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An ex highschool classmate of mine is a pedophile

I just got word that an ex classmate of mine(from high school) got arrested for having a TON of child porn on his computer. And apprently it was a bunch of child porn involving little boys. Just awful.

This is pretty shocking. He wasnt a friend but I did have a number of classes with him and he seemed like an alright guy(quiet, kept to himself and got good grades etc) but obviously things arent what they seem.

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When I was a freshman living in the dorms we had a kid who I went to high school with move onto our floor mid semester. He was a nice guy, always willing to play basketball or up for a card game. That kind of stuff. Since he transferred mid semester he moved in with a guy we were cool with but didn't go to high school with. One day, the roommate (Matt) asked our friend if he could use his computer to print off an assignment. Upon doing so he found a bunch of child porn on our friend from high school's computer.

Matt did the right thing by keeping quiet and only reporting it to the front desk of the dorm and then contacting the authorities. Our friend from high school was then taken out of the dorm by a police officer the next day. I remember the next couple of days it seemed like every couple of hours a handful of "macho" frat guys would show up at the front desk asking where they could find the kid so they could whoop his ass.

Matt couldn't have handled the situation any better. We knew our friend from high school was always a skeez when it came to girls but never expected this kind of behavior. It's awful to hear about and makes any logical person with a heart sick to their stomach.
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Oh, man, both of these stories sicken me. You hear of this stuff happening every day from afar, but when it's someone you know it must feel like a kick to the gut.
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That's all bad. Good thing they got him though before he had the chance to act out on any of the fantasies he probly had built up in his head.

I attended Arroyo Grande high school, and it definitely had it's share of delinquents. It was more like a fugitive refugee camp for young criminals in training.

There was an incident that's actually very infamous that made major headlines. This was about eight years ahead of my time back in 95 four kids at the time attending the same high school sacrificed a blonde haired blue eyed virgin by the name of Elyse Pahler. Three boys got her out in a secluded area in the woods strangled her with a belt, then raped her and stabbed her repeatedly in the neck with a knife. While she was on the ground praying to god and crying out for her mother they took turns stomping on the back of her neck. They went back in groups months after she was dead to fuck her corpse. The mother of the girl tryed to sue the band Slayer. Nothing ever came of it though. This also inspired a scene from the movie Jennifer's Body. I've seen the spot a few times it is right out there in the open. Surprised nobody had seen it. The best friend of the girl took her own life after this. The idea of her friend being killed and in that way made her put her head on some train tracks. Her father is friends with my father, and although I didn't know any of the four, I do know people that went to high school with them. I've heard different things. About the way they cut her throat but I think they just grabbed a bundle of her hair and starting sawing it off turning her into a human pez dispenser. Similiar to what Oj Simpson did to Nicole.

Here's the article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elyse_Pahler

I had a few classes with this guy Chad Tolley who killed a mother and grandmother while driving intoxicated. He basically fits the same profile of the guy mentioned in the initial post. Quiet, kept to himself.


There was this liquor store robbery where a friend of mine at the time by the name of Eddie Escobido and Rocky Bedford set it up to make it look like a hostage hold up. Them of course being close friends. Eddie held a knife to Rocky's throat and told the cashier to hand it over or he'll cut his throat out. Eddie actually approached me with this idea and asked if I was on board for some quick easy cash. I said no because if you get caught I know the first thing out of your mouth will be my name "Westin!! Westin did it!! he did everything, it was all Westin! that type of shit. They both get away with it but of course start boasting and bragging by telling everyone. Then of course my name gets dragged into this fucking mess. I get called up by the jackass principal. He's trying to interrogate me in his office. Implicating me in the robbery telling me that I was the mastermind behind it all I orchestrated and planned it for months on in and all this other guilt by association type bullshit. I was 18 and a few months shy of graduating, so I guess he felt that it was ok to interrogate me. Me no laywer, me no talk. They both got about four years in prison only doing about 18 months I think.

This other girl by the name of Sara Matheny who I dated for all of nine months was involved in what they call a racial hate crime burning an 11 foot cross on some black persons lawn I believe. She was originally facing 33 years but got it reduced in a plea bargain to five. This is all word of mouth, most of these articles I haven't even read but just find out through talk of the town. Article for that one.


Nothing was normal about that high school.

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Gosh, what a lot of creepers!

I'll certainly think twice about the people I hang about with.
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Found out the same thing earlier this year:

I went to high school with one of these guys caught by ICE.

ICE sting nets 2 Valley arrests


A global U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement operation resulted in the arrests of 245 people -- including two in Phoenix -- on allegations related to sexual exploitation and child pornography.

Federal officials announced the arrests Thursday after winding up a five-week operation that unfolded late last year. Most of those arrested are alleged to have sexually exploited children or traded in child pornography.

Among those named were Tony Michael Rockford and Christopher Dale Fadley, who were arrested in separate cases late last year after members of a Valley task force targeting Internet crimes against children received information on them.

Fadley, 41, was arrested at his home in Phoenix after allegedly engaging in an online chat last July with a minor under the age of 15. Court documents allege Fadley knew the girl was a minor when he asked her to engage in sexual activity. Fadley also sent images of his face and his genitals to the minor, according to court documents.
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While I am religious no longer, my mom shared the news with me that the Catholic priest who taught me Sunday school, got busted a couple years back for diddling kids.

Fucking scum.
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Originally Posted by SS-Block View Post
I'm surprised they got any prison time just for burning a cross and what little else they did. America's certainly different, if nothing else.
They should have used a different defense. Trying to reinact Madonnas music video "Like A Prayer" but were unable to find a black priest, so just used a black civilian woman instead. Something like that.
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