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Need a lot of help with X-Men comics info.

Well, I've always been a huge X-Men fan, but the only comic book store anywhere nearby closed, and it's been about two years of me knowing almost nothing of what's going on in X-Men, and also in my other fave comic, Generation X. Sadly, no matter how much I search on the net, I just can't ever find any info to help me out. So, I need help here, basically with this:

1. In X-Men, I would like to know how are the members of the team doing. Any new X-Men? If there are new members to the team, who are they, what are their powers, how do they look like? Any old X-Men died during that time? What's up with their lives right now? Anybody got a new job or something? Girlfriend, boyfriend, marriages? So far, I only know that Psylocke died (don't even know how), Colossus also died (injected himself with Legacy virus, to help find a cure, right?), and Beast (my fave X-Man) mutated even more, now looking like a blue lion. Besides those 3 facts, I got nothing.

2. In Generation X, my last one was a Christmas one in which the real Mondo returned, along with Black Tom Cassidy (wasn't he dead?) and Juggernaut. After that, I missed mostly everything, though I do know the team split and the comic was discontinued, though their members (or at least some of them) joined other teams. Okay, I would like to know how the old team's doing: What happened to Mondo, the real one, after returning? I was told Synch died, is it true, and if it is, how did he die? How and where are Jubilee, Skin (my fave kid), Chamber, Husk, M, White Queen, Banshee and Penance? How are Artie and Leech? I remember that Gaia and Maggott both joined the team and then left soon enough (Gaia to explore this new world, Maggott to catch some hunter dude), but have they at least returned for a bit, at least an appearance or something?

I know I'm asking for a big whole lot here. In fact, I admit I'm asking too muh, and I don't really like being a nuisance, but I really hate being left in the dark about the things I enjoy most, and these comics are some of those things. I will deeply appreciate anyone who can help me here, and will see if I can repay the favor in any way. Thanks in advance for those who try to help me out.
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Just new to comics myself, so I'm not clued up on all the facts about x-men, but I've found this site/forum which might help you x-mencomics.com/xfan/index.html
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I'm a bit out of the loop myself, but will try and help. If anyone wants to correct me, please do.

In terms of the X-Men there's three teams at the mo.:
New X-Men - Cyclops, White Queen, Beast, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Prof X, Xorn (the character design is really interesting - but difficult to explain, best to google it I think).
There's lots of new characters hanging about here now Grant Morrison is writer - he's really stressing the school vibe so there's a lot of young mutants about. There's:
Beak who's basically a sweet, geek who really looks like a bird.
Angel - she can fly and spray acid or something (not too clear on this) and is a bit of a rebel really.
The Stepford Cuckoos - strange telepathic girls that all look the same (mini Emma Frost's) and idolise her.

There's a love triangle at the mo.: Jean, Scott and Emma (who's more of a bitch now - yay!). The comic in general has gotten darker (way less spandex around too): Genosha got bombed by sentinels (Magneto's dead apparently), Cyke's moody, Prof X had an evil twin he killed in the womb, Jean keeps threatening to turn back into Phoenix and Beast is deevolving hence the lion look.

Uncanny X-Men (I don't follow this one personally) - Angel, Iceman, Northstar (he has an unrequited crush on Bobby), Husk (Chuck Austen the writer says she's dead, apparently on her first mission but there's some talk she isn't), Juggernaut (I guess they're reforming him), Stacy X (ex-prostitute - odd character, looks really spindley to me), Havok, Polaris is around I think (quite mad after being in Genosha when the bombs hit), Nightcrawler (i think he's having crises of faith), Chamber.

X-Treme X-Men (Claremont - more like the old stuff) - Rogue, Gambit, Sage, Bishop, Storm, Thunderbird (3), Cannonball (should be showing up soon). This was the book Psylocke died in. They're basically looking for Destiny's diaries and came up against Vargas who seems near invincible - he killed her and keeps her in statue form.

Other X-Men: Kitty went to uni after Collossus died (to cure the Legacy virus). Maggot died (in Agent X recently i think - not too clear on the details though).

Generation X: Yep Synch died. They opened the school to non-mutants but were supposed to keep it quiet that they have powers. Adrienne Frost stirred up anti-mutant sentiment in the students and a bomb was planted which killed him. I can't rememer Skin appearing elsewhere. Banshee and Jubilee showed up briefly in uncanny (not too sure on this), while Husk and Jono joined the team. I really can't remember Mondo's return, sorry. Gaia didnt return I dont think.

Hope this helps
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I am pretty caught up in my X-men continuity except for one thing...what the hell happened to Gambit?
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Well last I heard Gambits gone Hollywood...hes gonna be appearing in x-men 2, so my guess is hes got no time to be appearing in comics!

But seriously he will be appearing in the film! As a cameo, but still..How cool is that?
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Well, this brings me up to speed a bit. Many thanks to you guys, ya'll way cool. Of course, if anyone wants to help, too, I will be most grateful.
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Originally posted by spacemonkey
Well last I heard Gambits gone Hollywood...hes gonna be appearing in x-men 2, so my guess is hes got no time to be appearing in comics!

But seriously he will be appearing in the film! As a cameo, but still..How cool is that?
Seriously!?! I didn't know that! Who is the bad-ass thats going to play him?
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I've heard that your gonna see him from behind in his traditional jacket playing a card game and he is accused of cheating so lights up a card and fights. You don't see his face because they haven't been able to cast him.
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I heard the kid who stared as Hercules in The Young Adventures of Hurcules is playing Gambit for the sequal.
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