBD)
099) Inside The Actors Studio: Leading Men (DeNiro, Pacino, Penn, Crowe) (DVD)
100) World War Z (3DBD)
101) Iron Man 3 (3DBD)
102) Jurassic Park 3D (3DBD)
103) A Nightmare On Elm Street (Best Buy Exclusive Blu Ray Steelbook)
104) This Is The End (Blu Ray... with Best Buy Exclusive Bonus Disk)
105) Piranha 3DD (3DBD)
106) Angels In The Outfield (DVD)
107) Angels In the Infield (DVD)
108) Angels In The Endzone (DVD)
109) Perfect Game (DVD)
110) Tower of Terror (DVD)
111) Spring Breakers (Blu Ray)
112) The Muppets (2011) (Blu Ray)
113) Community: Season 1 (DVD)
114) Machete (Blu Ray)
115) Community: Season 2 (DVD)
116) The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast: Jimmy Stewart (DVD)
117) Modern Family: Season 2 (Blu Ray)
118) Jaws (Blu Ray Digi Book)
119) Modern Family: Season 3 (Blu Ray)
120) Children of Men (Blu Ray)
121) Scream (Blu Ray)
122) Scream 2 (Blu Ray)
123) Scr3am (Blu Ray)
124) Still Screaming (Scream Documentary) (Blu Ray)
125) Scream: The Inside Story (Blu Ray)
126) Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Parts 1& 2 (Target Exclusive Blu Ray Steelbook)
127) SNL: A Very Gilly Christmas (DVD)
128) The Heat (Blu Ray)
129) The Internship (Blu Ray)
130) Moneyball (Blu Ray)
131) The Good Son (DVD)
132) Tower Heist (Blu Ray)
133) Gremlins 2: The New Batch (Blu Ray)
134) Bob's Burgers: Season 1 (DVD)
135) SE7EN (Blu Ray SteelBook)
136) Snow Day (DVD)
137) Fight Club (Blu Ray)
138) Home Alone (Blu Ray)
139) Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (Blu Ray)
140) Olympus Has Fallen (Blu Ray)
141) White House Down (Blu Ray w/ Target Bonus Disk)
142) Say Anything (Blu Ray)
143) Weeds: Complete Series (Blu Ray)
144) Shrek The Halls (DVD)
145) Roseanne: Complete Series (DVD)
146) James & The Giant Peach (Blu Ray)
147) Man of Steel (Collector's Edition S packaging)(3DBD)
148) Man of Steel (Walmart Exclusive Steelbook Blu Ray)
149) The Passion of the Christ (Blu Ray)
150) Pee Wee's Big Adventure (Blu Ray)
151) Almost Famous (Blu Ray)
152) Mad Men: Season 6 (Blu Ray)
153) Silver Linings Playbook (Blu Ray)
154) Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (Limited Edition Box Set Blu Ray)
155) Now You See Me (Blu Ray)
156) Safe House (Blu Ray)
157) Planes (3DBD)
158) Toy Story (3DBD)
159) End of Watch (Blu Ray)
160) Les Miserables (2012) (Blu Ray)
161) Toy Story 2 (3DBD)
162) Finding Nemo (3DBD)
163) The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (Blu Ray)
164) Identity Thief (Blu Ray)
165) Gladiator (Blu Ray Steelbook)
166) The Big Bang Theory: Season 6 (Blu Ray)
167) Breaking Bad: Season 5 (Blu Ray)
168) 42 (Blu Ray)
169) Sons of Anarchy: Season 1 (Blu Ray)
