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Anna Paquin

I was watching True Blood recently and Anna Paquin got completely butt naked and I must say she doesn't look as good as she did in the early episodes. I think she's lost too much weight. I hate it when actresses do that! Keep your big ass and tits ladies! That's what men wanna see!
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Don't watch True Blood so don't really know how skinny she is, but Anna Paquin is a goddess from everything I've seen. She just oozes sex.
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Yeah, she did lose weight before last season. She still looked good but not quite the curvy sex goddess she was in the previous seasons.
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Old 11-22-2013, 08:25 PM
I still can't get past the huuuge gap between her two front teeth. : P
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Old 11-23-2013, 01:49 AM
If you're talking about this past season, I think she overdid the weight loss regime because of her pregnancy from last year.
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Originally Posted by hoojib127 View Post
I still can't get past the huuuge gap between her two front teeth. : P
I think its cute. But I can see how that would turn a guy/girl off. She seems like a really cool chick thats down to earth and it doesn't hurt thats she's bisexual. Her husband is a lucky man.

I don't watch True Blood so I can't comment on that but my favorite performance of hers would be in 25th Hour.
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