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Drive 8/10

Drive (1997)

Director: Steve Wang

Cast: Mark Dacascos, Kadeem Hardison, Brittany Murphy, Masaya Kato

Plot: The year is 2008, and a man named Toby Wang (Mark Dacascos) is on the run from hired workers of the Leung Corporation, who have implanted a bio-energy module in his body that has turned him into a super being. He gets a hostage (Hardison) to drive him to L.A., where a group of men will pay Toby 5 million dollars if they can extract the device from him, and Toby is more than happy to hand it over to them. Problem is, the Leung Corporation wants it back, and they send an advanced model (Masaya Kato) to get it for them.

Review: I think it is really sad that movies like this get released straight to video while other movies like Half Past Dead get released in theatres. This is, in my opinion, is the best American martial arts movie ever made (besides Enter The Dragon).

The acting is pretty good from everybody, and the three main characters have nice chemistry. Dacascosí performance isnít as good as his one in the Crying Freeman but heís still good, and he kicks an unreal amount of ass. Kadeem was funny, more than I thought he would be. Brittany is hot but her character is really annoying, itís not her fault though, she's decent Masaya Kato has only one or two lines in this whole movie, but heís a real badass.

Now for the main reason to see this: the action. This movie has some of the best fight sequences Iíve ever seen. The movie has quite some wirework in it also, and I'm not usually a fan of that stuff, but I think it helped nicely in this. This is the only movie besides Brotherhood of The Wolf where Dacascos got to really show off what heís capable of. The most notable being the fight in the motel room where Dacascos takes on 10 guys who are all using stun batons, and the finale which takes place inside a karaoke bar. He first fights a bunch of guys on motorcycles, then some more guys who are using machetes, and then finally he and Masaya Kato have a free-for-all martial arts duel. This movie also has quite some blood in it also, such as when Masaya's character kills a man by throwing a quarter at him so fast it goes all the way through his throat, or when this guy who's holding a machine gun in one hand gets that arm chopped off and the gun fires while the arm spins in the air, killing him.

Overall this is one of the better action movies that has been released in a while and is recommended.

Note: There are two versions of this movie, the ďHBO versionĒ, as it is called, and the directorís cut. The directorís cut has 16 more minutes that has important character development for Dacascosí and Hardisonís characters. The directors cut is only available in the Region 2 DVD. I recommend you get the directorís cut, but if you canít, the other version is okay also.
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The best DTV video I've ever seen. Simply great. Some of the best action sequences EVER. Great comedy, and the banter between the two leads is better then I expected. This is what Rush Hour 1 and 2 SHOULD OF been - this accomplishes more in like 1/20th the budget. It's better across the board.

It's a shame the DVD is PAL and region 2, but luckily I have a player that can play it. Been meaning to get it, just haven't got around to it yet.

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