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1963 In Film

The 2012 film thread got me thinking about this.

Last year was the 50th Anniversary of 1962. It's considered one of the greatest years in film and we got some great anniversary releases of some classic films, led by Lawrence Of Arabia.

1963, however, is not really the case.

We have our usual excellent foreign films, which included 8 1/2, The Leopard, and High And Low.

But on the American side of things, it's certainly a giant step down from 1962.

So how do we feel about 1963? Is it a bad year in film? Good? What films are worth remembering for it's 50th Anniversary? Talk about your favorites.

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The Birds, The Great Escape and Cleopatra. 1963 wasn't anything to write home about
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There was definitely no amazing standout American films that year but since 8 1/2 is my favorite foreign film all is forgiven. That's the one 50th anniversary that should be celebrated for being such an enormous influence on modern day directing. The 60's were an absolute revolution for foreign films. A huge portion of my favorite foreign films are from that era. Here are my fav American films from that year in case anyone's wondering what to possibly check out...

1. The Great Escape #216
2. The Birds #361
3. Charade #391

4. Hud #523
5. From Russia with Love #585
6. This Sporting Life #658
7. Lilies of the Field #684
8. The Haunting #722
9. America, America #815
10. Tom Jones #844
11. It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World #944
12. Jason and the Argonauts #1,040
13. The Pink Panther #1,048
14. Irma la Douce #1,100
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Hud, one of the greatest American films of all-time and the best showcase for the talents of some of America's finest actors, came out in '63. The Great Escape is among the best of classic Hollywood's entertainments. Shock Corridor features Sam Fuller at his best, The Haunting is one of the best American horror films, The Birds is solid Hitchcock, Charade is great fun, From Russia with Love is a top 5 Bond film, and America, America is probably Kazan's most underrated film. The Trial, one of Orson Welles best films, counts I think as an American film since the director and star are American, even if the financing was European.

Really though, I'm not sure why we're declaring it a somehow worse year for film based on what America produced that year. Seems a fairly arbitrary distinction to me, particularly given that '63 is one of the very best years for film overall based on the output from around the world.

There's 8 1/2 and The Leopard, surely among the very top tier of cinema ever, perhaps the two greatest movies Italy ever produced (and Italy's up there with France and Japan as the world's best exporters of cinema), High and Low, The Silence, The House is Black, Vidas Secas, Contempt, Muriel, The Servant, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, This Sporting Life, The Carabiniers, The Organiser, Tom Jones, The Baker Girl of Monceau, Judex, and Le Petit Soldat.

I think '63 is an embarrassment of riches and I'd actually put it a little above '62 overall, regardless of where the great movies came from that year.
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Originally Posted by QUENTIN View Post
The Trial, one of Orson Welles best films, counts I think as an American film since the director and star are American, even if the financing was European.
I would say its American-ish. '62 was fucking awesome though and the Trial did premiere in Paris in '62.

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