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Flowers In The Attic

I'm rereading this book and I was wondering, have any of you guys read it? What did you think of it?

I think it's a disturbing, but beautiful story, and I'm glad V.Andrews had the balls to include the incest love that blossomed between the two older children. It gives the story another edge.
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****Spoilers**** for Flowers in the Attic and Dawn

Forgot to label it yesterday....sorry about that...

I thought it was good, not great but interesting. My Sweet Audrina is my favorite, since it stands on its own. Most of the books have a theme of incest, in the Dawn series, Dawn has a crush on a boy who turns out to be her blood brother and later in the series he is still obsessed by her. And she ends up falling in love wih the guy she thought of as a brother her whole life. I have enjoyed a lot of the books(though I am tired of the rehashing of plots by the Andrews estate)but they tend to get repetitive.
Flowers in the Attic is a very solid and fascinating read though.

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I liked My Sweet Audrina too. I think it's on par with Flowers In The Attic.
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other ones I did like was the Heaven books...which kind of surprised me because it is pretty much the same old stuff. But I did like them.
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