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My sister and I have begun watching this on Nick at Nite recently... and we both enjoy it very much. My favorite characters are probably Carla (Rhea Pearlman), Sam (Ted Danson), and of course Norm (George Wendt). I think it's a great show and there's great chemistry between the characters. What does everyone else think of Cheers?
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No doubt it's one the all time great sitcoms, (Seinfeld, Cosby Show, ect...) all the characters were likeable except maybe Carla and Rebecca. The only non-funny character in the whole series was Kirstie Alley's Rebecca character, she just couldn't hold a candle to Shelly Long's Diane, no contest! Even the secondary character's were funny: Paul, Eddie Lebec, Al, Mrs. Claven, ect... that's what made this show great. My all time favorite episode was when Sam was given the opportunity as a fill in sportcaster and used a ventriloquist's dummy to liven up his broadcast, hilarious stuff!
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