170) Sons of Anarchy: Season 4 (Blu Ray)
171) House of Cards: Season 1 (Blu Ray)
172) The Big Bang Theory: Season 5 (Blu Ray)
173) 21 & Over (Blu Ray)
174) Sons of Anarchy: Season 2 (Blu Ray)
175) Sons of Anarchy: Season 3 (Blu Ray)
176) This is 40 (Blu Ray)
177) Impractical Jokers: Season 1 (Blu Ray)
178) The Little Mermaid 3D (3DBD)
179) Community: Season 4 (Blu Ray)
180) Mad Men: Season 5 (Blu Ray)
181) The Conjuring (Blu Ray)
182) The Hangover Part III (Blu Ray)
183) Warm Bodies (Blu Ray)
184) In Time (Blu Ray)
185) Grown Ups 2 (Blu Ray)
186) The Matrix Reloaded (Blu Ray)
187) The Sitter (Blu Ray)
188) The Sandlot (Blu Ray)
189) Die Hard (Blu Ray)
190) Die Hard 2: Die Harder (Blu Ray)
191) Pacific Rim 3D (3DBD)
192) Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince (Blu Ray)
193) Harry Potter & The Order of the Pheonix (Blu Ray)
194) Bad Teacher (Blu Ray)
195) The Big Wedding (Blu Ray)
196) Limitless (Blu Ray)
197) The Wolverine 3D (3DBD)
198) Lawless (Blu Ray)
199) Looper (Blu Ray)
200) Workaholics: Seasons 1&2 (Blu Ray)
201) Killing Lincoln (Blu Ray)
202) J. Edgar (Blu Ray)
203) Young Adult (Blu Ray)
204) We're The Millers (Blu Ray)
205) Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Blu Ray Steelbook)
206) Stargate (Blu Ray Steelbook)
207) The Way Way Back (Blu Ray)
208) The Fast & The Furious (Blu Ray Steelbook)
209) 2 Fast 2 Furious (Blu Ray Steelbook)
210) The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift (Blu Ray Steelbook)
211) Fast & Furious (Blu Ray Steelbook)
212) Fast Five (Blu Ray Steelbook)
213) Fast & Furious 6 (Blu Ray Steelbook)
214) Insidious (Blu Ray)
215) Family Guy: Volume 11 (DVD)
216) Veep: Season 1 (Blu Ray)
217) Despicable Me 2 (3DBD)
218) Goodfellas (Blu Ray Digibook)
219) Total Recall (Original)(Blu Ray Steelbook)
220) The Goonies (Blu Ray 25th Anniversary Box Set)
221) Argo: Extended Cut (Blu Ray Box Set)
222) Miracle on 34th Street (Blu Ray)
223) Pee Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special (DVD)
224) Into The Blue (Blu Ray)
225) Sin City: Extended Cut (Blu Ray Steelbook)
226) The Lone Ranger (Blu Ray)
227) Elysium (Blu Ray Steelbook)
228) Louie: Season 1 (Blu Ray)
229) The League: Season 1 (Blu Ray)
230) The League: Season 2 (Blu Ray)
231) The League: Season 3 (Blu Ray)
232) Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (Blu Ray)
233) The Terminator (Blu Ray)
234) The Family (Blu Ray)
235) 2 Guns (Blu Ray)
236) The World's End (Blu Ray)
237) Speed (Blu Ray)
238) Louie: Season 2 (Blu Ray)
239) The League: Season 4 (Blu Ray)
240) Die Hard With A Vengeance (Blu Ray)
241) This Means War (Blu Ray)

