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VHS 2 thoughts

First let me say that I wasn't partial to the first V/H/S, the sequences (exception of the first video) didn't do anything for me. I decided to give the 2nd a whirl anyway to see if wrongs were righted. They were!

The biggest issue I have with V/H/S 2 is the same issue I had with the first V/H/S, narrative problems. The narrative story of V/H/S 2 dealing with two PI's checking out a missing person doesn't lead to any new developments in the plot or the history of the tapes. It would be great for the story/lore of the V/H/S tapes if these initial stories had a plot which ties them into the videotapes and what awaits for those who watch them, but sadly that is not the case in this series. The question of "what is the point of the V/H/S tapes?" still nags me. There was a golden opportunity to set up some kind of lore to be discovered, especially since the main characters of the plot were PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS, yet the opportunity wasn't seized. Go the cliche route--watch the tapes = death due to possession/brainwashing into suicide/whatever, just give me something already!. I am a fan for mystery and the unexplained, but when the story revolves around 4 segments of unexplained footage that isn't linked, there needs to be a why or cause in the narrative, or it all just seems like meaningless nonsense. I have now sat through 2 installments with no narrative to develop a reason behind these tapes and what happens to those who watch them--why?

Tape 1 deals with a car crash victim who receives a retinal implant after he loses sight in his eye due to injuries. We are led to believe that the retinal implant (which is a camera that records 24/7/365 while streaming footage back to the doctor's office) somehow gives him the ability to see? There is something clever that is supposed to be said about seeing through the camera's eye I suppose, whatever. Of course the new camera eye comes with the ability to see dead spirits that when noticed become malevolent! Camera eye quickly finds out that he's not alone with his new ability as some chick shows up at his door and gives him (and us) the explanation to his visions of the dead. This tape had a cool concept that needed more time to develop itself, but did alright with the time it had. Of all 4 tapes in V/H/S 2 tape 1 had the best jump scare for me, and that's a compliment seeing as the next two tapes were pure gold!

Tape 2 was a deep breath of fresh air in the zombie genre. I have seen countless zombie films, but I have never seen this concept used until I saw this tape. The plot deals with a man riding his bicycle in the woods who comes upon a bloodied woman screaming that her husband has been hurt. The woman suddenly turns into a zombie and bites the bicyclist, infecting him with the disease. From this point forward the bicyclist's actions as a zombie are captured through a first person view by the camera mounted on his helmet! Hilarity and chaos ensues for the next 15 minutes as zombie bicyclist goes on a rampage through the woods and into a birthday party. The creativity of the concept and near perfect execution make this tape one of the best in the film.

Tape 3 is the best tape in V/H/S 2. Tape 3 is engrossing, scary, claustrophobic, and visceral. What starts as a documentary into a seemingly harmless polygamous cult, turns into on HELL of an experience. The plot revolves around a documentary film crew who gain access into a cult to find out what is really going on behind the walls of their complex. What they find is hell. It's better to go into this tape knowing as little as possible so when the blows come, they hit you hard. If there is a reason to see V/H/S 2, tape 3 is the reason. If this series was composed of segments as solid as tape 3, V/H/S could become one of the greatest horror series of all time.

Tape 4 deals with a group of young rascals having a slumber party who run into an extraterrestrial problem. This segment was all about the hilarity of chaos that the youngsters caused throughout the night. You will be laughing right along with these brats as they pull pranks on each and on their sister and her boyfriend. There is more fun to be had with the kids pranking each other than there is to be had once the aliens show up and wreck the night. The pov in this tape is seen through the collar of the family dog whom the kids mount a camera on. This gives the tape an added flair of creativity as most of the shots come in low angels with tufts of fur in the field of vision, it also gives us an added advantage to be an omniscient viewer as opposed to seeing through the eyes of one of the characters in the tape, as most of the tapes in the V/H/S series force us to do. It's hard to put tape 4 at the end of the line in terms of the worst tape in the film, but I was more caught up in wanting more funny antics and banter from characters, and the aliens were too generic to be terrifying. I stress that this isn't the worst tape of the film, it's on the same quality scale as tape 1.

Overall V/H/S 2 had a higher quality of tape's than it's predecessor, but still there is a gaping hole in the narrative as to why, where, what, when. If the directors aren't going to come up with some reason as to what the tapes are all about, why even have a narrative set up and use the multi-tape format? Save the 15 minutes of useless footage and make a fifth segment, then you can put all the segments on one tape, and split the segments up with cool V/H/S tracking issues and static between his segment.
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