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Malibu's Most Wanted...(6/10)

Starring: Jamie Kennedy, Taye Diggs, Anothny Anderson

Really I wasn't expecting a really funny movie here, but I dig Jamie Kennedy's hidden camera show, it's hilarious. But this movie is just bad timing, the making fun of wiggers thing is old, in fact, they pretty much make fun of themselves. However, there are some funny lines here and there, and some funny scenes. But some jokes fall flat and it's emberassing, "Don't Be Hatin", ugh, I was sick of that when I heard it in the trailer. But I showed some mercy and gave it a 6/10, so all in all, it was so-so.
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This movie just came out in theaters, it still has months before coming out on video, so this review doesn't really belong in the "Video Reviews" forum...
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Thx Horror.

You can post your review in CURRENT MOVIE TALK Raoul, here's the link:


Otherwise, closed.
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