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Old 01-15-2013, 06:14 PM


1. Looper (Steelbook)
2. Backdraft
3. Resident Evil: Retribution (Steelbook)


4. Here Comes the Boom
5. Bridesmaids
6. Killer Joe
7. Lawless
8. Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning
9. Halloween: Resurrection


10. Argo (Steelbook)
11. Judge Dredd
12. Dredd
13. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
14. Goon
15. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
16. Willow
17. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
18. Adventureland
19. Faster
20. Insidious
21. War of the Worlds
22. Minority Report
23. Zero Dark Thirty (Steelbook)


24. Les Miserables (Steelbook)
25. Django Unchained (Steelbook)
26. Halloween
27. Justified: Season 3


28. Watchmen (Steelbook)
29. Braveheart (Steelbook)
30. Gladiator (Steelbook)
31. Pitch Black (Steelbook)
32. The Chronicles of Riddick (Steelbook)
33. Face/Off (Steelbook)
34. The Impossible
35. Saving Private Ryan (Steelbook)
36. Last Stand

37. Shaun of the Dead (Steelbook)
38. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (Digibook)

39. Mad Max Trilogy
40. Paul (Steelbook)
41. Frankie Go Boom
42. Despicable Me

43. Mud
44. UFC: Bad Blood - Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz (Digibook)
45. G.I. Joe: Retaliation (Steelbook)
46. Oblivion (MetalPak)
47. The Walking Dead: Season 3 (Steelbook)

48. World War Z

49. Halloween (Digibook)
50. The Walking Dead: Season 2
51. St. Elmo's Fire

52. The Heat
53. A Christmas Story (Steelbook)
54. Elf (Steelbook)
55. Bullet to the Head
56. 21 Jump Street
57. Olympus Has Fallen
58. Doom (Steelbook)
59. Serenity (Steelbook)
60. Man of Steel (Steelbook)

61. The Fast and The Furious (Steelbook)
62. 2 Fast 2 Furious (Steelbook)
63. The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift (Steelbook)
63. Fast and Furious (Steelbook)
64. Fast Five (Steelbook)
65. Fast and Furious 6 (Steelbook)
66. Despicable Me 2
67. Elysium (Steelbook)
68. Safe House (Steelbook)
69. Full Metal Jacket (Digibook)
70. Jack Reacher
71. Justified: Season 4
72. Sons of Anarchy: Season 5
73. The Place Beyond the Pines
74. Only God Forgives
75. First Blood (Steelbook)

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The green lantern (best buy steel book)
Chimpanzee(blu ray)
Wanted (blu ray)
The big lebowski ( blu ray)
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Old 02-04-2013, 06:10 PM
2539. The Age of Innocence
2540. The Dead Zone-Special Collector's Edition
2541. The Firm
2542. In the Line of Fire-Special Edition
2543. The Joy Luck Club
2544. Lady Snowblood
2545. Lady Snowblood: Love Song of Vengeance
2546. Oldboy-Tartan Asia Extreme
2547. The Song of Bernadette-20th Century Fox Studio Classics
2548. This Boy's Life
2549. Battleship-Blu-Ray
2550. Flight-Blu-Ray
2551. The Grey-Blu-Ray
2552. Lawless-Blu-Ray
2553. Marley-Blu-Ray
2554. The Perks of Being a Wallflower-Blu-Ray
2555. Project X-Extended Cut-Blu-Ray
2556. Seven Psychopaths-Blu-Ray
2557. Skyfall-Blu-Ray
2558. Underworld: Awakening-Blu-Ray 3D
2559. Duck Soup-Universal 100th Anniversary
2560. High Plains Drifter-Universal 100th Anniversary
2561. Little Women
2562. What's Eating Gilbert Grape?-Special Collector's Edition
2563. Boys Town
2564. Captain Blood
2565. The Charge of the Light Brigade
2566. The Dawn Patrol
2567. Reefer Madness
2568. Family Guy-Volume Ten
2569. Game of Thrones-The Complete Second Season
2570. Hatfields & McCoys
2571. Homeland-The Complete First Season
2572. Modern Family-The Complete Third Season
2573. Spartacus: Vengeance-The Complete Second Season

