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Douglas Kennedy

Have any of you ever read Douglas Kennedy? He has written two of the best, twist-filled thrillers I have ever read. The books I would recommend are:

THE BIG PICTURE - a fast-paced thriller about a wall-street yuppie whose life colapses around him when...well, I won't tell you any more - I wouldn't want to spoil it. Just think of what you'd get if you crossed Bret Easton Ellis with Robert Ludlum and Richard Laymon - that might give you an idea of what a Douglas Kennedy book is like.

THE JOB - this is a bit like GLENGARRY GLENROSS with murder, double-crossing and incredible tension.

But one word of warning...

When you buy one of these books...

Do not...


You know how sometimes a publisher will get a real moron to write the cover description? And the moron will give away some major plot twist? Well, the moron who wrote the cover descriptions for these books (especially the one for THE JOB) gave away EVERY SINGLE PLOT TWIST right up until the very end. I bet the author cried when he saw that.


To give an example of how stupid these synopses are...

Imagine a plot synopsis on the back of Hitchcock's PSYCHO that goes something like this...

'It's about a man called Norman Bates who lives in a motel. At first we think his mother killed a girl but later, when a detective called Arbogast is murdered and the first victim's sister and boyfriend come to the motel, we discover that the killer was, in fact, Norman Bates dressed up as his mother who he keeps stuffed in the bedroom. And at the very end he gets caught.'

Honestly, that's how bad it is.
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