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GO (Dir. Doug Liman)

GO obviously rips off the style of Pulp Fiction, and other Tarantino-generation films. But that really isn't a detractor at all. In fact, it is a good thing. What we have here is one of the few films I have actually seen, that acurately depicts teenagers, and young adults of our modern time. This isn't some fluffy, over-bloated romantic comedy starring Freddie Prinze Jr., OH NO! This is a HIGH octane, fast paced, incredibly fun/funny, gem of a film, filled with great style, a kick-ass soundtrack, and many great, young character actors. Taye Diggs, Timothy Olyphant, Jay Mohr, and Katie Holmes, to name a few, all turn in GREAT performances for this type of movie.
Go is devided into 3 storylines, that all come together in the end. And each story is just as exciting as the next. That is another thing that I liked about this film. It was consistently entertaining; it NEVER had a down point. It was always, GO, GO, GO! Which works perfectly, considering the title.
This is a film filled with drugs, sex, booze, violence, and action, so it isn't for the weak of heart. But if those things get you excited, plus some great dialouge, and a little bit of social commentary thrown in to the mix, then Go is for you.

Report Card Rating: A-

PS: After seeing this, Timothy Olyphant has now ensured himself a spot on my list of favorite new actors!

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this is one of my favorite movies ever.
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GO is such an enjoyable film and totally gives you that WEEKEND vibe. I could go more in depth, but I cannot be arsed. I will say that the last portion of the film suffers to deliver the goods that the other two tales succeeded so well. Ahh, sweet weekends.
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good review mate.....

one could indeed argue that the structure is borrowed from Pulp Fiction....but then taratino is every bit as guilty of rippin off movies so it scarcely matters
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The fact Desmond Askew was using his real accent in this film scares me slightly. I didn't know people really talked like that.
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It was a good movie. I liked Pulp Fiction much better, but the funky style and atmosphere of this flick and the great Katie Holmes kept it afloat for me.

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GO! is the Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting that teens will enjoy. I loved it. But I loved PF and Trainspotting more.

None the less it is a superb film. It has the hip, mainstream vibe. Which in this case, is a good thing. It sets the tone for the whole movie. A pretty cool soundtrack too. It went well the the mood and tone this film had.

The film provides some great acting, and proves that some of the stars CAN act. Jay Mohr, I think, stole the fucking show!

The film is also very funny. Some mature subject matter jokes, but still very funny.

All in all, GO! is a superb film. One of the best of 1999.

P.S.- Rent this flick with Rules of Attraction. A good combo.

9/10 or A-
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