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Slashers --

I went into this movie expecting it to be pretty fun, and I was not disappointed in the least. Anybody who appreciates slasher movies and does not need it to be scary to enjoy it should definitely check this movie out. It is not a particularly gory movie though except for in very few parts, so don't go into it expecting a gorefest.

For those who do not know, the premise of the movie is a Japanese game show in which six contestants are in a large maze with three slashers on the loose. Anybody who survives to the end of the show wins a large sum of money. The show had been very popular in Japan, and is now airing its first American episode.

I was sucked in when I watched the mock actor's interview with Chainsaw Charlie, where they treat Charlie as if he is a real life serial killer hired to make the movie. The interview was a riot and Charlie was dumb as a post, fulfilling his role as the stereotypical inbred hillsman. My favorite of the slashers, Preacherman, is out to hand down some divine judgment on the contestants. Dr. Ripper has just come back out of retirement for the American contestants, much to the pleasure of his long-time fans. The acting for the slashers is goofy, but pretty decent. I have no complaints here.

Some of the contestant's acting was rather poor though. It's not bad enough to diminish the movie, and I suppose for low budget standards, it is really not all that bad. We did get to see one of the girl's breasts, but unfortunately that scene was all too brief. This was definitely a movie that could have benefited from some more nudity (wait... couldn't every movie benefit from some more nudity?

This film does not take itself too seriously, which is a good thing, but that does not mean it is all fluff. There is actual social commentary here. Many people hate reality tv shows, yet they are among the most popular things on television today. This movie shows the danger of taking our obsession with these shows to the furthest extreme.

To end, I feel that I should mention that the Japenese "Slasherette" dancers were pretty damn easy on the eyes

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