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FUCK the Hangover trilogy

I fucking hate this series. Especially Ken Jeong. I'm pretty sure this asshole has a Phd and gave it up to play an Asian stereotype. What a shameful piece of shit.

And then theres Zach Galifianakis (who I'll never understand the appeal of). This cocksucker refused to work with Mel Gibson (who I admit is a bigoted asshole) but was perfectly fine working with Mike Tyson(a convicted rapist). Are you fuckin kidding me?!

Then theres Bradley Cooper who has absolutely no comedic timing AT ALL and has probably the most punchable face in Hollywood.

I dont have a problem with Ed Helms though. He is cool in my book.

But seriously fuck this trilogy right in the ass. It sucks, its not funny at all and I cant believe all my friends like it. Even if one of them bought a ticket for me I would refuse to see the third one. The first one was enough for me.
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Bradley Cooper rocks. And so does Zach Galifianakis. But Cooper even more son.

Not the biggest fan of Ken Jeong. He's a guy best used in small doses. That's why he worked in the first one, but they used him way too much in the second. I hope they use him sparingly in the third film, but based on the trailer, it doesn't seem so. Oh well.

I still enjoy these movies. The first one is awesome. I love it. The second less so. It's basically an inferior rehash of the first movie. But I still enjoy it.

Looking forward to third one. The only thing that worries me is Melissa McCarthy is in it. Not a fan of hers. Identity Thief looks awful. And the one movie she has coming out with Sandra Bullock looks only marginally better.
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ilovemovies, I guarantee you this one will be another rehash of the same shit just in a different location. The director is a total hack.
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I enjoy The Hangover but the second one was just kinda average. I'll see the third but my hopes are not as high as they were in early 2011 for The Hangover Part II.
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Co-signed. Fuck these pieces of shit HARD!
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I didn't mind the first one, it was alright. The second one was pretty much the exact same movie set in Thailand. It has some good bits but it's not something I'll come back to, it gets less funny after every viewing.

I'll watch the third one, but I'm not expecting them to reinvent the wheel with it.

Agree that Ken Jeong is annoying as hell: watching an effeminate Asian stereotype speak in ebonics seems to be the height of hilarity for this series (And no, I don't find "Tootaloo, motherfucker" funny AT ALL).

Jeong is pretty much annoying in everything except Community. A little of him goes a long way, and he's reaching overkill at this point.

I may be in the minority, but I CAN'T STAND the character of Stu. An entitled, annoying moron who constantly yells and screams, and I hate how he's made to be the focus of both films, with his whole "I have a demon in me" bullshit.

It looks like the third will stick with the same thing, sadly.
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I really enjoyed the first movie; I thought the cast, the story, the ending were all great.

I was really disappointed with the second movie; re-hashing the same storyline, bringing back Ken Jeong (and giving him a bigger role?), and so on was really bad.

I've got no problem with Bradley Cooper; I think he's great in the movies. I don't think his role is particularly funny, he just fits in well with the "Wolfpack" dynamic. The members all mesh well and that's why the movie's funny. Ed Helms and Galafinakis too.

Looking forward to the third; here's hoping it doesn't follow the same plot that the first two did (which I've heard, it doesn't).
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I guess I don't have the same hangups about this series as everyone else does. I love to laugh and the original film had me rolling. The second one was a bit of a cutout from the original, but it was still very funny in several ways. I just didn't let the flaws get to me, I suppose. I'm looking forward to a couple more hours of laughs. I'm pretty sure that's what I'll get.
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Almost all comedies suck now.

I was watching Harlem Nights the other night and I remember that everyone shat on movie when it first came out, but truthfully it is funnier than 90% of the comedies released these days.
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Lets hope Trey Parker gets around to making The Book of Mormon soon.
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I also want to add that Paul Rudd is a boring and unfunny yuppie comedian.
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Originally Posted by rocknblues81 View Post
I also want to add that Paul Rudd is a boring and unfunny yuppie comedian.

But in all seriousness, Rudd's one of the best comedians working in Hollywood today. His ability to shift from awkward humor to biting sarcasm is just plain awesome.

I can't say i'm in love with the hangover series, but I enjoyed the first one for what it was and I found it satisfying as a comedy. If people don't like it, that's cool with me, but this shit regarding how there are a lack of good comedies being produced these days is pretty ridiculous, (IMO).
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Originally Posted by echo_bravo View Post
Then theres Bradley Cooper who has absolutely no comedic timing AT ALL and has probably the most punchable face in Hollywood.
LMFAO at this
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Bradley Cooper is pretty good in other stuff (Silver Linings, Limitless, thought he was good back in Alias when he wasn't constantly playing douchebags).

But I'm with you on the hate for this series. Saw the first one with a bunch of friends in theatres, we didn't find it funny at all. Maybe cause we're sick fucks and the first movie seemed pussyfooted in comparison to say, Very Bad Things . Now that's a hangover.

Dying for a Book of Mormon movie.
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Yeah JC I too enjoyed Very Bad Things. It wasnt even funny but it was insanely fucked up which I appreciated. 7/10

And I do agree that Cooper is improving as an actor. I mean, he has an Oscar nom under his belt now so he's definitely legit. Still havent seen Silver Linings Playbook yet cause his character seems like he would annoy the shit out of me.

I did like him a lot in The Place Beyond the Pines. The scene towards the end when him and Luke's kid are in the woods is some amazing acting right there. 9/10
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You watch superbad then you watch hangover....I felt so let down by the latter. Didnt even watch 2 or 3

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I guess I forgot to check back in after I saw The Hangover Part III. It's not TERRIBLE; just a regular bad comedy. The problem is that it relies too much on Galifianakis and Jeong to carry the weight of the humor and they're both incredibly grating at almost all times. Helms isn't much better, leaving Cooper as the only lead actor who I didn't want to murder.

The scene where they're climbing down the hotel building was well-done but for the most part, I was left with a shrug and an "eh." Oh, and the scene(s) with Melissa McCarthy were embarrassingly unfunny; she's one of the least talented comedic actors in Hollywood today.

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