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Favorite "true crime" novels

Just curious if anyone is into non-fiction crime books?

I find true life mafia books rather interesting, a couple of the better ones I've read are "The Boss of Bosses" written by FBI agents Joeseph O'Brien and Andris Kurins. They detailed they're day to day operations and surveilence on Paul Castellano and later John Gotti and how they eventaully took them down. They also wrote about the other interesting mob associates they encountered on a daily basis, really interesting.

Another good one is "The War Against the Mafia" written by Tim Shawcross. It's the same angle with some more different interesting stories.

Anyone interested in how the FBI uses profiling to track serial killer's should read "Mind Hunter" by John Douglas, it's absoutely fascinating as he tells of his experiences as an FBI profiler.

"The Hot House" is also an excellent read. This book written by Pete Early, details day to day life at the notorious Leavenworth maximum security prison in Kansas. He actually roamed the prison for like a year and interviewed many inmates and told of their stories and what life is like on the inside, some of the passages in this book absolutely made my skin crawl, has to be read to be believed!

The stories of serial killer's also fascinate me such as "Helter Skelter" and others like it.

Can anyone recommend something I haven't listed?

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The Cases That Haunt Us, by John Douglas. In this book, he analyzes unsolved crimes and gives his input. He says in the book that with most of the ones in there, there's no way to know for sure. He just says what might have really happened. The cases included in the book are Jack The Ripper, Lizzie Borden, the Boston Strangler, the Lindbergh Kidnapping, the Zodiac killer, and the JonBenet Ramsey case.
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Hey, PJ. Have you been over to www.crimelibrary.com?

Good stuff.
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Originally posted by Grebdron
Hey, PJ. Have you been over to www.crimelibrary.com?

Good stuff.
Awesome site, hours of great reading there.
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