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Disturbed or Frightend-Do you have a preference.

It's possible that you may not think there is a difference but I think there is. If you take Dead Mans Shoes it doesn't so much frighten you as disturb you, when you see the back story and what motivates the lead character it unnerves you.

However if you watch CreepShow the picture plays for frights i.e the monster in the crate or what happened to Ted Danson. Shock!

I know a lot of films use both techniques but one tend to take precedence over the other, I saw Death Dream/Dead of Night yesterday and I would say it was more disturbing/tragic than frightening.

I feel atmosphere and dread imprint a film on the mind and make you think longer than a movie that scares you.

Do you?

I have The Imp all set to watch soon and I kind of hoping that plays on dread and doom rather than scares.

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I always find that being frightened by something in a movie doesn't last anywhere near as long as when you get disturbed by something... That can last for hours afterwards.
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This, then again I've never seen a film that's actually frightened me while watching it.
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Originally Posted by Cronos View Post
This, then again I've never seen a film that's actually frightened me while watching it.
I think it gets harder to genuinely frightened with a horror film as you get older but it doesn't seem to be that way when it comes to being disturbed by a film.

I think the last time I was freaked out by a movie was that scene in Ringu but a number of films have unnerved me in the time since I saw Ringu alone.

The ending of Eden Lake is one that comes to mind as is the family in Mum and Dad and sometimes I would rather a scare because the way some films unsettle makes you feel grubby. Frights are a bit "cleaner".
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There is a similarity between the two, at least to me. However, I find that things that disturbed me, definitely stick around in my mind longer.
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My love of loves is when it is BOTH.
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I love movies that disturb me far more than those that give off cheap scares. Two in the recent past come to mind: Sinister (whose jump scares were just the icing on the bloody cake), and The Bay which took a concept so outrageous and made it plausible. That's most disturbing of all.
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I prefer to be entertained with lots of blood. Kind of like the Romans.
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I think both are essential to horror films. I think a truly great horror movie should be an unsettling experience. Sure I love a lot horror-comedies and B-level horror movies but I think a truly great pure-horror film unsettles the viewer and stays with he or she long after. I do not think being bombarded with gore (as in the Saw films) is the way to do that because Jaws and Halloween are not as violent as most horror films yet both films have stayed with viewers long after there debuts. The Shining, Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Alien, and The Exorcist (to name a few) are classic horror films that are truly unsettling experiences. Lesser horror movies that flood the multiplexes every year try to get their audiences of teeny-boppers with cheap jump scares. Which does not work, there has to be a balance of scares and disturbing to make for a truly unsettling experience.
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The sense of dread and creepy is what i like.Any horror can do arms been ripped off and gore but to frightened your audience without gore or volumes of blood.Too just make them feel at unease.That takes skill.I`d rather say at the end of a horror movie,"That was scary." Rather then "That was disgusting."
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Definitely Frightened. Disturbed just doesn't do it for me.
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