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Past Tense

This week we get fingered, but it's okay, we get pie afterwards in "Pushing Daisies"...

"Pushing Daisies: The Complete First Season" was released on home video on September 16th, 2008.

It streeted against "The Breakfast Club: Flashback Edition", "Weird Science: Flashback Edition", "Sixteen Candles: Flashback Edition" and "I See".

This release originally came with an embossed cardboard slipcover which was different from the case's wraparound. One of the few titles in my collection which has this. The DVD's cover was unconventional. The front (reads; "The Pie Hole" with a drawn, mustached man eating a slice) and rear is the menu featured from the eatery in the show. Only on the binder does it indicate what the release is. The DVD case is transparent; in the underside is a dirty pie eaten placemat. Each of the three discs has a different pie image. There was an insert, a four page folding booklet - a mock diner menu; episode guide and special features listed; pretty inventive packaging.

- - -

There was a single exclusive from Target, a ten page recipe booklet. The limited edition insert has eight recipes; peach cobbler, fresh strawberry pie, triple berry pie, three plum pie, apple chedder cheese pie, sweet potato pie, fresh rhubarb pie and the Pie Hole's flaky pie crust (recipes from This set sold for $22.99.

Before you ask. Nope, didn't, I can't cook.

- - - - - - - - - -


It sucks that the (ABC) series had such a short life. Season one was nine episodes (because of the 2007 Writers Guild Of America strike) and season two (also on DVD) had thirteen. There were rumors that the cliffhanger ending would get resolved with a comic book or a movie, but nether materialized. I do appreciate that a second (though abbreviated) season happened, but I do wish for more adventures.

There was some talk about having one of the characters appear on "Heroes" (NBC) which made perfect sense; both shows were written by Bryan Fuller ("Pushing Daisies" series creator). But that didn't happen either, probably due to legal reasons. Too bad, it fit.

I should, since not many/enough saw this inventive show. You should, damn good!

This is about a fellow named Ned (Lee Pace), he has a special gift. He can bring back the dead, but there's a catch. A single touch from him, resurrects, but a second will kill - forever, no resuscitation. There is another string, if that person/animal isn't touched again within sixty seconds, the universe will perform a balance; someone else must die; a death for a life. Ned discovered his unique talent when his dog, Digby dies after being hit by a truck. His beloved pet returns, but now must NEVER touch it again, making that canine an immortal.

Things get complicated when his mother dies from an aneurysm, Ned brings her back, but sixty seconds later, the neighbor died, the father of his best friend/childhood sweetheart - the girl he would've married. A loss for all since his mom kissed him goodnight that evening and died once more, forever.

Ned grew into a shy man, a baker. But his pastry diner, "The Pie Hole" is having a hard time keeping its door open. It's a niché restaurant. His salvation comes from a cop, Emerson Cod (Chi McBride) who accidentally witness his resurrection ability and offers Ned a proposal, an equal split; go into the detective business. Bring back the dead, ask them how they died - who killed them, touch them again and get the reward. Pretty simple and for a time it was an easy venture. That is until Ned saw her...

In the funeral parlor he sees his one true love, Charlotte "Chuck" Charles (Anna Friel) dead. She drowned on a cruise. To have once again, even at that price? Ned touches her - just once... some else dies.

The series follows this trio as they continue the business, restaurant and private investigation, helping people get closure. And the bizarre lives our heroes lead (the lovers who's desires must remain unrequited). The show breaks into three different storylines each week that converge at the end, complicated storytelling. The other thing that set this apart from other series is the look, the art direction. Think of it as a mish-mash of Dr. Seuss and something that would've come from Tim Burton. It's a distinctive look (as you can see from the pixs).

- - -

Now you may be a bit bummed on how short these two past entries are/were; meat and potatoes posts. I have my reasons.

Last month I mapped out half of this year - what exclusives to be written. And I finished gathering the info (and pixs) for a mega post. Nearly every major store had an exclusive for this movie. So huge, it took nearly six months of researching - off and on, since it felt way too big for one sitting, it was. This will run from March through April, eight PT entries. Excited?

That's not all.

I'm nearly done with a post that took three months of work; too much info to sort (kept finding more items), but it's nearly done with scans. *smiles*

Beyond July?

I'm still working on that. We'll see. Though I do see a door opening, a different kind of exclusive to write about.

- - - - - - - - - -

Just Because.

Anna Friel as Chuck.

Kristen Chenoweth as Olive Snook. She's an older woman, but you can still see that when she was young, she was hottie.

Next post begins the biggest entry in Past Tense history, see you here on March 14th, 2013.

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