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If I could only read ONE comic title...

If I could only read one comic book title, what should it be? I used to (about a year ago?) read almost all of them, but I have neither the energy nor cash to do that anymore. My favorites at the time were probably Nightwing, Batman: Detective Comics and Green Lantern. But what is the best one out there right now?
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The Incredible Hulk.


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Strangers in Paradise - it just seems so real (if you ignore the hitman and mobsters ). I just love the characters
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The Avengers. I love the direction the book is taking right now, it's fresh and something new for a comic going on 40 years old. Plus, at one point or another, it's included so many of my all time favorite characters.

Second would be the JLA. Only if they kept the line up of the big guns. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and yes, throw in that plastic dude. He's cool!
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Fables-Awsome comic to read and also very collectible.

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Agent X a.k.a DeadPool

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Batman:Year One
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