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Help with name of this movie?

So I always thought this movie was called "Book of Love" but that is a different movie. It is a mid to late '80s movie I believe, that is set in the '50s with a ton of great 50s music. It is a typical plot of motorcycle good looking bad-boy with a geeky friend (short goofy blond kid), who are both kinda picked on by the snob of the school, with multiple fights. The bad boy drops out of school after having it out with his parents, only to return to get his girl (Kristian Alfonso look-alike). The geeky kid chases the prettiest girl in school while being picked on by the snob, and has success! He sneaks out of her upstairs room at one point with his pants down and runs down the street. In the end the geeky kid gets the other girl who wanted him all along and he rams the snob's car in front of the malt shop and a demolition derby ensues with the snob's car being ruined after landing on a fire hydrant. It was just on a couple weeks ago and I cannot remember the name, and there are no real stars. I swore the girl was Kristian Alfonso but IMDB doesn't bring up anything regarding this movie. TIA.
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It sounds like it could be "Mischief."

ETA: Here ya go I looked it up at IMDB - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089601/

Maybe? Catherine Mary Stewart may be who you are thinking with the girl.

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