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Where is Nightbreed 2?

So, I have been watching a different horror movie every night this month, like I do every October. The other night I watched Nightbreed, again, and after watching it I was stuck with the same question that I am always stuck with when I watch it, where in the hell is Nightbreed 2? Seriously, it's been 16 yrs now. The movie leaves off with a huge opening for a sequel. I've even read forums from Clive Barker himself saying he was going to work on a part 2 and 3, but nothing has been done. I've even written the man 5 times about it. What I'm not understanding is, the movie has a huge fan base, but they have never done anything with it. I mean, movie companies are making remake after remake after remake and sequels and prequels of movies that should be left alone, why can't somebody jump in there and make a sequel to this movie, since it needs one. How many Hellraiser movies are out now, like 9 of them, and they gotten so far from what the original was about, but they keep making more. Why not take some of the money and time they are spending on making these movies, and make Nightbreed 2. Anyways, I could rant on and on all day about this, but it would evidentally be useless. If anybody has heard anything about a sequel being made, please let me know.
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i'd love to see a sequel to Nightbreed but i doubt it'll ever happen

what i want to know is wheres the uncut version of Nightbreed.......
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It's funny you mention that, cause I just read a bunch of interviews with Cliver Barker running from 1990-2005, about how he wants to release a Director's Cut, but the extra 25 min. is locked up in Fox's vault and it's almost impossible for him to get it. In those same interviews he also talks about plans he had for Nightbreed 2 and 3, but nobody thought it was going to have the cult following it does, so everybody pretty much dropped it right after the first movie was made.
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Barker never wrote the book sequel either. I reccomend the book, it's quite good. Maybe he should do that first?
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That would be cool to see, although it probably wont get made. Clive seems to move very slowly when it comes to making movies though. I am interested in seeing his proposed remake of "Hellraiser", but a sequel to nightbreed (which is one of the most underrated horror flicks ever) would be more satisfying for me. Remakes just don't really do it for me.
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Yeah, I heard about this remake, which is aggrivating me even more. Why make a remake of one of your own movies, that doesn't need a remake, instead of making a sequal to a movie that needs one?
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Originally posted by Nvrnding
Yeah, I heard about this remake, which is aggrivating me even more. Why make a remake of one of your own movies, that doesn't need a remake, instead of making a sequal to a movie that needs one?
It's because he knows that if he isn't involved then they'll just go ahead and remake it anyway. At least with his involvement if it's a fuck up he's only got himself to blame. As for why he would do that rather than a sequel to Nightbreed? Well...that's simple. No-one is willing to cough up the dough for a Nightbreed sequel. No interest from the studio = no movie.
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I This my first message on here, I signed up for just this reason.. I have found a site with lots of news on the Nightbreed movie. Please If you are alover of this movie as I am. Please Take a Look!! http://www.clivebarker.info/morenightbreedsigs.html
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Wow you brought this thread back from the dead! Yeah, I am a fan of Nightbreed for sure. Would love to see the Directors Cut version, and hopefully he puts a commentary track on it also?
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Did some searching on the net for the Nightbreed: Cabal Cut and found this website here! Which has a very cool video on the left, about how they found the lost footage, and how they are trying to show the studio that there is still interest in the cut that Clive Barker originally wanted. I would really like to catch a screening of this Cabal Cut and it has a run time of 144 minutes.
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