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Old 12-26-2002, 10:16 AM
Ben Affleck -sexy or not?

People Magazine picks every year the sexiest people on the planet and Ben Affleck won this year. He was not voted by readers, but he was simply chosen by the writers of the magazine.

I think that Ben is a decent actor and can be very good in the "Average Joe" type of roles in films like Chasing Amy.

But sexy? Granted he *is* a better looking and more self confident person than the average guy, which surely makes hims sexy to many women. But I don't think he fares very well at all against other male celebrities.

I'm I the only one who thinks that Ben is *really* bland? He is so bland that he feels almost asexual. Maybe it just's because I'm a guy and I don't see it.

But I can easily see wy Pitt, Law, Clooney, etc, are sex symbols. They have that natural aura and charisma to them. You can sense their sexual attractiviness, even if you are a guy.

I just thought that it was weird how People Magazine chose Ben of all people as the sexiest man on planet. I don't think that women generally idolize him at all, since there are many much hotter celebrities around. At least he is not a popular poster hero and doesn't tend to fare well in polls.

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