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Old 03-07-2013, 12:44 PM
2574. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad-Special Halloween Cover Art
2575. The Black Cauldron-25th Anniversary
2576. Bolt-Deluxe DVD Edition
2577. Grave of the Fireflies-Remastered Edition
2578. Ice Age: The Meltdown
2579. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
2580. Kiki's Delivery Service-A Studio Ghibli Film
2581. Mulan-2-Disc Set
2582. My Neighbor Totoro-A Studio Ghibli Film
2583. Tarzan-Special Edition
2584. Argo-Blu-Ray
2585. Hitchcock-Blu-Ray
2586. The Hunger Games-Blu-Ray 3-Disc Deluxe Edition
2587. Life of Pi-Blu-Ray 3D 3-Disc Collector's Edition
2588. The Master-Blu-Ray
2586. Insomnia(1997)-Criterion Collection
2587. The Killers-Criterion Collection
2588. The Killing-Criterion Collection
2589. Kiss Me Deadly-Criterion Collection
2590. The Night of the Hunter-Criterion Collection
2591. Boston Kickout
2592. Brassed Off!-Miramax Classics
2593. Glory Daze
2594. Liar Liar-Collector's Edition
2595. The MatchMaker
2596. Money Talks
2597. Nothing to Lose
2598. Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion
2599. Trial and Error
2600. Twin Town

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Old 04-02-2013, 05:09 PM
2601. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein-Universal 100th Anniversary Edition
2602. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves-Universal Backlot Series
2603. And Then There Were None
2604. Brief Encounter-Criterion Collection
2605. Lifeboat-Special Edition
2606. The Magnificent Ambersons
2607. National Velvet
2608. They Were Expendable-The John Wayne Collection
2609. Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
2610. A Christmas Carol(2009)
2611. Death Race-Unrated
2612. Inkheart
2613. The International
2614. Journey to the Center of the Earth
2615. Law Abiding Citizen
2616. Pirate Radio
2617. Slumdog Millionaire
2618. The Ugly Truth
2619. Yes Man-Special Edition
2620. Django Unchained-Blu-Ray
2621. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey-3D Blu-Ray
2622. Lincoln-Blu-Ray
2623. Les Miserables(2012)-Blu-Ray
2624. Zero Dark Thirty-Blu-Ray
2525. Cobra
2626. Crocodile Dundee 2
2627. Footloose(1984)-Deluxe Edition
2628. Ghostbusters 2
2629. Killer Klowns from Outer Space
2630. Little Shop of Horrors
2631. Red Sonja
2632. Short Circuit 2
2633. They Live
2634. Young Sherlock Holmes
2635. Final Destination 2-Infinifilm
2636. Final Destination 3-2-Disc Thrill Ride Edition
2637. The Final Destination
2638. Final Destination 5-3D Blu-Ray
2639. Land of the Dead-Unrated Director's Cut
2640. Diary of the Dead
2641. Survival of the Dead-2-Disc Ultimate Undead Edition

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Old 04-05-2013, 09:32 AM
Skyfall(Blu Ray)
Perks of being a wallflower(Blu Ray)
Super Troopers(Blu Ray upgrade)
3:10 to Yuma(Blu Ray Blind buy)
House Of 1000 Corpses(Blu Ray upgrade)
Napoleon Dynamite(Blu Ray upgrade)
Wreck it ralph(Blu Ray)
Jurassic Park(Blu Ray)
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Old 04-11-2013, 08:50 AM
Saving Private Ryan( Blu ray upgrade)
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Se7en ( Blu Ray Upgrade)
30 days of night (Blu Ray Upgrade)
There will be blood(Blu Ray Blind Buy)
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Old 05-07-2013, 05:44 PM
2642. Brick-Spotlight Series
2643. Deja Vu
2644. Enigma-Special Edition
2645. Grandma's Boy-Unrated
2646. Man on Fire-All Access Collector's Edition
2647. Secretary
2648. National Lampoon's Van Wilder-Two-Disc Set
2649. La Vie En Rose-Extended Version
2650. Walking Tall
2651. The Devil's Own
2652. Girl, Interrupted
2653. The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc-International Version
2654. Les Miserables(1998)
2655. Mumford
2656. October Sky-Special Edition
2657. Pushing Tin
2658. Summer of Sam
2659. the Thirteenth Floor-Special Edition
2660. The Cabin in the Woods-Blu-Ray
2661. Chronicle-The Lost Footage Edition-Blu-Ray
2662. Cloud Atlas-Blu-Ray
2663. End of Watch-Blu-Ray
2664. The Impossible-Blu-Ray
2665. Jack Reacher-Blu-Ray
2666. Silver Linings Playbook-Blu-Ray
2667. Sinister-Blu-Ray
2668. Kind Hearts and Coronets-Criterion Collection
2669. The Bridges at Toko-Ri
2670. Father of the Bride
2671. High Society-Frank Sinatra Collection
2672. Pork Chop Hill
2673. Run Silent, Run Deep
2674. To Hell and Back
2675. The Trouble with Harry
2676. Butterfield 8

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Old 08-29-2013, 10:42 PM
2677. Brave-3D Blu-Ray
2678. Frankenweenie-3D Blu-Ray
2679. Ice Age: Continental Drift-3D Blu-Ray
2680. The Secret World of Arrietty-Blu-Ray
2681. Wreck-It Ralph-3D Blu-Ray
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Old 09-13-2013, 12:32 AM
2681. El Dorado-The John Wayne Collection
2682. A Fistfull of Dollars-2-Disc Collector's Edition
2683. For a Few Dollars More-2-Disc Collector's Edition
2684. The Flight of the Phoenix(1965)
2685. Hang 'Em High
2686. Point Blank
2687. Shenandoah-Universal Western Collection
2688. Von Ryan's Express-Cinema Classics Collection
2689. Chernobyl Diaries-Blu-Ray
2690. Gone-Blu-Ray
2691. House at the End of the Street-Unrated Blu-Ray
2692. Paranormal Activity 4-Unrated Edition Blu-Ray
2693. V/H/S-Blu-Ray
2694. The Woman in Black-Blu-Ray

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Old 10-11-2013, 03:11 PM
2695. 7 Faces of Dr. Lao
2696. Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy
2697. The Bridge at Remagen
2698. Eugenie...The Story of Her Journey Into Perversion
2699. Mondo Topless
2700. Repulsion-Criterion Collection
2701. The Sons of Katie Elder-The John Wayne Collection
2702. Topaz-An Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece
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Old 11-08-2013, 09:30 PM
2703. 21 Jump Street-Blu-Ray
2704. American Reunion-Unrated-Blu-Ray
2705. The Campaign-Extended Cut-Blu-Ray
2706. Casa de mi Padre-Blu-Ray
2707. Jeff, Who Lives At Home-Blu-Ray
2708. Liberal Arts-Blu-Ray
2709. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World-Blu-Ray
2710. This Is 40-Blu-Ray
2711. This Means War-Blu-Ray
2708. Badlands-Criterion Collection
2709. City Lights-Criterion Collection
2710. On the Waterfront-Criterion Collection
2711. To Be or Not to Be-Criterion Collection

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On Bluray


Tim Thomerson awesomeness!
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Old 12-12-2013, 12:28 AM
2712. Arrested Development-Season 1
2713. Arrested Development-Season 2
2714. Arrested Development-Season 3
2715. The Big Bang Theory-The Complete Sixth Season
2716. Boardwalk Empire-The Complete Third Season
2717. Community-The Comlete Fourth Season
2718. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation-The Complete Twelfth Season
2719. Family Guy-Volume Eleven
2720. Homeland-The Complete Second Season
2721. How I Met Your Mother-Season 8
2722. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia-Season 8
2723. Modern Family-The Complete Fourth Season
2724. South Park-The Complete Fifteenth Season
2725. Spartacus: War of the Damned
2726. VEEP-The Complete First Season
2727. The Walking Dead-The Complete Third Season
2728. The Internship-Blu-Ray
2729. Man of Steel 3D Blu-Ray
2730. Oblivion-Blu-Ray
2731. Olympus Has Fallen-Blu-Ray
2732. Side Effects-Blu-Ray
2733. Star Trek: Into Darkness-3D Blu-Ray
2734. This Is the End-Blu-Ray
2735. Warm Bodies-Blu-Ray
2736. The A-Team-Season Four

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